DO NOT buff the Magrider!

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  1. Linus

    I read your post, but I see absolutely nothing in common with my own post. Also what you describe here is not my personal opinion
    Maybe you misunderstood me.
  2. Ztiller

    Clearly unrelated to the 100 ping difference
  3. WaaWaa

    Yea but I want to hear the quote that the magrider needs a buff/tweak/etc.. from a Developer. Or that indeed there is MBT imbalance. Otherwise, yea I'm still not buying it.
  4. Flag


    The devs didn't realise that their suggested changes would break the game before we told them, how do you expect them to be able judge whether or not they are balanced?

    They flat out don't know how to balance the tanks.
  5. WTSherman

    Well, it doesn't help that some people don't realize that there is more to balance than just HP and DPS.

    For example, if your vehicle can go over 300kph while ignoring all intervening terrain, it really doesn't need much HP because most of the time it's just not going to get hit *cough*aircraft*cough*.

    Of course balancing with intangibles like mobility is difficult, because HP always gives you the same amount of protection no matter how dumb you are but mobility doesn't do anything if you don't use it. But if you give something a mobility advantage and then fail to take it into account, that's a formula for OP.

    The Magrider already has the same HP/armor as a Prowler, and its DPS is pretty close to a Vanguard. We cooooould move it to a midpoint between the Prowler and Vanguard on both stats (ie give it more armor than a Prowler, and more DPS than a Vanguard), but then we'd have to put it on treads to take away its all-terrain mobility advantage so that instead of being "mobile skirmish tank" it becomes "Mario medium tank".
  6. Arkenbrien

    I would much rather buff minor points of the mobility aspect.

    Strafe speed, magburn's stats relative to gravity, duration, and relative starting speed, hill climbing, etc can be buffed, but it is more of a quality of life sort of thing. Would it make the mag terribly overpowered? Absolutely not, because most of things the buffs would do is simply make life easier. I am 99.9999% certain that there isn't a single obstacle I can't ultimately overcome with my mag, given time. Buffing certain aspects would reduce the time required, but wouldn't introduce anything that couldn't be done before.
  7. Zenox

    I can't speak to that because I haven't played in a US server smash against a US server, but as the PST servers are hosted in the US, I would say lets see how well you whiny Americans do on an EU servers because boy you lot do whine about East and West coast lag.
  8. Zenox

    I'm sorry, have I offended your American competitive sensibilities? Of course I'm sure there must be good American players out there, I just don't think you're one of them. I will give you Americans one thing, you do tend to be a better cohesive force when it comes to playing team games than the Europeans.
  9. lNeBl

    So in the OP of this thread the author admits the Mag requires more skill thus Magrider needs buffs. /thread
  10. WaaWaa

    Whatever your opinion, there is no serious MBT imbalance discussion going on in any official capacity at this moment. You cannot provide any documentation for your arguments (those that insist there an imbalance).

    Until devs acknowledge it, all tanks are balanced, and forumside is spamming until their tantrums get heard.
  11. Moz

    I will just chalk it up to your lack of understanding then :)
  12. Flag

    By that logic the C85mod. is fine compared to the PPA.
  13. CornyWarfare

    If the tank gets buffed, the PPA should be nerfed in my opinion.
  14. TriumphantJelly

    I must agree. If the Mag's strength is in its 2ndaries, it must remain balanced in that way (unless you change it).
  15. WaaWaa

    Apparently because I see people posting screenshots of long killstreaks with it. Right?
  16. Flag

    People can kill-streak with a crossbow.
    Does that make it OP?

    Your premise was that until the devs acknowledge it it's unbalanced it's fine, and so far they've stayed out of any debate on the 3 ESAI guns, but that doesn't mean it's all fine and dandy.

    Meaning that just because the devs aren't in the debate about tanks doesn't mean there's nothing to debate.
  17. vanu123

    Looked up your stats and it says you have: 30 hours, 274 vehicle kills, a score under 800,000, LOL!/5428201940314262721/vehicles Speak on what you know.
  18. DatVanuMan

    Yus, YUS! Intelligence at its finest! You sir fall into my good book of good people:D
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  19. vanu123

  20. vanu123

    It is an honor :)
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