DO NOT buff the Magrider!

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  1. zombielores

    The magrider has the mobility part, it's just not meant to "dodge" shells within X distance, it's suppose to throw off your opponents aim causing them to miss so if they hit you, it's not your tank being bad it's your opponent having good aim.

    Magrider lacks in raw fire power (as in 1v1 slugfest damage), and 1v1 survivability when compared to the vanguard. What it does have is its mobility allowing it to control it's engagement and the extra mobility does add to its survivalbility.

    Vanguard lacks in mobility (not top speed) and a constant reliable fire power (missing punishes you way to much). What it does have is its raw 1v1 power and ability boosting it's survivalbility.

    Prowler has raw and sustain fire power and ability. What it lacks in is 1v1 raw survivalbility if your not locked down.

    A buff to magrider could be omniburn every 20 secs in your direction allowing you to "dodge" incoming fire. Number could be changed but it would still be functional outside of battle allowing you to gain the advantage of regular magburn.
  2. WaaWaa

    According to you? I love internet statistics they are 99.9% true.

    Why does the magrider HAVE to be like other tanks? Why does it need to be buffed? It is working as intended and is one beast of a vehicle. Still not sure where all the whinging comes from.

    Again I think it all comes down to envy for what the other guy has, instead of any real shortcomings for the magrider.
  3. WaaWaa

    So use it like a heavy harasser, rather than spending an inordinate amount of time on the forums trying to change it. It's a great vehicle when you do use it like that. Kill lots of stuff. Get certs. Have fun.
  4. CptUseLesS

    good job dude, just care about the flat stats and ignore the rest.
    saw alot guys like you who also cry that NC weapons are OP cause of 200 dmg :D

    if ur think that those advantages are so important, why is the vanguard lacking in overall performance and the mag is leading???

    oh i guess, NC are noobs, right?
  5. Arkenbrien

    You apparently blatantly ignored me when I said that I did mind having a tank that did not have as much survivability or firepower. I never said that it HAS to be like other tanks. I'm not sure where all the whining is coming from either.

    The four stats are simply the reality of how the MBTs are balanced. Either your ignorant of the MBT balancing act or you are being simply obstructive. If you were to change any aspect of the MBT, you would invariably effect one of these four factors, unless you changed the cosmetics, in which case who cares, as we are not discussing why a tank has more camo coverage than another.

    Why does it need to be buffed? I'm not asking that it be buffed, at least not in the sense that you make it out to be. It's more of a quality of life sort of thing.
  6. Zenox

    I've seen posts from this guy on a different thread recently. He's trolling, he never plays in a Magrider and it's obvious from some of the BS comments he makes. Ignore and close this thread would be my recommendation.
  7. Zenox

    No it was one of the funnest, but it's certainly never been the best, I'm going to chalk that up to the crack talking.
  8. Zenox

    Comparing a burst fire sniper rifle with this is so unbelievable derp especially when what your saying is wrong, both the RAMS .50M and the TSAR-42 will 1 shot kill. "You don't like the TRAP M1? Don't use it." At least you have the option to use something else!

    So anyway tell us what is the Mag's roll/niche... it can strafe? Does that mean we're doomed to have a crap tank because of it? If that's what you're saying then fine, take the bloody strafe away I'll have a tracked MBT thanks.
  9. WaaWaa

    I smell more "I don't want to use the mag as intended. Devs please change my vehicle because the other guy has cooler stuff even tho I have cool stuff too but again refuse to accept it as a an attribute and actually downplay it on the forums".

    AFAIK, there never was an MBT balance discussion. Higby hasn't mentioned it, nothing on the road map about it. Nothing. This discussion is simply fictional/artificial on the forums from people who refuse to use the attributes their tanks have and go on and on about how it's bad/it's underperforming/it's underwhelming/the other guys have this/et cetera et cetera.

    Show me a tweet, a post, a picture, any evidence this really is an issue being taken seriously by a Dev (a.k.a. that the magrider needs any help/tweeking), and then I'll believe you when you claim there even is an "MBT balancing act".
  10. Zenox

    WaaWaa - I genuinely think your problem is that you play with other Americans so the bar is that much lower.
  11. vanu123

    Really? How is it? Because magriders have to flank and are forced into a niche playstyle to just hold their own. Vanguards and prowlers don't require the same amount of dedication and certs to be effective. Just saying I wish the mag were as easy as the van or prowler to use. BTW if it can't win a straight up fight with the other MBTs, then it isn't a true MBT.
  12. WaaWaa

    The last refuge of an argument lost.

    "The server you're on must be filled of baddies. If you were on my server you would finally reach the same conclusion I have."

  13. TheBand1t

    And this kids is what you call having your head in your anus.

    Onto the actual topic;

    I'll not lie, I prefer the vanguard over the others because I prefer a more traditional tank. This doesn't mean the mag is bad, it means it isn't my playstyle. There isn't anything, either in my experience or in the stats (as much as I'm loathe to pull them up) that supports the magrider needing buffs.

    PS: I don't believe euro servers have won either a single server smash against American servers, nor was it a euro team who won comm clash.

    Emerald is the canon server.
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  14. WaaWaa

    And if I can win a straight up fight vs. an MBT, does that not refute your assertion that it's not an MBT?

    See how little statements like that make your argument sound ridiculous?

    My fully certed magrider is easy to use. Yea it may take a while to get where you want it, but when you got its a joy to use and just as easy a van/prowler.
  15. asmodraxus

    As has previously been proved mathematically the Magrider is unable to dodge shots within the 200m zone from enemy tanks, so it really doesn't have the mobility part anymore (thanks GU2) so without buffing the Magrider what should we do?

    Nerf the Vanguards DPS and armour?
    Nerf the Prowlers DPS and speed?

    Or recognise that whilst the Vanguard and Prowler have multiple play styles the Magrider requires the use of stealth and ambush tactics (much like the lightning) along with a serious investment into it to get upto par in that 1 singular playstyle. Then figure out a way for it to survive in what until now has not been its traditional role multiple tank vs tanks slug fests.

    Or we could persuade the devs to role back the idiotic idea to make the MBT's not need dedicated drivers with gunners (yay empire specific lightning's with the option for a second gunner) and then balance accordingly (ie 1 main gun for the gunner and make the secondary's (for the driver) about as effective as the basilisk is).
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  16. WaaWaa

    SO? I don't use strafing to dodge shots. I use it to take cover to reload and re-engage a target. Who said it had to dodge shots?
  17. vanu123

    You can't win unless the person you're shooting at is running AI and is a complete idiot, then maybe you can win. But if you have a 2/2 AP Mag, 2/2 AP Prowler, 2/2 AP Vanguard the prowler=Van>Magrider. Simply because the prowler has the speed and DPS to compete head on, the vanguard has sheer damage and armor to compete head on, the mag has a slight agility advantage although it is still the slowest MBT. But hey at least we have the PPA, the only thing that does its job decently.
  18. vanu123

    Ummm at server smash the europeans got their teeth kicked in by murica.
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  19. Flag

    Server Smash and Live Play are very different.
  20. vanu123

    True, but serversmash is the only place where we can truly compare Europe and murica. Every time Europe tries to fight Murica they always get liberated.