Do i have bottleneck in my pc spec ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GearsOfWaR, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. GearsOfWaR

    hey guys i am just wondering do i have any kind of bottleneck cuz of something ?
    my pc spec is :
    intel core i5 3330 3.00ghz 4 cores , 6mb cache
    8 gb ram
    GTX 760 2gb oc windfoce
    500w psu .
    and would i get low fps in planetside in big fights ?
    keep the answer simple please.
  2. JibbaJabba

    The overall clockrate of the CPU is a bit low for this particular game. It's an Ivy Bridge so (statistically) won't have the overclocking capabilities of a Haswell. If you could sneak it up to 3.3 - 3.5ghz it would do very well.

    You won't be pegging at 60fps in fights but you should get more than acceptable framerates.
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  3. GearsOfWaR

    alright thanks
    anyone has different or new opinion ?
  4. rahulr1

    Dude, you're fine. Those specs work great, idk what the other guy is on about. My friends run PlanetSide 2 on an FX-6100 which is a semi-crappy six-core CPU and a flipping Radeon 6670 so yeah... Ignore what the other guy said other GHz, it's meaningless are the architectural efficiency of a CPU is FAR more important and in your case, you got a quad-core Ivy Bridge CPU which is more than enough. You WILL be pegging at 60FPS if you turn down the settings a little.

    BTW JibbaJabba Ivy Bridges overclock better than Haswells.
  5. Llamar

    I have an fx 4300 and run the game great. Don't worry about anything.
  6. JibbaJabba

    Sorry man, I'm going to stick 100% by my original statement...

    Your mileage may vary but indeed the cooler, lower power Haswells are overclocking better than the Ivy Bridges.
    Assuming 1080 or 2560x1440 he's going to hit 60fps in the warpgate, no problem. When he gets into some alert-level fight it's NOT going to stay pegged there. It will be acceptable though. I don't think he'll have a problem.
    Planetside is CPU bottlenecked and crappy at multithreading so instructions per clock and clockspeed are paramount. If he can overlock a bit then he'll be able to peg it.

    GearsOfWar: If you peg at 60 in fights with this at stock speeds please quote/reply me and I'll be man enough to eat my words in front of Rahulr1. :)

    In any case though, I think you'll have a blast on that rig
  7. JibbaJabba

    ..and BTW guys, learn what a bottleneck is. Everything has one by definition.

    If it's not the clockspeed on that rig then what is it? Would 6 cores speed it up? More memory? Faster graphics card? No. The bottleneck is the CPU clock.
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  8. GearsOfWaR

    my resolution that i play on is 1600x900
    just logged into the game after installing everything for the video card
    i set up everything on high & ultra
    only shadows and terrian were off and low
    my FPS was between 90-130 fps in quartz ridge camp in 25-48 in both sides fight
    and in amerish in techplant in a huge alert fight 48+ both sides , fps were jumping from 60-35 and that's actually awesome
    i was getting 15-25 fps always with my old GPU with everything on low and off
    so now i am in heaven <3
    thx for replying guys
  9. JibbaJabba

    Grats man! That 15-25 crap just hurts your competitive chances.

    Now if you dip down from 60-35 it's still smooth and rest assured many of your targets are trying to fight back while playing a slide show!

    If you are doing 1600x900 you can probably crank up AA and AF without touching the framerate btw.
  10. Posse

    You ALWAYS have a bottleneck no matter how good your hardware is, for this game, based on your specs, it's the CPU, for other games it will probably be the GPU.

    As for performance in this game, you should be fine, you won't get 60 FPS constantly, but it will be playable.
  11. GearsOfWaR

    well, so far i didn't get any lag in huge fights that i were always lagging on
    and my k/d is much much better now since i am not playing with a slide show xD
  12. siiix

    its good enough, if anything it the CPU... also make sure its really quad core and not just 2 core + hyper treading, i know i5 quad-cores do exist, but i have yet to see one as a computer tech, they kinda rare
  13. Jester7x

    I know that feeling, sometimes i get 8fps in big fights, whats the point after that.