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  1. zaspacer

    If you want high K/D, find out what unit is OP for farming and go farm K/D. You'll get 30+ kill streaks, and your K/D will skyrocket. Then, either you'll conclude that K/D doesn't matter to you and you'll stop chasing it (that's what happened for me), or you'll love it and keep farming.

    Bottom line is that if you're playing and you can't figure out who is the one being farmed, then YOU are the one being farmed. You do not want to be the one being farmed (unless you're that small Minority that really digs it). Being farmed is hopeless and it's unproductive, and it's that Wall you are hitting. If you are being farmed, go to a different battle, one that has better Ally Population or that doesn't have an OP unit or Gank Squad farming your side. I have 6 Characters, 1 on each Faction across 2 different Servers, and I made them and use them all MAINLY in order to be able to find and pick the battles that are fun for me (and even then I sometimes can't find any and have to log off).

    You are beating lower BR people because they don't know how to farm well or what to farm with. You are losing to higher BR people because they know how to farm and what to farm with.

    If you don't want to farm, and instead want do something like "help take bases for your Faction" (which I prefer when I'm not grinding for something), then you have to look on the map to find a good battle and then redeploy hop or fly to it.

    This is a big reason why I hate playing in most Squads. Whether it's some guy weirding me out by talking about his testicles in a whisper voice, or some guys who keep yapping really dumb jokes, or just some guy who won't stop talking about random non-game stuff and it's affecting my ability to hear the game state around me. Invariably I either quit the Squad or turn the Squad volume down until I can't hear it.

    I have been in some good Squads, but it's not the norm.

    I think the hackers left because the game lost popularity and most Hackers are attention seekers or griefers, so the Hackers want to be Hacking the popular games where they can get the most attention/grief.

    If you're being farmed by some hardcore platoon, you really need to redeploy. I hate it, but it's the SOE way (they love empowering Guilds), and the only way around it is to figure out the workaround which in that case is moving to another area. I've pretty much given up playing Infantry because I can't stand things like Squad Beacons (about as fun as having Cockroaches in your house). Now I play ESF almost all the time, and ESF is crazy OP and most players (even very high BR ones) can't fly so most their OP farm techniques and those stupid Squad Beacons can't affect me.

    If you're interested, you can learn to Fly ESF from time in VR doing 3rd-Person-View while circle strafing the Tower there (and keeping facing toward the Tower). Just use defaul Nosegun (on any of the ESF) and make sure to Max out the Mag. Rocket Pods are good flexible Wing Mounts. And Fire Suppression 1 is good enough.

    More one ESF: Save your Afterburner for getting OUT of situations vs. Ground. Drop altitude and break-line-of sight and move away vs. AA. Then just stick to areas where other Ally ESFs are until you get better. Stay away from Libs that don't run or that turn their belly toward you. Don't bother with Gals or Sunderers or Skyguards or Burster Maxs (until you get better). Killing non-Skyguard Tanks just requires staying above their firing arc and hitting them with Rocket Pod or Hornet (watch out for Vanguards that can OHK you while you do this). Take out AA Base Turrets from Towers before they are manned, to make it easier once the battle heats up there. Keep your ears out for enemy ESF, they all have unique sound. I like my Air Mouse Sensitivity low so I can Aim. Bind your Pitch Up and Pitch Down to keyboard or mouse. Rebind exit ESF to key far away from others. etc.
  2. JamZam

    Yeah that's understandable, though it's going to happen when you play solo.. it works sometimes, but most of the time you need teamplay in this game. It's one of the major points I bring up in the video I'm working on - squads, platoons and outfits arn't mentioned at all in the tutorial and that's a damn shame. I think PS2 looses alot of players because of that.

    If you want a good outfit, I play VS on the Cobalt server (wouldn't be very good if you're not in the EU though). They're all very friendly and open-minded there so it's great both for vets and for noobs alike :) if you just find a good outfit like that, you probably won't leave the game for atleast a few months haha, I know I didn't!
  3. drstrange2014

    LMAO! In fact the problem with cheaters is now at a high only rivalled shortly after launch. They haven't left and the biggest issue at the moment is with lag switchers. If anyone disputes this, feel free to see just how many cheat programs are downloaded for this game every month. This is just one part of the miserable new player experience for many. Especially with the number of high profile players who are lag switchers. SOE/Dey Break Game's so called anti cheat measure is a joke in the industry. All you have to do is rename whatever third party program is being used and use some subtlety and it goes pretty much undetected. Add to that the culture of victim blaming, where those who state the obvious are told that they are bad, inexperienced, or paranoid, often by those who are themselves cheating, or want to be one of 'the big boys,' and are too gullible to admit what's happening right in front of them, and you get the level of denial which dominates the PS2 community at the moment. The game rightly has a reputation as a cheaters paradise and that, along with the broken core mechanics, general lag, constant farming of infantry by vehicles, the inexcusable lack of general optimization and poor performance, even on high end systems, and a host of other issues, need to be fixed if this game is going to survive, let alone attract and keep new players.
  4. qquqq

    This probably wont popular, but I believe squads are to blame, people join and its quiet there is no direction and even if you join a squad its probably poorly leaded or no ones talking when your new thats bad. if there were no squads people would be talkin in general, and the game would be more open to planing and orientation. second to that the unpredictable nature of the combat, planes tanks light assaults snipers, mean at any time from any angle you can instantly die and unless your skilled, you don't even know why.
  5. ZZYZX

    The game isn't very well polished. It's almost in a perma-beta state. When every update "requires" balance adjustments, that says only 1 of 2 possible things:

    1) We STILL can't get this ****e right...


    2) Any time a random 13 year old cries about "X shot me and I died, OMG NERF IT!", they listen...and the cycle of "we can't seem to figure our ****e out" continues.

    I can't think of ANY other game I have EVER played in my 36 years that seems to require so much work, nearly constantly, just in an effort to get it to WORK the way it's SUPPOSED to. Nevermind any effort toward making it better or different.

    These days, I only play in hopes that one day, they will unbreak PS2 enough to where it plays as well as PS1 did. Once they get back to PS1's quality, I can at least stop playing knowing that while they weren't able to improve the gameplay, at least they stopped making it worse.
  6. aynn

    high learning curve. dont know how to find good fights. getting farmed by vehicles/players. new players probably come from other fps games and dont like how insignificant they are in big battles.
  7. JamZam

  8. DQCraze

    Bad outfit lol, thats really reaching. New players leave for no other reason that the game simply does not appeal to them. You can try to come up with every excuse possible. Its not that its to hard or overwhelming, fpsers in my experience are competitive people and will try and find a work around, they dont just give up and leave. Stop with the drama of trying figure out why people dont like the game. There are plenty of games i dont like, none of them were because the game was to hard or didnt make sense.
  9. I play by many names

    I have played a few open world style games and bad clans/outfits are always a source of a constant stream of new players leaving the game. Cancerous attitudes like those frequently found in SubG for example, in which every better player is openly referred to as a cheater, scripter or hacker as could be seen on SOGGY's streams. Many of their new players believe what they say and leave the game, writing it off as a hack filled game when the reality is their leadership is just... special.