Do Fractures under perform?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by MortarionX, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. MortarionX

    I've been using Fractures since they've been released and compared to Pounders, they feel like downgrade rather than a sidegrade.Honestly at long range, which is what they're meant for, I feel like I'm just tickling the tanks.

    I was wondering if anyone had some hard numbers comparing the Fractures to other AV Max weapons.
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  2. MAXArmar

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  3. MortarionX

    I figured that Ravens overperformed. They are a terror when I play armor against NC. But I feel like Ravens are where the 2nd Gen AV weapons should be. Especially since MAXs cost 450 now >.>
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  4. Problem Officer

    Uh, until Raven is strongly shifted toward AV it only makes sense to be above a dedicated AV in any kills.
    Compare Comet/Raven/Pounder and Vortex/Falcon/Fracture instead.
    The first group possesses both AV and AI effectiveness, the latter only AV.
    I think Fracture's great at what it's intended for and the problem is people getting used to multitasking with other weapons,
    then expecting the same results from other weapons just because they're also labeled "AV".
    Raven needs far less indirect damage, Pounder and Comet just less radius (they're still explosives yo).
  5. FieldMarshall

    I dont like the fractures. I dont see why anyone would want to use 2000cert fractures over 250cert pounders.
    Doesent have range, doesent have damage, doesent have accuracy.
    Only things it does better is less dropoff and larger mag.
  6. MortarionX

    Falcons are pretty good AI I find. As long as you can aim well, you can instagib infantry. Honestly, they are only good AI when infantry clumps and the same pretty much applies to Comets and Pounders.

    Also, the thing is the 2nd gen AV is supposed to be long ranged. At the ranges that you switch to Fractures over Pounders, you barely tickle the tanks and are easily out repaired by one engie. The Vortexs are pretty much in the same boat. I can't say much since I've never used em, but suffice to say I've never died to Vortexs before. Ravens on the other hand, don't have that problem. They do 450 compared to paltry 240 for the Fractures and are much more accurate at range, since lasers.
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  7. Pikachu

    It lost it's popularity when the infantry damage was nerfed, since it was the most fun way of using it. For the AV job I found it to be a good weapon. I haven't used them after the nerf. Beside infantry damage nerf they were also nerfed in velocity and had acceleration added to them.
  8. day ofm one

    I got em, I used them 10 minutes, I since then used them for a total of 5 minutes maybe.

    I got them ~10 months ago.

    Use your Certs / SC for something else...

    I hate Ravens, they are just damn good, but that's how a MAX AV weapon should be.

    It should be an actual threat.

    Ravens are, Vortex and Fractures are good if you find an extremely ticklish enemy who leaves his tank after a single hit (for all non joke understanders, this means Vortex and Fractures are crap.
  9. ZwergenWind

  10. MortarionX

    I actually like Falcons though. I've killed soo many Sundies with them. You can't argue with their burst damage and fast reload.
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  11. MAXArmar

    Even though it may have lost it's popularity, Falcons are still ahead of Comets as far as AI go.

    I don't know what damage nerf you're talking about, but one Falcon salvo still OHK's infantry, whereas Comets require two salvo's. Furthermore, the Comet has a velocity of 90m/s whereas the Falcons have 120m/s. Acceleration may play a small role here but not so much as to remove the OHK benefit.
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  12. MortarionX

    I believe he is referring to the Ravens.
  13. MAXArmar

    Perhaps, now that I read it again it could also be about Fractures tbh ;)
  14. Slash Hammer

    Ravens do not over-perform, they are used in a different way. It seems that any MAX has them now (except me) and uses them against anything, anywhere. Looking at the stats, I am now thinking of getting them too... :rolleyes:
  15. _itg

    It's worth noting that the performance of all three is much closer when considering only VKPH. Ravens are still ahead there, but not by much.

    Since Ravens are killing more infantry than the other options, we have to ask, are NC players killing more infantry with Ravens because they're actually better at it, or is it because they don't like their shotguns for range? Personally, I think Mattocks with slugs are fantastic for range, but I know that some people do pull Ravens purely for AI.
  16. nightbird

    It's like a mobile engineer AV turret, great for vehicles, great for infantry. Horrible for air and harassers.
  17. DrBash00

    Hmmm, this comes pretty close to my ingame experience.

    VS Max: Comet -> Dangerous (Vortex is more a *knock knock,"please kill me" weapon)
    TR Max: Pounder -> Really nice weapon (Fracture is a "Kill me, it´s easy i am ancored" weapon)
    NC Max: Really nasty anti tank weapons, you just can not avoid.... i dont looked wich one is the strong one, or if or one or the other is stronger..... but if statistic tells us the ravens are "overperformed" i guess its the raven.

    Conclusion: Because a max is 450 nanites, and also needs a Engie to be effective Vortex and fracture needs a buff.
    My suggestion

    Fracture: Less (next to no) bullet drop, so it is able to deal dmg, because the theoretical higher dps doesn´t count if the weapon fires in suche a strange pattern, so you wont hit anything with your slightly higher dps.

    Vortex: They should hit exactly the point in the middle, and the point should turn green as soon it aims on a enemy tank, so the max have advantedge on high ranges but not against aircrafts. (Maby also dmg increase on the loadet weapon)
  18. MrGrampybone

  19. Shiaari

    I am downright dangerous with my Vorteces. I'm not sure how Fractures are intended to be used, but Vortex cannons have a lot more damage at longer range than Comets do. Comets have substantially higher damage falloff. They're great at close range with ZOE, but further out you're much better off using Vortex.

    I mean, you can suppress a sniper with Vortex.
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  20. exLupo

    I can't ever justify using Fractures over Pounders these days. Fractures have more damage per full load but are less accurate at range (Pounders are pinpoint once you factor drop) and do less sustained (reload included).

    I'd like to see this done to Fracs:
    1) Remove drop before X range
    2) Tighten the CoF
    3) Make them accelerate through their lifespan

    The idea being they're self propelled, self stabilizing, and they run out of fuel after X meters. You'd get better accuracy versus the pounder on moving, nimble-ish targets (Mags, Harassers, Libs) with the trade-off of less damage. Not sure if it's perfect but it's a first idea at how to differentiate them from Pounders and make them situationally worth kitting. As it stands, I never use them. There's no point.