Do i have bottleneck in my pc spec ?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by GearsOfWaR, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. GearsOfWaR

    hey guys i am just wondering do i have any kind of bottleneck cuz of something ?
    my pc spec is :
    intel core i5 3330 3.00ghz 4 cores , 6mb cache
    8 gb ram
    GTX 760 2gb oc windfoce
    500w psu .
    and would i get low fps in planetside in big fights ?
    keep the answer simple please.
  2. Jerox

    Seems fine to me.
    With this you'll probably be able to play it on high settings (or a few settings set to medium like shadows) with around 50+ fps except for in huge fights. The fps will definitely drop in huge fights yes, that's pretty much inevitable.
  3. GearsOfWaR

    that's best thing i read all day long <3
    anyone else has different opinion ?
  4. henrickbr

    Yes I have a different opinion.
    Your system is very good, but the game is a problem, makes 20 days that I am suffering from stuttering, 20fps in large battles, was not to happen stuttering, but is unfortunately :(
  5. Smagjus

    This question can't be answered negatively. There is always a bottleneck. In your case it is the CPU. Are you getting these parts new? Because the i5 3330 is already outdated.

    Overall the built is fine though.
  6. GearsOfWaR

    well, i just bought the gpu today and i bought the cpu about 6 months ago
  7. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Both your processor and video card are above the minimum specs to run the game so that shouldn't be a problem. It may also depend on what resolution you have the game set to. Do you have it really high? If so, try lowering it to see if it makes a difference.
  8. ENGTX

    if you playing on high with big screen , then you might be pushing to much your psu . 500w is really low for a gtx760 running on high settings . . you better buy a 700w for sure .
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  9. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    I agree with ENGTX. At home, I use a 750 watter and it's had no issues running on high with my big screen. Hope the info helped!
  10. Smagjus

    I have to disagree. A system using a recent i7 + an R9-290X won't draw more than 500 while playing Crysis 3 at 1080p. German source but the graphs are easily readable (scroll far down):

    I could understand that you get a 600W PSU for such a system to keep reserves but a 700W PSU for a gtx760 is just a bad suggestion. With 500W you are still absolutely save and have a lot of reserves.

    @TSR AlexS
    Can someone update the linked list in this thread?

    Because here are some cards listed that are under the minimum spec:

    I tried a 7600GT and the game will definetely not start which I expected since it doesn't meet the minimum requirements. However the list contains the 7600GT in the yellow area.
  11. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    It sounds like something else may be causing this issue. Are you getting a G25 error message? This usually pops up if it's video card related. (below specs). I would suggest submitting in a support ticket with your Dxdiag/Msinfo so we can further assist you.
  12. Smagjus

    Yes, a G25 error:

    Anyways this shouldn't be such a big topic since I don't use the 7600GT at the moment. It was just a test and I got the expected result. The only problem is that the minimum specs don't concur with help article which can easily be edited. It is not a technical problem.
  13. BlackDove

    Based on this thread i think its a prebuilt with a garbage PSU.

    In this thread we establish how the menus can load a well cooled GPU with a boost feature like his 760 beyond its TDP. Check page 4 or 5.

    The Wattage rating is almost as misleading and irrelevant as the 80Plus rating on PSUs.

    Yes you need a specific amount of power for the load however a 400W Seasonic with huge Japanrlese capacitors is probably better than whatever OEM junk came in his prebuilt.

    Now if his GPU is getting stable Voltage, which i doubt if its an OEM 500W which wasnt designed for a GPU to be used with it at all, then there are two more real options.

    Configure the drivers and in game settings correctly. MAKE SURE SMOOTHING IS OFF. Heres a driver configuration guide i wrote.

    If your resolution is 1920x1080 and you use HDMI or Display Port read this as well. If you use DVI ignore it.

    If configuring the drivers doesnt work then check for malware with this.

    My guess is its as simple as turning his settings to ultra and turning smoothing off.

    I have almost an identical system and the game runs fine this week.

    The menus still unnecessarily load my GPU and my friend with a watercooled 780 hits 100% TDP in the 2D menus as well as only getting the black screen in the 2D menus.

    Along with others who dont want PS2 to constantly crash as a result of.its power virus like menus we underclock our GPUs and prevent them from boosting. Works pretty well.
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  14. Jerox

    Hmm, yeah maybe the 500w for a 760 is too low. I use just a 650w psu but don't actually need that much power. Reason why I got more than I needed was because of the option to replace my gpu with a 780 maybe someday in the future.
    I think that 600-650 is actually enough to power it. Often people get a much more powerful psu than they actually need.
  15. GearsOfWaR

    my resolution that i play on is 1600x900
    just logged into the game after installing everything for the video card
    i set up everything on high & ultra
    only shadows and terrian were off and low
    my FPS was between 90-130 fps in quartz ridge camp in 25-48 in both sides fight
    and in amerish in techplant in a huge alert fight 48+ both sides , fps were jumping from 60-35 and that's actually awesome
    i was getting 15-25 fps always with my old GPU with everything on low and off
    so now i am in heaven <3
    thx everyone for replying .
  16. BlackDove

    I have a slower CPU than you and i leave terrain on the highest it will go. Shadows will make you even more CPU limited but i have them on ultra too.

    You should turn adaptive Vsync on in the drivers and see if that helps your smoothness. Fog shadows can be off as well.
  17. BlackDove

    Depends on the specific model. A good quality 500W PSU could be fine, but there are a lot of really bad PSUs out there and people loook at the wrojg specs when buying.

    As long as it provides enough power for the load, the Wattage isnt important. Whats important to remember is that most PSUs are designed to work most efficiently between 50 and 80% load. His entire computer should use about 300W at full load.

    80Plus is also not an indicator of quality like a lot of people think. Reviews that involve transient handling, ripple, heat and surge handling are how it should be determined if a PSU is good or not.

    I end up coming back to a few brands that use high quality components.
  18. t31os

    I don't think people look at the wrong specs, they just focus on the ones all the modern day marketing encourages them to pay attention to, and that's typically the wattage(which by itself means very little). In the case of memory/ram people just look at how much, not what type or speed(which can be relevant). I'm sure you know how bad it is with CPU marketing to... heck go watch a dell or pc world advert... (though i'm sure you don't need to)...

    PSU is the backbone of the system, it's just as vital as having a stable motherboard, imho...

    What PSU you running BlackDove? I'm just curious to know now.. :)
  19. BlackDove

    Consumer electronics in general are misleadingly marketed.

    Take TVs and monitors for example. People see LED monitor and dont even realize two things. Standard phosphor WLED backlit(very common) which are often edge-lit(the worst kind) arent as good as WCG CCFL backlit LCDs. And theres no such thing as an LED monitor. Theyre either LCD. There are OLED monitors and TVs but they are very different.

    Most of these 4K TVs are BS as well(not monitors) because they use 4:2:0 chroma subsampling and Rec. 709 color instead of 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 and Rec. 2020 color.

    Want a real 4K display capable of that? Its about $40,000. Consumer stuff has been going down in quality while its being marketed like its getting better and cheaper.

    Anyway i have a Seasonic X650 Gold.
  20. Smagjus

    The difference between what you listed and the wattage problematic of PSUs is that the latter is illegal, the other examples are not.