DO NOT buff the Magrider!

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  1. zombielores

    Actually the Magrider has the highest skill ceiling when comparing the 3 tanks and it does reward the user the better you get at it as its the easiest to achieve and maintain 100% DPS output while strafing if your a good shot, while the turret stabilization made it slightly easier for the prowler and vanguard, the magrider has tank stabilization making it the easiest to accomplish it. The magrider just isn't good in beginner or moderate player hands as they'll never see the full potential of the magrider.

    I actually agree with magriders getting a buff somewhere but not what most of forum side van are suggesting, something that makes it better at actual 1v1 tank slugfest but nothing that makes it OP, omniburn is a me idea but I'm a reasonable person so if suggest a buff that's reasonable, I'm all for it.

    (BTW I could care less how much you've spent in a magrider, it's how much you know about the tank that matters. )
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  2. Slash Hammer

    Dear RadarX,
    you are the community manager and it might happen that you come by and read this thread... PLEASE delete the choice of red color in the thread edit box. There are people around who are not color-blind and I start to think it's an insult or some sort of harassing using that color on this background. Maybe it's some psychological warfare and I am just getting re-programmed to love TR or such, but I want to be able to open any thread without fearing it will be blinding me immediately. I need my color perception for daily RL work and I don't want to mess around with your CSS just to be on the save side...
  3. Flag

    Omni-burn, because it's in more than one direction would either be a downgrade to the current one, or it would be an upgrade and OP by it's very nature.

    Having a decent speed boost in more than one direction is what makes it OP, therefore it shouldn't happen. I'm for some buffs/adjustments to the mag, but an omni-burner is not the answer.
  4. Shockwave44

    I don't know what noobs you're picking on but any competent 2/2 vanguard or prowler would turn you into dust.
  5. Fleech

    the vanguard is its shield. its terrible without it. the prowler is all around bad.
  6. Mianera

    Couldn't agree more.
  7. Shockwave44

    Nice videos to prove your point...
  8. stalkish

    Have you tried highlighting the text with your mouse before you read it?
    Always changes the text to the same colour, white with an orange background.
    Not hard on the eyes at all, its often what i do when reading text.
  9. Moz

    +1 for OP!

    The maggy is THE best MBT in the game at the moment.

    Agility > All
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  10. MajiinBuu

    If I could have one thing for the magrider, it would have a tiny bit more hover. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting out of your magrider to repair it, and than being crushed by it. :oops:
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  11. SpaceTimeSpace

    I will however AGREE with this guy (MajiinBuu), because it is true that Magrider due seem ODD not to kill those pesky infantry, but rather AND some-how kill your friendly on most of the time. Putting from that perspective, to have the Magrider able to CLIMB hills much MORE easier is an +. IT's a FLYING Tank XP!!!
  12. eatcow0

    most mag buff threads I've seen really haven't ask for much other than main cannon velocity increase, polishing the magburn, or reworking the saron since they nerfed it to hell.
  13. ZeroErrorz

    - ability to go where other tanks can check
    - op as **** AI weapon that allow them to farm check
    - strafe check

    or seriously just get me some AI flak cannon for the vanguard, since i wanna be a farmguard too
  14. OldMaster80

    Yep but imho all the tanks balance complaints (and it's same for every weapon / max / esf whine) are based on a wrong assumption: that all the three empire must have the same statistics and opportunities. Your tank skill is more situational than TR and NC so what? Every item in the armory must have some pro and con, every item is situational and works better in certain conditions but this doesn't mean it has be exactly the same as the others counterparts. You don't like your tank? Don't use it, but don't whine pretending to be the same as the other factions. I don't cry because the TR sniper rifle introduced with the Infiltrators Revamp (TRAP M1) cannot 1hk, while the NC RailJack makes infantry heads explode like a melon falling from the 5th floor. They are just different and I live with it.

    Unfortunately some players seem to think of "balancament" only when everyone has exactly the same stats abilities and items. At this point I'd say let's remove all faction items and just implement NS vehicles and weapons.

    But let's be honest, that would suck.
  15. Arkenbrien

    I don't think he was talking about having the same statistics, just that the separate abilities need to be tighter together. IMO you can't directly correlate a speed boost to a shield or a lock down mechanic. As you stated, it all comes down to viability during a certain scenario. I don't think he was crying or whining over his tank because he was he didn't like it. 700 hours in a vehicle pretty much makes him an expert.

    My short list for potential tweaks would be:

    1 Some sort of change to the Saron to aid it in LRC.
    2 Give it some of it's hill climbing ability back, especially in regards to it's burn.
    3 Give it a longer burn time. 3 seconds is okay, but 5 seconds would be more ideal.

    There are many more suggestions that have been made, ranging from wraith cloaking to velocity buffs, vertical movement to strafe speed adjustments, but with the possible exception with the first suggestion, which I can easily make a viable counter argument on, none of these suggestions would, as the OP would claim, it would not 'dumb' down the Mag at all. If anything it would open up even more paths for players to explore tactics wise. I'm glad the OP had a fun time in a Mag, but I'm a firm believer that the Mag is deserving of some kind of buff to increase it's versatility, even if it is a small one, but I hardly think small ones would turn the Mag into a n00b machine, like the OP is suggesting.
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  16. TriumphantJelly

  17. WaaWaa

    You have it. You're just too busy forum posting or too bad to see it.
  18. Flag

    The Magrider, if anything, is a heavy harasser. Not an MBT.

    It doesn't exactly exhibit traits that are usually associated with the word "tank".
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  19. Arkenbrien

    Mobility, survivability, firepower, and abilities. These are the four stats of the MBT.

    I'm fine with a tank that is lacking in survivability and firepower, as long as it fills the mobility and ability roles well. And both could be reasonably buffed without seriously compromising the balance between the MBTs.
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  20. Hairspray

    The one other major stat of a MBT "FUN FACTOR" Already the mag is by far the most fun MBT, Mountain climb check, mag burn onto the roofs of buildings check, jump off a bridge to escape check, mag burn eject to save your life when your tank is toast check, Anti Inf check, just fun to strafe at 45 deg. to gain 2-5 extra KPH check, ride over allied vehicles so no traffic jams check, ride over "tank traps" check, Ride up stairs on hossin check, and **** its VANU

    This tank has the most FUN FACTOR period. In the fun factor field it is the most OP hands down, don't let them touch it. because a nerf would Suck and a buff would only lead to a major nerf in the future so NO. I accept we are what we are "on paper". Because in game the Mag awesome to play. I am never pissed when I die. Unless, it is to a tank mine just when I spawn.

    Leave the Mag alone move along go bother someone else nothing to see here.