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  1. Goomba

    It gives up the major role of being able to shoot at any ground targets, though. You could pointlessly call it an upgrade as far as anti-air is concerned, but it is in no way a pure upgrade.
  2. AquilA

    Yeah, that's an great idea too. How can we possibly get motivated for defending a base if we still don't win anything with it besides Exp/Certs for killing or doing other things? I know that we play for fun, at least I do, but we should get something to motivate us.
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  3. Dralger

    When G2A offered lock on to air but reduced damage vs all it was a sidegrade. Now that it offers the same and takes away dumb-fire (plus is still worst AA in game) it is actually a downgrade. This patch sucks and I could really care less about the SC spent, I care more about how the game won't be fun to play anymore now that I have to accept having a nemesis I am helpless against as infantry (Air with stock or AV launcher, all ground targets with AA launchers).

    MBTs and ESFs don't have to suffer this, they can still be kitted out to be competitive vs everything, but no longer true for infantry. Since I'm not a vehicle jockey this game will pretty much be dead to me.
  4. EmanModnar

    I can rush infantry in my max and use my knife hit thing, it's an option that does damage if I'm playing correctly, I've also killed with the burster max too, although yeah, it suxors.

    You already have a trade off for damage with the lock-on however, that's the point. There is a difference between having a weapon you can literally do nothing with, and having a weapon that at least you can fire and do some minor damage. Small arms do less then nothing against most vehicles.
  5. Archaegeo

  6. Metsuro

    ok i'm confused. I just logged in... and can still dumb fire my hawk?

    So... whats the lock on change. Or do the servers need to be reset again?
  7. Patrician

    No it's an upgrade of the default weapon to a specialist AA/AV rocket/missile. In either aspect it's now capable of carrying out a role that the default weapon cannot.
  8. Superdano

    So what are rocket pods good for, only tanks? I agree they shouldn't do damage to infantry, but what is the difference between a tank and sunderer when it comes to armor? Shouldn't rocket pods do damage to armored targets? Now it seems they only do damage to targets Sony wants us to do damage to. Also, using rocket pods against air craft wasn't a problem at all. If you were dumb enough to hover for a long time, you deserved a rocket pod to the face.. Poor update....
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  9. Ipecac

    RadarX seems to have removed any mention of lockon launchers from the current patch note revision. Thoughts?
  10. xboxerdude

    So your a troll good job showing yourself for what you are , a condescending apologist.

    I on the other hand actually PAID MONIES into the game, and am getting ******. So therefore sony never gets a nickel of money from me again. And perhaps a lawsuit if im not to lazy. This game had so much potential and I think alot of people saw the potential. Unfortunaley the opportunity has been squandered by SOE with greed and a lack of understanding what the playerbase needs. I don't have a huge corporation and assets like SONY does. **** I know if i had the resources smedly had I wouldn't be butt****ing the customers who pay for the game. And its not just the launcher, how about 1000 certs into extended mags now getting nerfed for no reason. And up above your whole sidegrade argument is foolish considering the fact that A2A missiles or rocketpods are straight up upgrades. Zypher or dalton is straight up upgrade.

    Beta was the time to make drastic changes, your release EXPANSIONS if you want to make drastic changes. Yes it was foolish of me to buy the alpha squad. I trusted SOE and that trust got broken multiple times.

    Maxes are still broken, try getting a medic to revive you. or the shots not registering, now your nerfing the ammo upgrade....

    This games balance is horrendous, but look new guns to spend SC on.......................... Shows SOE is all about the money and could care less about the product Unless it HAS to be fixed to aquire more monies for SC suckers...
  11. Archaegeo

    Your right, very interesting, wonder if it didnt make it in, or if the outcry for cert/sc reimbursement was too loud?
  12. Sugarfree

    I am curious how fast now NC Gauss/Gauss S bullets are travelling.

    Still downloading update...*sigh

    but the multiple char creation possibility on the same server is just... errr... meh... :confused: (though it alters nothing what could have been done before by multiple accounts...)
  13. Liquid23

    lol thanks for the laughs and entertainment while I was waiting for my game to patch!
  14. Phaze

    Hopefully it's a change they pulled.

    Also - people need to realize ---> some things in this game will be upgrades. You need to get the *bleep* over it.
  15. Vanuub

    Looking over some changes makes you wonder.

    They put in horns. But only for sunderer and flash. Sunderer is logical, but why not the MBT and lightning? I am more worried about running over teammates when I am driving armor than when on the tiny flimsy LOUD flash.
    Should really be an option on all the heavy vehicles. On that note, the galaxy could use a big audio-cue button for the grunts to get their boots back on and get onboard.

    Vehicles change:
    Sunderer now more resistant to heavy machineguns (vehiclemounted stuff).
    Ok, not that there is a big need.
    BUT, why is there no similar buff to armor? A sunderer with 2 gunners and just the default 20mm guns can put a world of hurt on a tank. Worse yet if it is also backed by a engineer or 2 repping it on the other side where you cant get to them.

    Why was there no updates to the resource system? E.g. a sunderer without the S-AMS opgrade equipped should be much cheaper to pull. As it stands, with the S-AMS cert being as relatively cheap as is it, and the alternate uses for that slot being what they are, it is currently a nobrain decision. Clearly if you are already going to pay 400 recourses anyway, why NOT get the AMS while you are at it.
    Same with lets say the EFS. Make the Rocketpods cost it more to pull and make it increase the aquisition timer.
    An additional tweak to the sundy could be:
    With the AMS: the amount of seats gets reduced to 4 with that equipped and one (or both) of the guns gets removed
    Without the AMS: make the sunderer much better at accelation/breaking/climbing (being free of that heavy spawn and equipment machinery). Think more in line with the PS1 style AMS and battlebusses.
  16. jordo2k1

    would of expected some serious engine optimizing done for this update but nooooo,once again a load of bollox.
    it was said that this week was gonna bring some decent optimisation,were is it ?

    either its realy not getting any better coding the engine or the team are concentrating there efforts elsewere.
    one thing i would say is that if they could make a big difference to the engine it would of happened by now,so im realy losing hope for this.
  17. Sugarfree

    Ah I forgot.. I saw just these 3 "new" trailers which could have been easily implemented ingame during at the faction selection screen:

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  18. maxkeiser

  19. Archaegeo

    xboxerdude and liquidacid, could you two please take your bickering elsewhere so we can discuss the update?
  20. xboxerdude

    No problem brother, I'm just wondering do you not get along with people IRL? I was going through all your posts and you come off as an ***, who could care less about others.

    Archaegeo I have been discussing the update, if you actually read the posts... This is prolly the one post i made that has nothing to do with the update.