DO NOT buff the Magrider!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mianera, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. DatVanuMan

    Anytime, son. Anytime:cool:
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  2. Flag

    Well, there's a reason the upcoming EU merger smashes aren't done on the PTS ...
    Ok there's many reasons, but the ping issue is one of them.
  3. WaaWaa

    While you're busy debating, I'm busy on live servers seeing your debates are false and misleading. It's just a huge pity party on these forums for a vehicle that doesn't need it.

    And the Devs agree that there's nothing wrong with the magrider. So I'm confident I'm right, and all of you are wrong.
  4. WaaWaa

  5. Flag

    First of all, the devs haven't really said anything at all.
    Second, we've seen that the devs don't fully understand the MBTs based on past "adjustments".
    And how could they? They won't have enough time (or desire by my guess) to spend as much time playing as the normal players do, so it's not even that surprising that they don't know all the details.
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  6. WaaWaa

    Yes that burden that you carry must be heavy spreading the message of the poor magrider. Atlas has nothing on you.

    Seriously, if it really needed help the Devs would have acknowledged it by now. What haven't they nerfed at this point that didn't have huge implications for game balance? Everything has been altered in this game since it's release, and things that have had long runs (months long like the Dalton, Harassers, Nanoweave+Resist, C4 blast radius, hell even IRNV scopes) have been adjusted.

    So it's doubtful that they forgot to look at the magrider in all this time, and that it's just because they don't "spend as much time playing as the normal players do" that the magrider hasn't received any adjustments up to this point.

    Again, there is no tangible/real proof that the Devs acknowledge a need for a magrider adjustment, and they are the ones in charge of balancing the game. The only place the magrider needs an adjustment is in the minds of the people that frequent the vehicle discussion section of these forums. Everyone else is pretty satisfied with them, and if they aren't because they don't like it they play NC or TR. No one is holding a gun to your head to play with a vehicle that you don't like. That's just masochism.
  7. MrNature72

    I'm MrNature72 and I'm a proud godd*mned New Conglomerate trooper.

    But even I have to say Magriders need to be brought up to the level of the Vanguard and Prowler.

    Also, I don't think the devs have done a stellar job with this game. However, I don't think they've necessarily done a bad one either. They've had their ups and downs.

    Honestly, with what they have to work with, they've done pretty well. I mean, look at how bipolar this community has been. Up until recently, even I didn't know what I really wanted. But I got my rear in gear and decided to try and help everyone get together and support singular ideas. Public Shout Thread, the Revamp Series, and generally trying to be a positive member of the community.

    I'm glad to see we can at least argue like civilized people on subjects like this, though. At least, we can most of the time. It's a shift in the right direction.
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  8. Ripshaft

    While I too believe the mag isn't in serious need of any buffs, I have to doubt that you're an experienced mag driver - the mag has many strengths, but dodging shots is not and never has been a meaningful one, it's only one that people with no experience with the vehicle, or who are bad tankers who blame their missing the vehicle on its ability to strafe tend to fall to... also getting away from fights is not something it excels at in a general sense, it's possible you're referring to using its abilities to control the engagement, but I'm inclined to doubt it based on the rest of what you're written, which seems to show little understanding of the vehicle.

    Anyhoo all that said, the whole buff the mag trend right now was borne from complete stupidity, not reality. As it's not based in reality its of little concern to the devs, until it becomes a generalized problem with people, then they'll probably have to do some jazzed up insignificant changes to make people shut up again for awhile lol
  9. Zenox

    I always enjoy your reasoned output.
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  10. Zenox

    Sounds to me like the last vestiges of a desperate man to me. People don't normally play alts of the same faction and if they do, they join 2 different outfits.
  11. M2_Bradley

    Buff Saron back but nerf the PPA.
  12. Nody

    And the Magrider in the same time went from being nerfed into the ground to having all of the nerfs reversed (took over 3 months before Highy would even recognise they had gone to far) with exception of gun speed and climbing. ZoE went in it's original state for 6 months (which most people expected could be OP), 9 months after the nerf they admitted they had gone overboard and it got slightly buffed and it's still utterly useless now over a year later. The point being the cycles Devs work on in changes (note not only Mag or MBTs but any vehicles and weapons) are usually measured better in years rather than days or months.

