Disco every 5mins?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gudu, May 22, 2013.

  1. Gudu

    Do you also have those disconnects?

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  2. GrandRise

    Yes, I do. Apperantly not 5 minutes, but more like 5-10 minutes... Happened twice. Crashed and Disconnected.
  3. Wildside

    Disco Inferno?

    No Disco Inferno here.
    No disconnects either.
  4. Gudu

    Many of my Outfit have the same problem....
  5. MrPlanetbreaker

    Ceres server here, just hapened here too.
  6. Profileiche

    Ceres here... same problem... about every 5 minutes right now
  7. Ravenheid

    Ceres, whole Outfit + friends can't enjoy the game........
    Appareantly 5 to 15 Minutes until Disco -.-
  8. flapsssss

    Yup just happened to me on Cares :rolleyes:
  9. p33pl

    Same, Ceres. Tons of ppl from the outfit too.
  10. Jabby

    Same here ... on Ceres.
    Was on Amerish when it happened.
  11. Krutyifix

    +1, Ceres, disconnects every 10 min
  12. Kaiku

    Yeah, has happened to me 3 times within 1 hour on Ceres today.
  13. Josh Developer

    We're working on a fix that should resolve this.
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  14. Brainwayne

  15. XRIST0

    Disconnected twice tonight , never happened to me before and i play ALOT .
  16. eXcalibur

    disconnected once in the lase 10 min.

    ceres server indar map
  17. flapsssss

    Just happened again on Cares...first time in over an hour
  18. pmurgs

    Five times already on Ceres tonight
  19. Torok

    R.I.P. Ceres Server
  20. Pritch

    i have dc'ed 5 times in the last 2 hrs Ceres server....