DO NOT buff the Magrider!

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  1. Mianera

    Red text and icon aside, I drive a Magrider and I swear to full honesty when I say that I do not have any frikken idea of what all these Magrider whine threads are about.

    I drive it, I wreck with it, always on skype with my gunner and we are a devestating team. We often even consider it open, the way it can get away from fights or simple dodge all those incoming shots.

    Now when people say that it needs a buff? Okay, I'll come clean... some kid in me screams "YES YES YES now we will DEFO be OP as hell".... but then again, I do play on other factions as well so I have to be fair and say that balance needs to be maintained.

    You all probably know the mentality here, we will nag on one thing but when our own thing gets buffed we simply stay silent and off the forums while everyone else complains because now we feel like we have the advantage and want to make the most of it. Well no more.

    The Magrider is bloody fine the way it is. It is a beast. Sure, if you start messing with a prowler in close range and don't use the environment to your advantage you get blown up. Same goes for the Vanguard. *

    Yes, the Magrider is more difficult to master because it requires additional skill in situational awareness and knowing the map and environment pretty much to every inch because then you can utilize it to its fullest.


    I love the fact that it requires more skill. Because mastering such is a challenge and I like that. So here you go. The official DO NOT FRIKKEN BUFF THE MAGRIDER THREAD!
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  2. Flag

    So... not buff a single aspect of the tank, ever?
    *Cough cough* magburn

    Just one thing, and this comes from one who has taken part in more of these threads than most:

    Some people will argue against you based on this sentence alone. Let's see if you can see why.

    Me? I can't be bothered arguing at the moment.
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  3. Shockwave44

    I'll make it real simple for you so you understand. I'm good in a magrider but if I was in a vanguard or prowler going up against myself in a magrider, the magrider would lose every time. More skill has nothing to do with this problem. The magrider just isn't a good tank.
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  4. Plunutsud pls

    I don't even want to waste certs on a tank that's only really good for AI farming.
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  5. Linus

    It is interesting to read your opinion Mianera and I respect it.
    I would simply ask you how many time did you tested this vehicle? In wich kind of situations? and finally did you fought againt some exeprienced 2/2 teams in the other MBTs?

    After almost 700 hours spent into this vehicle, I agree with you on some points, however nothing and nobody can make me believe that the "3 seconds Magburner" is as powerful as the Anchor and as the Shield, regarding the bonuses that those abilities grant.
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  6. Klypto

    My Eyes.

    [Manually changes the CSS to make it a color pattern readable by human eyes.]
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  7. Stormsinger

    I had to scroll down quickly before reading, for fear it would set off the nearby radiological sensors.
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  8. sindz

    Tr icon, red text and claims he drives a mag.

    Seems legit.
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  9. CptUseLesS

    as an very experienced vanguard driver who mostly roam with my gunner alone behind enemy frontlines, i have to agree.
    beside aircrap there is nothing i fear more as a good magrider crew.
    if they know how to use cover and the overall terrain they r ******* dangerous.
    its all about peek-a-boo, such a good mag tactic.


    obvious ur not good.

    i fear a good mag crew alot more as the prowler, the prowler DPS r rly crazy but he is also very predictable while the mag can be the completly different.

    most people just dont understand that the mag isnt designed for facehugging other MBTs and kill them.
    they also complain about how the mag ES ability is lacking behind TR and NC, yes its true but the ES abilitys r desinged ARROUND the tank, they r not rly compareable!!

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  10. RyanGUK

    Buff it so it's good against other tanks, not just infantry.

    Otherwise, it's fine imo.
  11. Dracorean

    I drive the magrider myself at times, i prefer it over to the vanguard, sure vanguard has durability but only enough to take one rocket really, and the shield has a rather long cool down timer which effects it quite a bit in heated fights. The maneuverability of the magrider is just so useful and powerful, gives it the ability to choose and back out of fights that the other factions MBT's seem to lack, its that ability that isn't often used.
  12. Mianera

    Mature response so I will gladly reply.

