Diversity and you!

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  1. AxisO7

    In theory I do agree with the OP.

    In reality, the way the game is designed rewards some 'faction skills' far more than others. Let's take the current flavour of the month - the Max.

    Having NC Max awesome at close quarters with the TR and VS more medium range sounds good. In reality, how much use are Max units at medium range? What ends up happening is the infantry pops out a doorway or turns a corner, sees the Max, and pops back into cover. Either he'll run another way, or he'll pop in and out taking pot shots at the Max, with the infantry in control of how often he peaks. The Max then has to close the distance to take control, where either he gets into a close range battle (where he'll instantly lose to an NC Max if there is one there) or the infantry can just run away with his greater speed.

    Compare that to an NC Max. Infantry turns a corner, sees a Max, is dead before he has any chance of doing anything. The end.

    When almost every capture point and generator in the game are in small rooms, an NC Max has a far more useful 'empire specific skill-set' than the VS and TR do. If there were a significantly higher amount of objectives in more open areas (large buildings more than open air seeing as the latter can just be spammed from the vehicles), maybe it would be different. But it's not.

    In saying that, I'm actually surprised they nerfed the NC Max. I thought the more likely scenario was to bring the VS and TR up to it's standards with a better weapon in close quarters.
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  2. Taiji

    So you didn't actually check it before trying to tell me I'm misinformed? Right. Well it looks possible in VR - I managed to loop the rocket round to hit the ground in my direction within 10 rockets of practicing it. I'd imagine it gets a lot easier with a joystick and plenty of practice learning the launch angles needed for different target locations.

    As for not doing the increased damage it should do, you seem to be right. Thanks for that bit of info. It's a bit of relief they haven't really given only you guys a genuine TV missile :p
  3. Kael Urth

    I can see where you're coming from, but however some gamers aren't part of the COD generation, some of us have been playing the same game online for 10+ years ;) patience is a virture, and if you get bored, start a new character :)

    That's a whole ball of yarn I could get into, but it sounds like in your limited scope of eve you blobbed too much, which can be found in any game, microtransactions, you mean like cosmetic monacles, or buying money? neither of which have any real impact on "items" that people can get, don't judge a game by a trail bro.
  4. Frigidus

    There's nothing wrong with having different weapons with unique mechanics, but the end result should be roughly on par. As an example, the ESRLs are all wildly different from each other but after the rebalances they have comparable amounts of success. The problem is when something is far more successful (or unsuccesful) than the other faction's versions. Just look at the prenerf Magrider and the prenerf Prowler for a good example.
  5. Rift23

    Oh, and what was your experience? Playing station games? That's what all the "skilled" types ever did, sit in docking range so they could swap to something they knew would win.

    Wasn't a blobber, my crew preferred to war dec massive industrial alliances till they disbanded. ;)

    And when we got bored with that, we'd roll out destroyers and see if we could pop AFK ships before the NPCs killed us and scoop the shinies they dropped, and when we got bored with that we went out in gangs looking for soloers who thought they were special because they could play paper-rock-scissors with spaceships in one-one.

    Didn't care about the monocles, thought the whole thing was quite funny. But CCP didn't care about ship balance until the people who would choose their game over their wife and kids started crying that they didn't feel special anymore.

    I only left EVE because CCP has started catering to these types by trying to make PvP consensual (they even added a dueling system, how messed up is that?) and through repeated nerfs to making a living off piracy (never intended to be "profitable").
  6. Goretzu

    Due to the way the "range" works on the Phoenix, you'd have to be sat right infront of the tank to hit it if the turning circle allowed you to hit it (which it doesn't).

    So it's very difficult to see how much more wrong you could be in this instance.
  7. Taiji

    I seemed to manage it in VR.

    But I also noticed the damage is bugged by the sparsely detailed vehicle damage model, so it doesn't matter much that it's possible.

    It's just more of the same 'can kill you when you can't see let alone kill him' rubbish.
  8. makrome

    Todays ADHD generation has problems when there are 2 or more options available to choose from.
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  9. Kael Urth

    I've been playing since 04, but I was more of a low/null sec roamer, flyin shinies around and just enjoying good fights, I mean, when you have to push people out of regions sometimes a camp is needed, but in any game that could be the case, it sounds like you and I have different playing styles and views on what a game should be. :)

    Too true man, especially if one isn't clearly "OP", then it turns to the vidya "stars" to make a decision for them, eg flavor of the months
  10. Goretzu

    You only managed to hit a tank sat right behind you IF you had some sort of hack that changed the turning ability of the Pheonix.

    Or if you turned your toon around and fired in that direction. :D
  11. Taiji

    Sorry, you've lost me. I haven't been aiming at tanks sat right behind me. I did as I already mentioned, and nothing more.
  12. Goretzu

    You can't hit a tanks rear from directly in front of them. You need an angle to do that, the phoenix doesn't have the turning circle or the range to do what you are saying you can do.