Do max certs work?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Plunkies, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Plunkies

    Has anyone tried any of the suit certs? In beta none of them functioned at all. If anyone gets one, please post the results.

    Also, does the max respawn cooldown cert work? I tried to test it by certing it while I had a cooldown and seeing if the timer dropped. It didn't.
  2. Citizen H

    I can't say personally. We're out of beta, so I'm not wasting certs on MAXs until I see they've been brought up to where they should be.

    But I haven't heard from anyone yet that they're not equipping.
  3. Braken

    Well, the game did just come out, and the MAX certs aren't exactly cheap.
  4. oherror

    They never worked in beta and only became equipable in the last week. But DO NOT get kinetic armor it only gives you 5% protection. You take one less round to kill you. The regen is pretty good so you can hide and regen health. Ammo bin does work and is good for the AA duel buster for longer field time.

    But over all max certs are very broken. 50% of the time you cant equip them so good luck.
  5. FuriousSquirrel

    They worked the last day of beta, which wasn't much time to really test them out. Although it seems like they are working so I would say they are working right now, when I get enough certs I'll probably by the upgrades.
  6. Plunkies

    Are you sure about that? I had a lot of cert points on the last day and I could have sworn I double checked max regen and it still couldn't be equipped in the suit slot.
  7. Zedek

    The regeneration upgrade is FINALLY working for me.
  8. Ghoste

    I would like to know this also. I have the cooldown cert up to the 4th level and sometimes I notice a reduced CD and sometimes it looks like the default CD.
  9. Bloodburn

    the last few days of beta I spent all those 2000 free certs into max.

    I maxed...heh...out the regen and the extra ammo cert lines, i was easily able to equip them on my max just as you would with any other class and say nanoweave worked 100% perfect for me.

    Now...are they useful? with the biolab auto healing in, I dont see a huge point in getting the auto regen cert, the kinetic armor sounds like a joke at 5% max certed for over 2000 cert points. The flak is the only viable one but then again I get hit/die from explosions maybe 5% of the time I die. Usually its because too many infantry are shooting me with their little guns.

    Max certs need a thourough lookover. most are too weak for their cert cost, and there are not as many choices as an infantry would have. I know there are more hidden, such as the lockdown cert for the TR max that I saw in beta but was set at 99999 certs. Hopefully that gets put in soon.
  10. FuriousSquirrel

    It did, but not at the start of the day, it was almost near the end, about 5-6 hours before server shutdown they actually started working. I had tried it that very morning without success, but the afternoon it worked =/ was kind of weird.
  11. Stromberg

    I can 100% confirm that at least up to lvl 7 (reduction by 210 sec from 600 sec to 390 sec), it works! I've just tested it.
    About the bio lab. Is there a note, how fast the passive regen is? It must be considerably greater than 1% per sec to make auto reapir suit worthless.

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