do Anti-personnel mana turret upgrades matter?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Swooped, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Swooped

    I've been using the turret a lot b/c of the directive and its not as bad as i thought it was, but are the upgrades for it worth it? They don't seem too great on paper but does anyone have experience with the certed version? Does it make it noticeably better?
  2. LibertyRevolution

    It just makes it so you can fire longer before overheat.
    I didn't bother certing into it until I was in the BR 90's sitting on 9,900 certs and looking for stuff to spend certs on..
    I still haven't bothered to cert the last level, one from last is 10 secs before overheat, last level is 10.5 secs.. not worth it for .5secs.

    The AV turret on the other hand is worth it, as that is a pure DPS increase as you can shoot your next rocket faster.
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  3. Bixli

    ..very worth for every level ..0.5 secs may not that sound' good in theory , but in praxis you'll see the different. ..especially if you planning to goin' on to the directive. can keep shootin' way way longer in the heat of a battle , surely if you own a nice position & didn't keep shootin' down by a snip. ..personally , i'd certed & didn't regret it.
  4. Kulso

    Reading that hurt my brain.
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  5. Frosty The Pyro

    how often do you fire until your turet overheats. If the answer is not often, then no, dont wory about the turret upgrade. If the answer is all the time, then upgrade that thing.
  6. Xasapis

    If you can afford the extra certs, or if you play engineer exclusively, I would cert into the turret upgrades. I think that the anti infantry turret upgrade is a lot more noticeable though, since it will allow you to fire at the horde of troops coming your way and won't overheat before a MAX is down.
  7. Bixli

    ...mission succeed !
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