Diversity and you!

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  1. Taiji

    So you agree about shotguns.

    But you disagree that other factions should be able to shoot tanks, that are facing them, in the rear, while still remaining in cover?

    In my case I'm sure you're right. But I think you would probably need to work up to it - Your sarcasm shows you lack the confidence, and you probably have good reasons.
  2. N0008918

    How misinformed are you mate?
  3. MurderBunneh

  4. Taiji

    Possibly quite misinformed lol. So is it impossible? ... I'd love to hear it's actually impossible and that I am in fact mistaken.

    Show me the information you have, please.

    He was talking to me, Robin.
  5. Advanced Darkness

    hahaha well honestly the original infiltrator was so sweet you didnt need any weps. I mean if you didnt have any imgination you could use your vibro knife or pistol to the back of the head (because you were always cloaked ) This game lacks the imagination and innovation of its predecessor. I took out more people with combat engineering and hacking than i did with any gun.
  6. Nenarch

    well the game is PS2, what doesn't even have the basic ideas of PS 1. Only thing is that I see them adding these PS 1 stuffs very slow pace and late to the game. I still don't have armor/uniform what shows my BR.. or my medals.. or maybe my ribbons.

    How hard is it to design few new uniforms.. don't talk to me about fast pace. We'r gamers, our attention span ain't years on a single game.
  7. MurderBunneh

    Nice resort to personal attacks when your obvious lack of reasoning and intellect run you short of other options.
  8. Taiji

    I can see that you like to do that...

    Wait, you weren't suggesting I did that to you, were you?

    Because that would be a personal attack in itself, and you'd have made yourself a hypocrite.
  9. N0008918

    Just take your time and read a bit in this forum.
  10. Taiji

    Oh dear god no, this forum is almost completely full of troll-crap. Just give me the info on the missile's turning circle if you have it. There's a good fellow!
  11. Advanced Darkness

    Thats what made the original stand out. Developers are scared to death to...uh develop. They gutted an already tried and tested formula and put only the skin on a BF type of game. And are slowly trying to eeeeeeaaaase small portions of real Planetside in then quickly pulling their hands back and seeing what the reaction will be. Then the forum scares them and they turn the Jackhammer into a low powered "kinda" mini nade launcher. Heaven forbid you add the REAL Jackhammer. The one that was multibarreled which you could discharge all at the same time for a super blast and it kept firing as long as you held down the fire button. Oh no thats OP especially compared to my super splash dmg long ranged Lasher or high rate of fire eat you alive Chaingun..
  12. GrumpyArse

    If you were in front of me in a tank and I shot a phoenix missile at you, I can assure you that I could not hit the rear of the tank. The turning circle is nowhere near that good.

    Also consider this:
    1. The Phoenix missile camera does not activate until 1 or 2 seconds after launch, that can equate to maybe 100m of distance traveled before "guiding" can take place
    2. The missile speed is quite slow when first launched, it is also quite visible now so if you are in an ESF you see it coming and can simply move up or down a bit to evade it.
    3. It has a range of 300m, nearly useless, libs just stay out of range as do MBT's

    I actually get more kills on ESF's using the Shrike dumbfire launcher. I spent certs on the Phoenix and now rarely use it.
    Just my 2 cents worth...
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  13. Jalek

    So you're another one arguing that all weapons should be the same, but with different colors.
  14. Taiji

    Strawman^ :)

    Thanks for your thoughts, I'm going to check it out in VR to make sure. But even if it does turn out that I'm mistaken it's still a unmanned recon vehicle, and can still be fired without exposing oneself to fire. And both those points would make it worse than the striker, which I think is OP too.
  15. CletusMcGuilly

    Except that in Eve, everyone has access to the same weapons if they train it. Also if one ship or type of ship is improperly balanced, they fix that too.
  16. TheBillOf3D

    Yes, I'm so tired of all the crying about this or that being OP. When I started playing, everything seemed "OP". It was a meat grinder. As I learn the strengths and weaknesses, I die less and get more rewards. I think it's a feeling of entitlement that some have. They think there should be a point in the game where they achieve god mode and anything that can hurt them or their tactics must be OP. Some situations you just have a weak hand and must deal with it. The only way around it is a good team where someone else has the right tool for that job that you are missing.
  17. CHDT65

    I fully agree with the first post.

    It makes me think of the Finish airforce during WWII which achieved great successes with inferior aircrafts, because of superior training and tactics.
  18. N0008918

    I indeed think that it is not possible to hit a tank that is facing you in the rear....

    But even if you somehow manage it to do so it would make no diffrence. You see the damage you will do with a rocket is calculated at the moment you launched it. What does that mean? If I launch a rocket at you while you are facing me with your tank, and if you would turn that tank while the rocket is traveling so the rocket hits the Tanks rear the damage that rocket would make will be the same as if I had shot you in the front. Same applies to Phoenix rockets. Feel free to test it ingame.
  19. Kroom

    100% agree! People confuse the words balance and equality. IMO faction diversity is a big part of the game.
  20. Rift23

    Balance? In EVE? Playing towards strengths meaning always making sure you outnumbered 5 to 1 with a fleet of missle spamming boats? Sure, why not call that skill-based.;)

    I was there for when CCP let supercarriers run rampart for almost two years and only bothered to care when they flirted with microtransactions and pissed off the 400 or so people playing the game on ten alt accounts.