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  1. DennyR

    Then enable this quenstionable feature for this server alone!

    Imagine this: "A guys that gets pissed off by enemy airplanes just switches characters in no time and crashes you, then he goes to his third character and crashes you again."
    You won't ever notice if this was just a noob or the idiot that changed character just to ram you.

    Image this would be the case for more than one guy at a time. AND there will be idiots exploiting this. Always!

    This flying thing is not the only problem that comes with this. Imagine organized outfit play. You could just change character and report everything you see without any danger. Thinking about this alone makes me angry.

    You could even destroy whole squads with grenades or C4 in no time and no risk at all. This **** should not be encouraged. I hate the fact that people will be able do this ****.

    "Hey the enemy platoons ournumberes us!" "No problem I will switch characters and take care of them".....

    With different accounts you could at least check if it was the same ip the guy used and ban him for griefing.
  2. Tamas

    Tech plants are no longer defensible, great lets make it even harder to defend, so attackers can cap an empty base - lets all base race!

    Also hate the lock on only fire for AV - stupid change, makes me regret buying the launcher on all 3 empires....

    Other changes are good or at least reasonable.
  3. Metsuro

    its the only aa launcher. There is not other launcher to do that role. Which means its not a side grade.

    You can try to argue it all day its not a side grade.
  4. EmanModnar

    I agree with a lot of others, only being able to use the lock-on items with a lock-on doesn't seem usefull, I would want my certs back if I had one. You already get a damage decrease for getting that lock-on, if I want to shoot it dumbfire let me, and do less damage.

    Also - if you have an anti air, and you come across a sundy, what are you going to do, nothing else you have unless it's C4 will damage it for the most part, not that anti air will do a great deal, but it will do something. Since you can't get a lock-on for it, you can't fire it.
  5. Xarx

    Those 2 hour battles(and most were much longer, mind you) were pretty much the only really large scale battles that required teamwork and tactics to do anything. Seems that it's too much work for the common mindless zerger.
  6. Patrician

    How can you complain about "2 hour battles"? Isn't the whole point of PC2 to fight the other factions? Surely a battle is better the longer it goes on?
  7. Goomba

    It's literally a side grade. Literally.
  8. NoctD

    This is no different than being stuck with a dual Burster MAX... pretty terrible against infantry and useless against armor. But I don't see anyone asking for Burster arm refunds.
  9. MrK

    they do less damage per shot in exchange of a lock on capability. they already were sidegrades.
    now i have a super costly weapon that can make noise in enemy pilot cockpit and make them go away. all these certs/SC for this super ability.

    the problem was not this!
    the problem was the overuse of AA launcher because it has the best speed! either buff AV rockets speed, or nerf unlocked AA rocket speed.
    a bandaid fix that brings more problems than it solves

    i'm not even talking about the tech plant change which is even more of a bandaid solution to something that actually requires some more work to be fixed.

    make a proper tech plant base design ffs. the current one can't be properly balanced between attack and defense
  10. Nehlis

    You can hit an aircraft with the stock rocket launcher if it's lining up to do a rocket pod run. By your logic, that should not be possible. Before the weapon was a pure upgrade, but it was NOT supposed to be. It was supposed to be a sidegrate. A pure upgrade would go against the established business model. It is now become the sidegrate that it's supposed to. The devs never had the intention of allowing players to buy an ANTI VEHICLE or ANTI AIR specific rocket launcher so that they can continue shootin at crowds of infantry.
  11. EmanModnar

    Were not asked for? How do you know? Have you read every single post on these forum because I doubt it. Also how many things have they implemented that 'weren't asked for' that was still a benefit, or a group of people did enjoy them. These projects have been in the works a long time and right now they're ready. Do you think last Monday they said 'hey lets make a new gun' and finished it in a few days without considering anything and just tossed it in-game?
  12. CrazyDutch91

    Unasked for? techplant battles are rediculous in their current state, a half decent defence platoon parks a sunderer up at the ECU generator and its almost an endless battle. The only way in right now is to jetpack over the shield up the ECU area (but that is crowded with many defenders so good luck with that) or through the back door, which is equally impossible.
  13. Kageru

    And with the same account that's *much* easier and more reliable.

    They're not adding anything that wasn't already doable.
  14. Metsuro

    Its litterally an upgrade. Because there isn't an AA shot gun is there.

    No, the decimator is a sidegrade to the default. Being the only AA launcher, Its upgrade.

    Thought its cute you keep trying to argue it lol.
  15. AquilA

    We still don't get Certs and Exp for defending a territory, ********.
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  16. EmanModnar

    A tech plant could hold off 2 - 3x as many attackers as before, I would go to a defending tech plant to farm. If that is a player's thought process it should change. Currently I go to bio labs when we're losing it and stuck inside the main spawn, so I can drop ammo, heal maxes, and toss grenades while newbs stand in front of a door they can't shoot into. Yay for using terms while the power is gone!
  17. DiegoPesentePOA

    Noticed they dint fixed the possibility to do heavy dmg (and kill) whit C4 inside the safe spaw room.
  18. Archaegeo

    And you can spoof ip's. Unless you hand out one key per verifiable government issued ID, its impossible in this day and age to prevent spying with seperate accounts, worse since the game is FTP, so no cost in having extra accounts which is at least a small deterrant.
  19. Liquid23

    you don't seem to understand or grasp the concept of what a sidegrade or an upgrade is...

    I suggest you retire from this argument and make use of google or something
  20. Zild

    Sidegrade: Similar functionality, but with both some strengths and some weaknesses compared to the default.
    Upgrade: Same functionality as the default plus some improvements, but no weaknesses.

    Therefore AA lock-on missile is a sidegrade as it gains lock-on ability but loses damage (and now dumb-fire ability).

    Have not tried AT missile but I guess it also has some weaknesses to compensate for its strengths (other than the new lack of dumb-fire mode)?

    In retrospect, I should have spent my certs on lolpods rather than AA missiles. Lolpods still work; AA missiles never did.