Disconnected from server, every 10-15 minutes!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Reidman, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Reidman

    Happened to me again after just 15 minutes! sort this out SOE!
  2. Swinefludude

  3. Almaru

    Just got disconnected from Cobalt, while purchasing the Halberd for my prowler.. I swear, if I lost my purchase or certs due to a disconnect im gonna be done with this game.. Took me 7 agonizing days to grind those certs while getting Disconnected, TK'd, weird freezes that forced me to shut down my computer entirely..

    After every patch as of late, be they small or be they large, I get the "You have been disconnected from the server" message for several days in a row, then its gone until the next patch.

    Well then, time to try and play the game again, have to check if my halberd / certs is gone.
  4. user101

    Mandatory over time for DEV's for disconnect problem... BEER BASH canceled & Free Brew House drink in banned.
  5. PWGuy93

    Also getting disconnects, lasted about 10 minutes in game before being disconnected.
    Connery Server
  6. DemoDan

    4 times in 1 hour. what?
  7. poborot

    3TH TIME NOW o_O
  8. Krokozor

    You cant read?

    Miller down once again. Now with allet. there can be nothing other than i whine.
  9. Almaru

    Got disconnected again, got to play for about 35 seconds before I got disconnected... yippee... 7th time in an hour that I get disconnected.
    Well, im gonna go do something else for the next few hours I guess.. Might as well finish Dark souls 2 while waiting for this mess to be sorted out.
  10. Sit000

    Disconnects every 10 to 15 min (most of ppl on server) - wait for fix !!!

  11. Chubzdoomer

    I can read just fine. I thought you were insulting those who are complaining (by calling them "whiners"). 'Twas merely a misunderstanding.
  12. shane868

    ... first disconnect after ~30, next one after 10 mins, Woodman,

    SOE pls... or better Higby pls? Anyway...
  13. lukja79

    Same on Cobalt.
  14. PastalavistaBB

    I got disconnected 2 times in like half an hour. I don't think I'll be able to play Planetside this evening. I'm better off playing Team Fortress. And preferring to play a 15 year old working game over a 1 year old not working game should tell you something.
    Well, they should add a Cancel button. :cool:
  15. StiltonNinja

    "You have been disconnected from the server

    No it chuffing well isn't OK!!!!!!!!:mad: Never had this before today's patch. 2 disconnects in 10 min on Woodman, and I see here I'm not alone...
  16. Swinefludude

  17. Autorelic

    Fifth as well. Second time while just pulling a mossy. Christ almighty, people...
  18. B00Tsauce

    disconnected 3 times in an hour....guess I will wait for the hotfix and get some work done for a change...
  19. Kromag-K

    Why did they have to ruin it on Double XP weekend? Why SOE why?!

    I just dropped for the 7th time on Connery
  20. Botji

    Got dropped from Miller... I knew I shouldnt play after reading all this on the forums but I was hoping it wouldnt be so bad..