Disregard Gravity. Acquire Implants

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by WycliffSlim, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. WycliffSlim

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  2. DevDevBooday

    Welp say goodbye to actually killing pilots. Everyone has a means of leaping to safety now.
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  3. Cirevam

    Oh great, Planetside just got drop bears. No one is safe now.
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  4. WycliffSlim

    Only if they're below 150m haha.

    If it makes you feel better I was talking to RadarX about it and he said "I would bet on that changing"
    that being said... I kinda hope it doesn't. It could be some funny things. Paratrooping HA's into stronghold.
  5. Eyeklops

    If they removed the ability to use it from an aircraft it'll be a pretty worthless implant. There is very little reason to jump off high bridges and such. Sure, about 1% of the time it might give you a tactical advantage, but the other 99% of the time there is a better implant to use. I only really saw this as a pilot implant. They could lower the "you lived" height so air has to race toward the ground before they eject. I would think 75m would be low enough. 150m is just ridiculous.
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  6. Cirevam

    Actually it doesn't bother me that much. We already have Galaxies and ejection seat certs, so we can already drop troops onto bases. And you took considerable damage from some of the falls in that video, so dropping into a group of unaware enemies would leave you disadvantaged.
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  7. WycliffSlim

    Are the lulz not enough? haha
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  8. Iridar51

    Well, why not, at least the implant will be useful for something.
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  9. WycliffSlim

    I really hope SOE doesn't nerf it. If nothing else it'll be fun for doing outfit shenanigans and making funny videos of base jumping off the cliffs of Indar.
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  10. Iridar51

    I'm not sure implants should give possibility to radically change things you can and cannot do.

    Implants seem to be focusing on fixing things you think you're bad at:
    • half blind and hate blowing up on mines - use EOD,
    • half blind and hate dying to bullets - use awareness,
    • half blind and hate looking for a medic / wasting resources on med kits to regen 5% of HP, which still protect you from one more bullet, - use health regen,
    • half blind and hate dying after accidentally falling from a cliff - use fall damage reduction.
    As much as I sympathize with half blind people, I don't think that implants should greatly expand on things you can do with them. That said, fall damage reduction seems to be the one with least impact, so why not.

    The only two problems I have with this is that Safe Landing might be used by pilots to safely bail after their plane is taken out, devaluating the Ejection System slot, and further devaluating Light Assault players, who, otherwise, are the only class protected from fall damage.
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  11. doombro

    That looked way more fun than it should have. :eek:
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  12. WyrdHarper

    Honestly, my favorite month in the game was when fall damage was broken so you could jump off of the top of facilities and take no damage anyway. It was one of the few bugs that I feel actually improved the game. It made you feel like a sci-fi supersoldier. I've got this shield and heavy-duty armor, of COURSE I can be a bad bass and jump off of bridges and giant buildings to drop on my enemies. Made for some very entertaining and epic moments.
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  13. S7rudL

  14. WycliffSlim

    Honestly, I legit want them to go all out. And do like, a fist punch ground when you land, and a big dust cloud. It would be awesome.
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  15. Eyeklops

    If they keep it so pilots can use it when bailing...
    Fall Implant: Pilot use. Allows something combat oriented in the ESF utility slot.
    Ejection Seat: First Responder infantry use. ESF is a taxi. Use ejection seat and equip ground pounder implant.

    Although similar in function, the real reasons to equip Fall Implant vs Ejection Seat are there. However, the game too readily provides spawns so as a first responder I rarely need to fly. A shame really, I miss dropping from my mossy in Agile and rushing for a re-secure. That's what my outfit did. :(
  16. Iridar51

  17. iller

    Aircraft already have a Utility option for "Parachuting out". Players, ESF'ers especially should have to make a real choice between that, and Flares/Scout. Granted, that utility bring 500 certs is a crock of **** and needed to be lowered in cost back in BETA. But the sentiment remains the same. Implants should not be completely replacing touch choices that used to keep certain playstyles from being zero-consequences zero-tradeoffs I-Win cheese.

    Yes: and as was already mentioned, "Deploy anywhere that's being attacked instantly" and instant action are a little too pub friendly as well and contributing to many niche Vehicle utilities/performance being largely unused by the masses. Hopefully that will be removed out of the game once Medics are given Respawn Triage deployables. (the only thing we really have to carry in that utility slot is C4 :rolleyes: )
  18. IamDH

    But wouldnt that sort of ruin the ejection seat certification?

    Just saw the same question was asked above
  19. BobSanders123

    Implants are stupid.
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  20. Admiralty

    I never understood why my HA shield only sometimes absorbs fall damage. Most of the time my normal shields are the only things which get depleted.