Disconnected from server, every 10-15 minutes!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Reidman, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. dsty

    same 5th for me tho less reavers in the air im happy about that one =)
  2. Artifex78

    I know the disconnects suck (never play on a patch day).
    But I do wonder why people act so dense. It's a known issue, it won't get better until they fix it. If you continue playing the zones will crash. No need to make obvious statements about it on the forum all the time.
  3. zu2

    3 times ctd in past hour. Not typical.
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  4. mrSplendid

    I had 3 or 4 times in an hour
  5. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Cobalt - same story
  6. FLHuk

    Lots of disconnects but as I had a post deleted earlier on and a telling off I'd like to say I'm really really really enjoying it and it's not a problem. I just wanted you know know so you could sort this one and only bug out in a perfect game.
  7. Contego

    I'm getting this every 5-15 mins., and I just purchased a 3 day boost too. I should have expected there to be problems with this. I wouldn't care if they just roll back the changes they made so we can play again, or at least reset the timers on boosts and double xp after they fix this.
  8. SirYanako

    DC'ed 4 times in the last hour or two, in two different servers. SOE needs to fix this soon cause I am not playing a game that kicks me off every 20 minutes. I play to enjoy the game, not to get frustrated by it. See you all in a week.
  9. Mianera

    Just a theory, everyone reporting this, are you members as well? Or does this happen for everone?

    Me included.... ffs SOE....
  10. IamnotAmazing


    sorry I'm a bit mad if you can't tell
  11. Krokozor

    *whine* 13 times. mister higbey save us. i cant play your game
  12. Ireliz

    Same, Waterson.
  13. DemoDan

    okay so now its also crashing on login
  14. Reidman

    Is there any server this isn't happening on so I can make a character and play on that one? Can barely get 5 minutes in now on Ceres!
  15. Draylynn

    Any update on this, been going for hours now with absolutely no "Hey guys, were aware and looking to fix it" response?
    Some birthday I'm having, DC, DC, DC, DC... my friends who are members and free players are getting it.
  16. Mianera

    Crash on login.

    Running XP boost so.... yeah. Goddammit.
  17. Mianera

    OMG happy birthday :D
  18. SuperLexatron

    Was anyone else getting lag spikes quite often (1-2+ second delays) while the servers were actually up? (I'm on Miller)

    Got relatives staying over so it's hard to tell who to blame for that :p
  19. Kromag-K

    now i can't even log onto my connery character... the client just crashes to desktop
  20. Lewbio

    Playing on Miller at Ceres Hydroponics for quite some time, ahd a really good backwards and forads fight fending off the NC, when Disconnect
    re-launched and 10 mins later - boom disconnected again
    re-launched and tried to log in again, game downloads a 30mb ish patch, then game just CTD on the loading screen after trying to select character.
    Is it just EU servers (possible crappy data center?)