Disconnected from server, every 10-15 minutes!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Reidman, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Reidman

    I keep getting disconnected for no apparent reason every 10 minutes or so, it's really frustrating I just want to play.

    I havn't played for a few months but I never had this issue before, I'm playing on ceres btw, please do something about the constant d/c issue it's not playable like this. :(
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  2. Ikissyourface

    happened to me just a few minutes ago, just right after I had just deployed my sunderer :(

    First time disconnect so far after patch but if this keeps on going i will be back on this thread.
  3. Juggernaut70

    Same here, I get disconnected every 30 min the past 2 days. Just got disconnected again actually. (Waterson)
  4. whitknight28

    Connery 3 times in the past half hour - not just me but my squad as well..so definitely server issues
  5. dsty

    i have been D/c from server twice this morning once on mattherson around 1130est and now on connery at 1203
  6. caksz

    Disconnected twice on 2 different server :(
  7. Hexley

    Same here on Woodman for me and many others, pointless playing quite frankly.

    Connection was rock solid before patch today.

    Why the hell would you patch right before a 2x exp premium member event?

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  8. Jautis

    Twice in 25 minutes after latest update got same msg. Even installed dated drivers - 332.21 just for ps2. So can't use proper drivers and yet it still crashes with your recommended. SOE sort it out for once.
  9. CHEF

    Same here and game crashing. Waterson.
  10. PSPlayer76

    disconnected 4 times in 30 minutes...and always lost certs...the last time i logged in and played i had 97 certs and after i got disconnected again and logged in again i had only 90 certs....wtf.....i wanna get them back!!!!!!:mad:
  11. Exentenzed

    I am also having this problem, seems like it's not dependent on where i am playing, wether it's flying, ground infantry in heavy populated areas, or skirmishing on smaller outpost against a few people. Getting a simple message saying "You where disconnected from the server" with a button which says "Ok" and pressing it will shutdown the game back to desktop.

    Hope this helps in resolving it.
  12. NoctD

    Disconnected and lost score/XP/certs as well.
  13. Suroped

    Miller player here. Got disconnected as well and my friend is saying that he lost his certs and unlocks. Well, i guess it's time to "UPGRADE NOW!".
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  14. B3cker

    As far as I remember, I didn't loose any of my 2200+ certs, which I am very happy about. I don't want it to happen though, so I won't play again until you fix this SOE.
  15. WildCatNL

    Same story here, the game isn't actually crashing for me but prompts me the your disconnected message and the moment I click OK, I'm brought back to my desktop.

    The dev's are aware of the issue, I'm just hoping for a bit more information that that its being looked at.
    Just activated a booster and I fear I can sign that one up as lost for today :(

  16. user101

    Yes I am getting this too -- every 10-20 mins in big fights.
  17. Guildion

    It's the FOURTH disconnection from server since the last patch is up !
    Miller server is unplayable right now...
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  18. Auromas

    Same here, I get disconnected every 30 min the past 2 days. Just got disconnected again actually. (Miller)
  19. ElTovar

    4 disconnects on Connery in last 40 minutes
  20. Reidman

    Just happened to me again on Ceres this time I managed to get 40 minutes of playtime but still its not good enough.