DO NOT buff the Magrider!

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    It's not the same! :(
  2. iRhuel

    I don't understand why you think those tanks are incapable of chasing down an enemy tank. They're both perfectly capable of doing so, especially after the turret stabilization changes allowed them to fire on the move and actually hope to land hits.
  3. Kalivix

    The problem is people don't like learning how the mag works so instead of doing that they just whine about it being bad, smart people learn to strafe people and absolutely slaughter people with it by dodging shots. The problem is the other VS gear is VERY easy to use, guns that have almost no recoil and are smooth as hell to aim with, ESF thats super agile and thin, MAX with great versatility, they expect it to be the easiest to use tank then it requires you to learn so they just give up and scream that its not powerful enough.

    I'm guessing most of these people whine about it after doing tests where they sit perfectly still shooting the gun and compare top speeds (but ignore acceleration) so miss entirely that the mag burner lets them hit max speed in 1-1.5s, that the mag has the fastest acceleration making dodging easy, can move in ANY direction allowing for easy dodges and movement around terrain (while other MBTs have to slowly turn) and of course that the mags gun is fixed into the front of the tank but that makes it very stable so easy to hit with while the vanguard and prowler guns shake all over unless you sit perfectly still with them.
  4. vanu123

    PPA is fine as is, the last thing that the mag needs is the PPA to turn into a lasher.
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    I'm one of those people who took part in the first wave of advocating for using extra buttons to control hull rotation by digital input aka. button presses rather than relying on the mouse alone.
    I know how to use the magrider, have no doubt.
  6. Zenox

    I was just teasing mate.
  7. Kalivix

    I'm guess they are the ones saying its fine, nobody whos good with a mag would ever try to claim its underperforming, its a simply fantastic vehicle.
  8. M2_Bradley

    If you don't want your precious spam cannon of inevitable death to not be nerfed,at least buff up the other AI options for other factions.Especially the C85 Cannister.Even better...Replace the C85 with something actually viable.
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    ... it's what some of us have been saying for a while now.
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  10. Problem Officer


    Now with unreal seriousness, give the Magrider the ability to float higher,
    the Prowler an oil slick dispenser, the Vanguard a construction crane arm.
  11. Shockwave44

    At least 200dmg more than the other tanks.

    Uh, no. Prowler has to land both shots and the vanguard's ML-85 is devastating.

    Which it shouldn't have since its a close range tank. Fastest projectile should go to the magrider.

    So? Having AI severely hinders the magrider's ability against AV. Should have no problem killing it in a tank.

    Uh, no. It covers the entire tank and the vanguard's health takes zero damage when it's active. That's what a full god mode shield is. Also, please don't discuss topics unless you have some experience with it. You could at least jump into the VR for a few seconds and you;d have your answer and save me a bunch of time.

    Uh, no. The second you turn to go behind cover, you're main gun no longer faces the target. The magrider gains nothing from having a fixed turret.

    Wow, a one second boost. The vanguard has been buffed so it has faster acceleration than before and a shield.
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    If memory serves (Alarox or Klypto said something about it "once") the VG can go from stand-still to top speed in 2.5 ish seconds. Or was it 2?

    I don't remember but it's very fast.
  13. vanu123

    I never said I was against a buff for the canister or Marauder. You're feelings about the C85 are what alot of VS want with ZOE, just saying
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  14. Calisai

    To be honest, I haven't been keeping up with the thread, but I can attest that WaaWaa is all three of the listed alts.

    As far as I know, the last balance pass of tanks occured. That is what nerfed the Vannie's shield. Since then, there has been no other talk of MBT balancing vs other MBTs by SOE. The only thing SOE talked about was bringing MBT battle closer (the intended changes on PTS that would have totally ****** everything up... and were promptly dropped and taken back to the drawing board).

    The only consideration was the stabilization and whether the Mag would need a small buff to offset that, but the stabilization fix wasn't exactly a resounding success (nor the benefit that NC/TR tankers believed it to be...) and has had other bugs associated with it to the point that you cannot reliably say whether it has helped or not.

    Personally, I find that the MBT balance right now is pretty good. The only changes I would advocate at this point are mostly QoL adjustments to make things nicer (backup camera?)... and maybe a small reduction in PPA mag size (The PPA has always had way more ammo than it should have), and some increase in AI secondary ability for NC/TR. In my experience, the Mag isn't the best at AV (Vannie is), but it's damn well the best at AI (due to overall splash damage nerfs, it has passed the Prowler in that regard). It's a very good all-around vehicle. This of course may change as SOE keeps looking to nerf the MBTs AI capabilities, but at this particular moment... I think things are pretty good.

    Anyone asking for large buffs to the Mag isn't looking at the whole picture. Sure, there are other changes I'd like to see... but those are mostly MBT v (something else in the game) type changes.... I think as far as asymmetrical balancing goes between the MBTs... things are the best they've been in a long time.
  15. Xasapis

    Don't buff the Magrider!

    I love winning anti-vehicle battles with the weakest tank in the game :)
  16. TriumphantJelly

    Sorry for the non-constructive feedback, but I'm fed up with your constant pkugging of "nurf VS!!1!1" into any and every thread Iread.

    So basically what you're saying is that all of the Magrider's disadvantages are meaningless, whilst all all advantages of other tanks are meaningless also. Plus, I seriously doubt you've played for a while. Move and shoot for 3 minutes in a tank if you want to know why.
    And that's some damn fine hyperbole you have there. Easy dodges? Refer to point 2...

    Sorry OP and all most other posters.

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  17. TriumphantJelly

    FTFY. :)