    The ways I have tested the Magrider is many different scenarios to find its strengths and weaknesses throughout many hours of gameplay. From my experience, even with a gunner, this is NOT a tank to pick direct 1v1 fights in CQC unless you seriously get lucky with your opponent. Then again, getting a gunner on VS is much easier than on TR or NC.

    I will be honest here as well so here are my current issues with the tank. I sometimes feel as if it lacks that finishing touch. Sure, I can more or less pick my fights but the part that annoys me is that I am forced to do medium to medium/long range engagements with other MBT's because in CQC I am screwed. But in medium range, the other tank has the option to back away just as much as I do and I need that boost to hunt him down and give that 1 shot finish.

    So you have me there, the Magburner could use a buff since in my personal experience it would make it easier for me to get more kills. That said, putting the Vanguard or the Prowler in the same situation, they do not have the option to chase down their target as easy either.

    The main reason behind this thread is because the 100 buff the maggy threads out there want to have the Magriders overall stats and survivability buffed. And THAT I believe is INSANE. No, just no.
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  13. M2_Bradley

    It's the best at dodging dem C4 fairies...
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  14. zombielores

    Magrider can use a few buffs here and there, so could the vanguard in the AI department, and some for TR secondary. But what we need most is to teach VS players how to drive their magrider properly to its advantage instead of trying to slug it out with a tank thats designed to do that. Magriders have by far the best traction instead of this butter physics that all the tracked vehicles have, they can get on top of hills, slopes buildings, etc where it gains them a LoS advantage.
    Also Magrider strafe is not to dodge shells because that would be insanely OP, it's to throw off your opponents aim and is only as effective as your personal skill and your opponents aim, if your strafing and the other tank manages to hit you, it's not the tank being ineffective, it's your opponent being skillful.

    Totally off topic but Vanguard is the best at AI
    (If picture doesn't show up, links here)
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  15. vanu123

    No one wants anything to be OP, what the VS want including myself is a viable AV MBT. Right now what we got is an okay AI tank at close - mid range.
    Possible changes that 1 or a few of these could help fix the magrider:
    Return the 1 shot 1 kill saron before it became a spammy POS
    5-10 strafe speed boost
    Give us a little bit of our hill climbing back
    Increase main gun reload speed
    5-10 regular forward and reverse speed buff
    3rd person view
    Better angle of fire on all guns
    Please just one or a few of these would put the mag in a good spot.
    No matter the situation, a vanguard or prowler will fit that role better, the exception being the vanguard AI role.
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  16. Shockwave44

    Completely off topic but, anyone can avoid them as long as they see them.
  17. vanu123

    Just saying the magrider forces the user to adapt unlike the other tanks. It is the toughest to use without any better payoff than the van or prowler. We work twice as hard to achieve similar results. (BTW I have over 150 hours in a magrider)
  18. Shockwave44

    Seems you're the one lacking in skill.
    • Strongest front armor
    • Most damaging tank shell
    • Fastest projectile velocity while mobile
    • Best automatic secondary @ 500dmg per shot with an 8 round clip and no recoil
    • Full god-mode shield
    • 360 degree rotating turret
    • Faster acceleration
    If you can't take out a magrider with those advantages, then it's not the vanguard's fault.
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  19. Vortok


    Not that I think the Saron needs a redesign, but I thought a short duration 'channel' effect like Star Trek phasers might be interesting in terms of VS weapon design. Then again it'd probably be a charge up weapon again, which both makes it more likely to be implemented while simultaneously making it annoying to use. Current Saron has some versatility, though the relative weakness at long range seems a bit strange in relation to the strengths of the Magrider. I think we've beaten that particular horse well past death, though.
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  20. Fleech

    please don't buff the magrider in any way. even minor changes could result in a huge impact with this vehicle. apart from the completely baffling recent saron nerf, its literally perfect the way it is. buffing it could result in the typical scenario where something is over buffed and then over nerfed shortly thereafter.

    as i've stated before, its the best MBT, and the best offensive ground vehicle in the game, you just need to play its strengths.
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