DO NOT buff the Magrider!

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  1. MajiinBuu

    The prowler and vanguard can flank and be sneaky as well, they just don't need to.
  2. Flag

    Hey, let's not forget the first game between Miller and Connery.
    Miller won! :D
  3. WaaWaa

    No evidence to back up your claims there is an actual, serious, and real debate about MBT balance. Thanks for confirming what I suspected.
  4. WaaWaa

    Again, I have won againts 2/2 AP Vans/Prowlers in my 2/2 AP Mag. Your assertion is based on that, and I have and can refuted it. Thus, your arguments are null and void because your premise was based on your experience of gameplay, and it's very ignorant to argue for changes when it's based on personal experience, especially a limited and losing one at that.
  5. Arkenbrien

    I don't see the point. You're just going to change what I said and make bogus claims them. So that's it. You won. Congratulations.
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  6. Mxiter

    good luck to aim that hitbox past let's say 150m for a 100% hit chance:

    While prowlers and Vannies are mostly immobile since stabilization isn't as soft as magrider's one.

    That 100% hit @ 200m is just a flawedl argument.
  7. Xocolatl

    Magrider to me feels like some kind of siege machine.

    Which, frankly, is what I really like.

    Too bad I'm a horrible driver, and the mag looks really crappy...I'd rather just pull a MAX. It's not anywhere near similar, but at least I look a lot better.
  8. Shockwave44

    List the magrider's advantages.

    Yeah, you are. You use the shield as a crutch but you're basing this off of the stats before the shield was nerfed so nice try.
  9. WaaWaa

    I never changed anything. I asked you to bring forth proof that there is in fact an MBT imbalance discussion going on in any medium (tweets, forum announcements, road maps, etc...) from the developers of this game, and you could not provide such evidence.
  10. Flag

    The devs don't know how to do tank balance.
    The only reason they backed down on their suggested changes was thanks to a more or less unified response from tankers telling them, not because they realised anything on their own.
    So any lack of debate on tank balance from SOE doesn't mean they think it's fine. It could also mean they don't know what to do, while also avoiding a repeat of last time.
  11. Arkenbrien

    I believe that was on the server smash or something on PTS, where the man himself was on discussing about MBT balance issues. That was when the reverse speed equaled the forward speed, which was (thankfully) shot down. In fact, the general consensus on all sides was that the Mag could use a small updated.
  12. Flag

    Yes, I was there.
    And before we made a big deal out of it it was slated to hit live a week later. Only our rather loud (but civilized) response prevented it. We also got to know about some of the ideas behind the changes.
    It was based on that I made my comment.
  13. 60rockstar

    I play TR engineer, HA, and MAX. I use the Lightning fairly often - Prowler not so much.
    In my opinion (playing infantry or Lightning) the Magrider is the hardest to kill and delivers me the most damage.
    It is harder to hit (with rocket launcher or MAX Fracture) that any other tank type vehicle, can move (quickly) into firing positions that no other tank can, has stealth ability, and has crazy splash damage. I can't speak about tank vs. tank capability but imo vs. infantry or Lightning the Magrider is best of class.
  14. Fleech

    i find dealing with harraser crews much easier to manage in a mag as well. i can only imagine how annoying some of the more skilled harasser crews are to the other MBT's.

    my favorite tactic to use against them is getting right in front of them and forcing them to slow down and change direction. you can also ram kill harrasers with the boost.
  15. vanu123

    It was a last second victory, but connery has crushed all opposition ever since.
  16. vanu123

    Did you go about it in a slugging match or did you sneak behind them. If you were trading blows and you won, well, the drivers you went against were piss poor tbh I mean they couldn't win with their tank having the advantage. So congrats on preying on unskilled tankers, but if you snuck around and used the terrain like you are forced to in a mag congrats you know how to use a mag properly.(Also I wouldn't call a score over 1 million, 2,000 vehicle kills, and over 150 hours "Limited" all without boosts)
  17. WaaWaa

    Link with the exact minute of it happening, and who is "the man himself", Higby? Especially the "general consensus" I want to watch that.
  18. WaaWaa

    I've traded and won without engaging from the rear this past double xp weekend, except I used terrain (again) to mitigate damage between reloads. It's in my shadowplay recording somewhere. If I can be bothered to I'll post it.

    Oh and if you want to argue hours played and kills means more authority over a subject, you probably shouldn't bring that up because mine far outweigh yours. I don't think any of those metrics measure proficiency in an area. Maybe kills, but again those can be padded.
  19. Arkenbrien

    Agreed. However once they make a serious escape attempt, it's pretty hard to squash them. At least, that has been my experience, especially on Esamir.
  20. Flag

    It wasn't a server smash, but a test event where those who wanted could show up and try things out together. Afterwards we had a chat with Kevmo (higby was more in the background), asking questions and such.

    Of the people that are on this sub-forum, I know that at least myself, Alarox and EliteEskimo were there (actively debating/testing things). There were others ofc (we were over 100 people), but I don't remember every name.