Disconnected from server, every 10-15 minutes!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Reidman, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. GhostofMachas

    Grrr....This is very annoying!!! Dced 3 times now, so I come here and complain with everyone else. Please fix asap!!!!
  2. Shinn

    Yeah - had a good 40 minutes on Miller but then disconnected. Reconnected later but was disconnected after only a few minutes - guess I'll go do something else.
  3. Mianera

    It's the x2 xp event! So many players and sudden members, the LOG-IN SERVERS CANT HANDLE THE TRU-... wait whaaat o_O
  4. GhostofMachas

    Quick...everyone back to Planetside 1!!!!
  5. nitram1000

    Another day another problem. Just seems to be problem after problem with this game lately. Who is running things over there at SOE?
  6. SuperLexatron

    Were you getting lag spikes on Miller every so often? Like 1-2 second desyncs/delays?

    I have relatives over so it's hard to tell who to blame for that problem :p
  7. Reavx

    Game instantly crashes now when you press 'play' from the char screen.
  8. o.Solei.o

    Same here, now both of my Connery characters CTD on login. One was on Indar, not sure about the other.
  9. Lewbio

    just gonna play a bit on matherson for now
  10. Nervermind

    Well done SOE again everything is broken after a patch. Game crashes the moment i klick on login.
  11. Zakuak

  12. Shamrock

  13. Shamrock

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  14. Zakuak

    Higby put up a tweet mentioning the will have a fix shortly...thank god for twitter eh? :eek:
  15. Krokozor

    whoah. on miller allert incoming!
  16. Reidman

    So after my characters on EU servers miller and ceres were constantly getting kicked I thought I'd make a new one and play on mattherson us server and i played a solid 90 minutes no problems, dont know if I just got lucky but until my usual servers get fixed I'll be playing there.
  17. xSS4x

    Guys, we are all obviously crashing 20+ times a day because we refuse to select YES on the invasive prompt about current promotions that pops up all the time while playing :p
  18. janann

    10 seconds of google searching later:

    The Fix!
  19. Acceleratio

    Whe are talking about dissconects and CTDs. Either wrong topic or im not sure what yout trying to tell us.
  20. RIctavius

    It was Disconnections from the Server (everyone was practically getting them) - purely a Map crash. But I think the storm has died down.