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  1. Flarestar

    Invalid argument.

    Rocket pod is a pure upgrade.
    Halstorm/Rotary/etc. are a pure upgrade.
    Dalton is a pure upgrade.
    Zephyr is a pure upgrade.
    M60-A is a pure upgrade.
    Walker is a pure upgrade.
    Any gun period for the Flash is a pure upgrade.
    HE cannon for the Lightning a pure upgrade - massive infantry damage and does better damage to armor over time than the main gun.

    I can keep going. There are many pure upgrades in this game, some of which are absurdly better than the stock weapon they replace. The launchers barely qualified as upgrades as it was.
  2. Goomba

    They buffed the default lightning gun! Maybe it's not so bad anymore.
    Technically there is an AA shotgun. The AA launcher is literally a side grade because it changes the role. You can't shoot tanks with it, there's no way it can be considered and upgrade.
  3. Flarestar

    It wouldn't be the first time SOE has done that.

    And as far as not asked for - it's very easy to browse the forums and get an idea for what people are actually asking for on the whole. I'm sure someone, somewhere, requested every single one of these changes. That doesn't mean they should've been implemented.
  4. Patrician

    Aren't bases supposed to be difficult to capture? Unfortunately in PS2 the devs forgot about that with all of them except for the tech plant. Now they've corrected that error and even tech plants are a walk over to capture. /sarcasm off
  5. EmanModnar

    Don't like it one bit, if it's to stop people at low pop times from switching bases just for exp, that's just dumb there are a lot faster ways to gain exp. Now a lot less people want to defend, the thought process is now 'let them flip it, and then we'll get it back' instead of lets gal up, hot drop quick, and stop them.

    Maybe meet the process half way, if the enemy gets it to 50% (as in your empire's color is removed from the bar) you get the exp for it. Maybe you get 50% of the exp?

    Obviously what we don't want is someone to come along, hack a spot, and have a different empire friend, or alt account, come along, and resecure it, literally seconds later, and get a full cap on it. Hopefully something in the middle will be nice.
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  6. Metsuro

    A side grade is an option that performs the same task just different. Seeing as there is only a single AA launcher. You clearly dont understand the concept of a side grade.
  7. Liquid23

    listen here man ... this apple is obviously an upgrade to that orange because well they are both fruits but this one is red while that one is orange
  8. hsal9

    So is there any point in investing certs in weapons when you will just nerf them at will and introduce new ones that I need to repurchase/recert? Didn't try out the changes yet but this struck me as cheesy move right away.
  9. Nehlis

    Rocket pods make you nice targets for any competent A2A pilots.
    Shredder does more sustained damage than either dalton or zephyr if all shots hit, and can be used for AA.
    Stock gun is actually preferable to rotartys due to better range.
    Walker does crap do ground units.
    HE is less vesatile because the six shots allow you to sustain better damage if you miss one. Miss an HE, you miss out on lots of damage.
    Guns on the flash are a pure upgrade, I'll admit that. Have you ever used one? The flash is so damn bouncy and fragile that it's hard to get a hit unless both targets are standing still, and normal INFANTRY can kill you by shooting at you.
  10. Mcbain

    lol @ Carv equip time. That is all.
  11. Archaegeo

    They really need to refund certs/SC anytime a weapon/skill changes.
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  12. Archaegeo

    I feel like i take less damage to kill on a flash
  13. Nehlis

    You know at this point you should just stop arguing with him and realize that he's ******** that his launcher he spent monies on is no longer an upgrade and is now a proper sidegrate.
    EDIT: ok now the censors are a bit ridiculous. Bu tthurt is now a bad word?
  14. Archaegeo

  15. Liquid23

    where would the fun in that be?
  16. Metsuro

  17. Patrician

    Actually it is an "upgrade". An example of a side grade in this instance would be a rocket that fires faster than the default, has less drop off but also does less damage on impact. This would be a "side grade" A lock AA rocket is an example of an "upgrade" quite clearly as it carries out a role that the default weapon cannot do; hit and damage aircraft in all flight profiles.
  18. EmanModnar

    There is a teleporter from the secured spawn point into the middle of the base, if the SCU is still inside, then it can still be defended. The only thing moving out is the shield gens. So yes, veh spam will drop a tech plant quicker now, just like most other bases. I was hoping for more inside base fighting once the 'courtyard' had been taken, but I mean inside, not sitting at a few outside doors spamming, bases are still not designed entirely like that, but the bio-labs come close with their domes.
  19. Liquid23

    "A player will no longer siplay headless and frozen in a riding pose when killed on a Quad."

    awww... I liked that bug it was amusing
  20. EmanModnar

    Certain projects might take very little of someone's time, where as others might take a team weeks on end to do. If they only work on the long projects it will look like nothing is being done, so you need to toss in some little things too.