    Secondly Devs will only usually acknowledge something when they are announcing that they are going to change it as well; not 3 to 6 months in advance. See for example the reverse speed change, the increase in Vanguard acceleration, changes to gun velocity etc. This means for all we know in 3 months the Devs could announce Magrider changes but they are aware of the issues right now (be it performing to good or poorly) or they could simply not care. Either way we'll only know the moment changes are announced...

    The proposed changes to reverse speed etc. which was on test with Devs attending had plenty of experienced people going "Guys this is not really going to work out for the Magrider, what are you going to do buff to keep it competitive?". Guess what; nothing changed on the Magrider for the test and it got toasted accordingly in the testing. If the Devs were as up to speed as you think they would have seen that issue (as multiple people from all three factions noted weeks before the super test inc. the people who're arguably among the most experienced tankers on the forum on all three sides) and had a suitable idea to balance it out to remain some form of equilibrium (as any buffs has to be tested to see if they are not too weak or strong in the new meta). Instead the whole idea ended up being scrapped/parked until further notice (which is a pity as I think the Devs really thought they were on to something but their lack of tank experience held them back).
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  13. WaaWaa

    I do!

    I want to get br100 on both servers (VS Connery and VS Emerald). Both have something different to offer.

    Ask Calisai on the forums if that's not my alt. He can attest to that fact I've been on Teamspeak with him with that alt since this summer started, and that I am the same person.

    It's ok to not believe when I tell you those are my other alts. Then you can sleep better at night. I know the drill.
  14. WaaWaa

    It's not that I believe or don't believe that the Devs are up to speed on anything. The only thing I know is that until they say something is broken, it will get fixed. Otherwise the reality is that whatever is in game is working until they choose otherwise. Which is why I agree with their silence on the matter that indeed the mag does not need further tweaking, and that is supported by my day-to-day use of the magrider.
  15. Nody

    But with the same argument you can claim that ZoE is also balanced since they are not talking about it (when in reality I can't think of anyone even seriously consider running it at any time even in it's current form) or that the VS pistols are perfectly fine (even though everyone who has a NS pistol will run that over any VS pistol if they are not going for auraxium them).

    Claiming that silence = balanced only works if everything at this moment is perfectly balanced and nothing will need to change. For example that means the PPA (and the other sides counterparts) is perfectly balanced today because they are not talking about it but I'll expect it they will all change with in 6 months but as they are no talking today then clearly it's all ok and nothing will change. On the other hand if you believe something is not balanced (PPA, Magrider, ZoE, Striker, MAX Shotguns being on the shooting or receiving end or your choice pick of issue) then you'd talk about in the hope that the Devs would pick up on the fact and investigate further and then 6 - 12+ months down the line you'd see a change in the direction you hope for.
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  16. WaaWaa

    ZOE should never have gone live. So that fact that you once had an OP tool and are now complaining you don't have a special MAX ability worth using is something none of us that were TR/NC during that fiasco can feel sympathy for.

    It's 1.5 years into the game, and the mag has had ups and downs. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Magrider is performing well, and forum posters are the only ones with issues. Everyone else that pulls them has no problem adjusting to the different feel of a mag vs. a van/prowler.

    It's only a handful of disgruntled mag pilots who actually advocate for changes to the magrider. The masses seem pretty content with what they have in the magrider.

    And the developer's stance on this issue (no comment a.k.a. silence) is deafening. For the people who want mag changes, they feel rejected by such silence, so rather than accept that no changes are coming and move on/soldier on, they nag and complain without end. So pathetic.
  17. Nody

    But it did go live and qouting you using past tense on any complaning would then have been "the developer's stance on this issue (no comment a.k.a. silence) was deafening. For the people who wanted ZoE changes, they feel rejected by such silence, so rather than accept that no changes are coming and move on/soldier on, they nag and complain without end. So pathetic."

    Because since the Developers let it go live it clearly was balanced and since they did nothing for six months and did not comment on it was balanced and all the people ******** should have moved on and accepted it.

    Now do you see the flaw in your argument on Developer silence = everything is ok?
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  18. Zenox

    If you truly use a Magrider only a fool would be content with no rear view or at least some ability to look behind it. I raised this issue back in alpha, along with the ability to change weapon loadouts on an active vehicle, but apparently what we really need is faction specific pistols. Would that tally with your massive tank experience spanning 2 VS characters?
  19. Flag

    Please don't bring up the alpha magrider...

    I do miss that ballerina. :(
    And magburn was baseline back then! ... ah the times.
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  20. Arkenbrien

    You can still get it to spin like one!
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