Disconnected from server, every 10-15 minutes!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Reidman, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. HappyT

    Constant disconnects... Made me rage quit PS2 for today. Also I'm being constantly bombarded with notifications.
  2. hurtl2305

    Same here, 4 disconnects in approx. 90 minutes, our whole outfit is affected. (Ceres)

    This might ruin the whole double XP weekend...
  3. Kalmageddon

    Same server, same issue. I'm also playing with a friend that gets disconnected at the same time as me, we also lost certs and unlocks when we logged back in the first time.
  4. NoctD

    Disconnections are irritating - but losing certs and unlocks are game breaking. Imagine if you had put in a ton of saved up certs into unlocks, you could be out of a couple thousand certs.
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  5. Spoprockel

    Happened to me three times in ~1h of gaming. On Ceres :(
  6. Naelyan

    it's the weekly post patch open beta.
  7. Ottonormalfragger

    Same for me on Woodman. :(
  8. y077er

    2 dissconnects in 5 mins on Woodman, losing out on my double xp again.
  9. Doc Jim

    Playing on woodman, getting disco from different continents, others are having disco at the same time, gamebreaking.

    Edit: Getting more and more, lots of us are getting frustrated.
  10. ezprey

    2 disco's from waterson, one (so far) from matherson. Both less than 30 mins playtime.

    SOE might want to fix this before DblXP weekend....
  11. SGVictor

    Same,Mattherson.Just a few seconds ago.SOE really dont QA their patches
  12. ZwirblMaschin

    same here on Ceres, seems to affect a lot of people, after relog fights are more or less over
    happens every 10-20min
  13. Kumaro

    Everytime my outfit plans an event Servers start having issues or updates takes longer than expected XD
    Starting to suspect something here
  14. Astoral

    Me too. Twice now. Can#t be bothered to log back until later. Pissin me off! Back to WoW for the time being. :)
  15. Naxess

    Same. It's been twice so far. Mattherson server. It only started disconnecting me starting today though. If I have to take a guess, it's related to the latest patch.
  16. Aerensiniac

    Constant disconnects and its NOT a client side issue.
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  17. user101

    getting worse on waterson happen now every 5 mins.. for me. Can't even cap a base.
  18. whitknight28

    This has been going on for about 4 hours now...any dev response?
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  19. Dhabu

    Happening to me on Connery. Was just on login, but now it just happened in a Mao fight, not even all that big (bout 20on20). Lost an almost-new MAX suit at a 12-per-5 resource income :(.
  20. Swinefludude

    Fix your $h!t SOE, i wanna shoot down scrubs.