[BUG] Disconnect from server instantly

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EnlightenMe, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. EnlightenMe

    I got this issue before the update is published.
    Basically I just get disconnected from the server almost instantly after logged into any server.
    Anyone can help me with it?
  2. GreenLantern

    I have the same thing, disconnected within 20-30 seconds of login using any faction, whether I go to VR Training or not. There is no error number displayed and no explanation given, simply "You have been disconnected from the server."

  3. Obossu

    Yeah same here... Sometimes even got disconnected after 5 seconds. Can't do anything...
  4. EnlightenMe

    Yeah it was just stupid bug... I don't know when they will fix that but for now, especially I just spend a few hundred bucks in the game, I would say this is not acceptable.
  5. Kristan

    What? Again? Explains funky server pop on Miller.
  6. Raven242

    It takes a few minutes for me to get disconnected. They say it's because I'm running windows 10 build 1903 and battleye is kicking me. I contacted battleye and all they did was send me a link to their facts page. Nothing on the page had anything to do with my disconnections. Battleye seems like a company run out of their mother basement.
    • Up x 1

    anybody can tell me ansver or my question &&& .my dark flashlight not worked in the game /what i need to do /then he works&&&&?777
  8. GreenLantern

    I'm using Windows 10 build 1903 also. And I hear that the darklight flashlight still works but you just can't see the beam. I'm in an outfit, but it doesn't show up on the list, but I auto-join a squad at every login. My outfit has been talking about this a lot. One thought that keeps getting mentioned is that we just won't play for a while until the issues are fixed. There's no sense getting angry about something that isn't under our control. Unless of course you're a paying member and unable to get what you paid for.
  9. G-wiz15

    following the OP i think i saw that happen yesterday.HOWEVER
    in that case around 8pm central time i believe the GM may have cuased the disconnect. it was obvious becuz at the time the TR were winning the alerts on INDAR and there was a mass log out for my outfit and squad but when we logged back in the Warpgates were rotated and the territory reset. of course the TR still won, but by a smaller margin
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    had no disconnects but many crashes to desktop yesterday on cobalt ...
  11. EnlightenMe

    The game updated today. HOWEVER
    The update does not work at all. Battleye is showing up but not really working at all. Launchpad still needs administrator privilege to get opening.
    I've recorded a video showing what's going on:
  12. AlcyoneSerene

    [edit] Nevermind, I found the problem on my end after a game freeze and computer restart that Steam started auto-updating PS2 again hogging my internet.
  13. EnlightenMe

    So the previous video didn't capture the exact frame that jumps out the error.
    Here's the updated one:
  14. Slosh

    Try the following as I had the same problems and this fixed the disconnect immediately!

    How do I do a clean boot on my computer?

    February 19, 2018 10:19

    Starting your computer under a clean boot will prevent any extra programs from interfering with the game. This is a troubleshooting technique that will remove all running programs, including active security software, and we do not recommend leaving your computer in this state for very long. Once the game works correctly, please re-enable the security software that protects your machine.
    Windows 8/10
    • Navigate to the Desktop by clicking on the desktop tile from the Start screen.
    • Once on the desktop screen, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to launch the Run command box.
    • In the Run command box, type MSCONFIG.EXE and hit Enter.
    • Once the System Configuration window opens, go to the General tab and select the Selective Startup button.
    • Uncheck the Load Startup Items option.
    • Go to the Services tab and check the Hide all Microsoft services option.
    • After that, click the Disable All button at the bottom.
    • Go to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.
    • In the Task Manager window, go to the Startup tab.
    • One-by-one, right click each startup program and choose Disable.
    • When you are done, close the Task Manager.
    • Back in the System Configuration window, click OK
    • Click Restart in the new window to clean boot your computer.
  15. fede018

    I get this ******* error every time I launch the game. I have to try a bunch of times until it connects. That is, when I keep trying instead of playing another game. What a joke!

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