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  1. Orakel

    Game is unplayable with 3 disconnects in 1 hour.. Can you fix this =?
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    Ha-ha! Classic.
  3. 4ykurek

    I confirm. I have disconnects immediately or with a period ..
  4. dsty

    got disconned 4 mins into the game and aslo seen a lightning with no Main turrent
  5. Feyd Rautha

    Same with me. I've logged in 4 times in a row, each time being disconnected within 4-5 minutes.
  6. mahdigh

    disconnected 4 times . it was my first max alert. 2 min into it and server disconnected.
  7. Mercyceleste

    Whole squad and outfit disconnected, twice now. Update has broken game.
  8. OneShadowWarrior

    So glad I am out of town to miss this update. HaHa!
  9. Scatterblak

  10. F0l2saken

    It's due to a poorly tested patch from a development team that apparently no longer cares enough to pay attention to detail. They confirmed they were having problems with a patch they released today. What I wish they'd confirm is if they actually use their test servers at all to test patches before releasing them.. According to this fiasco, they do not.
  11. Racheengel

    embarassing for any quality game such unplayable product after "patching".
    but alas, for this game its sadly the normal state
  12. Savadrin

    The phrase "never play on patch day" was coined a LONG time before PlanetSide.

    You guys must not play many online games where there are patches.
  13. F0l2saken

    I know, I wasn't satisfied with what you're talking about among other things like Hossin so I moved on. Years later I came back to show my wife this because she likes FPS and can see that nothing has really change, which would probably be some of other reason the player base has been dwindling.

    I certainly don't intend to keep playing games and paying to support games from developers who decide to patch games the Friday of the last weekend of the month, which is supposed to be the double xp weekend that rewards people who pay to support the game. We can't patch the game on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday? We want to do it right before the weekend.

    Instead we screw the game up to the point that it constantly resets every 15 minutes, and then we force everyone to play on the continent that most people don't like, over and over and over again, rather than starting each reset with a new continent.

    Because who cares, I no longer do. There are other higher quality games from development teams that care more about their product than daybreak.
  14. JibbaJabba

    Betting you've never logged on to PTS once.
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  15. Humusak

    its like new live everytime
  16. breeje

    after trying to play yesterday i had a flashback to SOE

    i suggest every time we get we get a update like this, the devs post a video where they trow eggs and tomato's to each other
    would be funny as hel