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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Pax Empyrean, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Otleaz

    Yes, except that is completely wrong, though it is understandable that you see that with your wonderland goggles on.

    It got the point across, I'm sure.
  2. Thorlord

    It's really sad that you feel this way.
    But to be perfectly honest if the game was giving you every reason to not give them money it wouldn't be around very long.
    The current method of providing unlocks for weapons that are better tailored to your playstyle or open up different tactics is quite fair, calling it 'Pay to win' is extremely misleading as it's implying that the person who bought a weapon will kill you every time. If the person bought a gun that doesn't fit their playstyle then it really doesn't matter. All buying weapons does is let you unlock the weapon that fits your playstyle better, quicker than not paying for it.
  3. Sikab

    No where i said that these are my own thoughts, did i?

    I stated the marketing of a F2P model.

    You keep insulting me without me giving you any reason to it. If i can talk with you in a decent manner, even after you called me an idiot 3 times. would you kindly moderate yourself? your lack of ability to talk is outstanding.
  4. Ixal

    No, it implies that people who have paid money are winning a lot more than (?having a big advantage over) people who have not. Lets make a test, a tank with HE, a ESF with rockets or a Dalton lib vs players without bought AA/AV. Who wins?
  5. MistaN

    My point was that you cant directly buy the things that do give you an advantage. You can only buy what they said were sidegrades so it's not pay 2 win.
  6. Pax Empyrean

    You can run a free to play model on cosmetic purchases. League of Legends does it.
  7. Otleaz

    Oh, so you were pointing out that it wasn't classified under the definition that nobody in this thread was using.

  8. Pax Empyrean

    Just because they call it a sidegrade doesn't make it so. How many Liberator pilots are chased away or killed by dumbfire missiles? Did you know that a Lightning with the default gun loses a straight up fight to a Lightning with HE? I know this because I get in point blank slugging matches with default Lightnings all the time with my HE Lightning and usually win by a large margin.
  9. Gabba202

    The game is not pay to win, like World of Tanks, it's pay to unlock/progress faster (this doesn't necessarily mean p2w)
  10. Sikab

    league of legends sells every new champion 6300IP...

    wanna do the math how long it takes to get that amount of IP every 2nd week to keep up with the mass production of Champions?

    then we didn't even talked about Rune prices...

    LoL has the exact same Shop Model. Pay 2 Accelerate

    That was the worst example you could have brought up.
  11. MistaN

    - 2 Rockets to the back of a tank will end all that BS.

    - I take out ESFs who have rocketpods all the time with my mosquito and I only have to use the default primary weapon (the needler).

    - ESF w/ rocketpods can be scared away/destroyed w/o certing into anything. Go grab an AA MAX and fire in it's direction, he'll run away in a hurry.

    - Dalton Libs are easy XP for aircraft.

    None of that requires you to cert into anything or buy anything. I think you're thinking about vehicles vs infantry....if that's the case then yea, vehicles should have an advantage because they're vehicles.
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  12. Ixal

    Now that WoT allows you to buy gold ammo with credits it is a lot less P2W than PS2. In WOt someone who boosted his way up the tech tree fights against tanks of equal power. Would it be like PS2 he would fight against enemies way lower level than he is (E-100 vs T-34).
  13. Gabba202

    Regardless, the point was the game is not p2w.
  14. Spectral Haze

    Wait, so let me clear this up. You kill other Lightnings with the anti-infantry turret (HE)? Tell me lies, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.
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  15. Pax Empyrean

    In World of Tanks the combat advantages you could purchase were outrageous. In Planetside 2 the advantages are smaller, but they're still there, they're still for sale, and they can still drive players away from the game.

    Probably the biggest hurdle is the lack of effective AA without unlocks. It's not hard to imagine a new player who just got bombed by somebody's 150mm Liberator asking how to counter it and quitting after being told that they either have to buy it with real money or grind for a week before they can fight back.
  16. MistaN

    Isnt this the point of a sidegrade? To make you better suited for certain situations but sucky in others.
    Liberators have always been easy kills for ESFs (aircraft)....with or w/o rocketpods. I've chased away and/or killed plenty of Liberators with the default weapon on the Mosquito. Rocketpods just make it a little bit easier but with that eqiupped, I'm as potent as i could be when it comes to other ESFs...I cant use as much afterburner and I dont have A2A missles.
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  17. Otleaz

    League of legends has things in place that make it acceptable, that is why nobody complains about it, and it is also why it has such monumental success.
  18. Ixal

    Without any prove or explanation. Like an angry child demanding that his explanation is the right one.

    PS2 will always be P2W in some way. At the beginning where we are now paying players have a huge advantage over free players = P2W
    Later when everyone has caught up with them new players will be completely outclassed by everyone and the only way to soften the blow is buying things with SC (technically Pay to not suck).
  19. wolfva

    Oh, I have no doubt you can't respond properly. Since I never said what you claimed I did, "Also, saying a good player is the same as a player with good equipment is just like saying a good boxer is the same as a boxer using steroids" instead saying the exact opposite. So, I guess rather then being an adult and admitting your mistake (we all make them after all) you'd rather call me a troll and try to hide from the facts. Whatever; it's your dime.

    I will agree with you on everything you said. The problem, though, is this is not a 1v1, or a duel, game. It's a war game. There will be disparities in equipment; is it fair for a sniper with a bolt driver and a 12X scope to get into a CQC with an LA with a carbine? Or a max with a shotgun? Of course not.

    Overall, I think the argument here is about perceptions. "He only beat me because he had a better gun!"; well, maybe so. Or maybe it was skill, luck, etc. The loser will not know which of those factors it is, and may well assume it was because the other guy bought the 'better' gun. Take away the cash store though, and what do we have? "Oh, he only won because our weapons SUCK! Nerf their weapons!" for examples of that, go to any TR or NC weapon thread; seems like the only people who don't complain about their weapons sucking are the Vanu.

    The only way a company can do away with an equipment disparity is to make all weapons identical. But then people will complain about hacks, cheating, lag, skill, internet connections, real life, whatever. As a species we excel in complaining.

    NOTE: 'You' in the above post is the general you, not a specific.
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  20. Pax Empyrean

    Try it first before you tell me I'm lying. A Lightning with an HE turret kills a Lightning with the default turret in a straight up fight.

    It shouldn't, since this is supposedly a "sidegrade" and that would logically mean that my increased anti-infantry effectiveness comes with a corresponding decrease in my anti-armor effectiveness, but this isn't actually the case. The default gun for the Lightning is just that bad.

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