[Suggestion] Disabling Redeploy and Join Combat?

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  1. Terrince

    Greetings all!

    What do you think would happen if Redeploy and Join Combat were disabled?
    Would this benefit or harm the game?
    Do we want this?
    (Is it worth testing, even for just a week/weekend special?)

    Too clarify:
    Factions would only spawn from warpgate and would not be able to spawn hop or redeployside to fights.

    Of course once traveled to a base to attack/defend they would still be able to respawn at spawn rooms, sunderers, beacons, and routers set up.

    No vehicle quick spawns from anywhere but wpgt.
    (Maybe Tech Plants or Amp Stations too?)

    Take care all!
  2. TR5L4Y3R

    would totaly harm the game
    because no one is intrested in traveling to a battle for 10 minutes, to then get killed and have to repeat the whole ordeal all over again .. even with redeploy if there is no spawnable sundererer upfront on a enemy base you still need to bring your spawnpoint to the front base .. also depending on how busy a battle is the spawntimer increases ..
    defending a base is already tough for being outnumbered, now you make reinforcements even more difficult
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  3. OldSchoolD

    I would bet that if that happened, the solo player base of PS2 would be (at least) halved overnight. I know for a fact that I would stop playing the game if it simply took me any longer to find a (mediocre, boring, frustrating) fight. This game has been left with too few fun moments and enough frustrations as is. Don't go breaking the camel's back.
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  4. DarkStarAnubis

    Design and implement features properly instead of removing them (and replacing with something else that does not work either and repeat the entire cycle over and over again, following Einstein's definition of insanity).

    "Join Combat" is not a bad idea. If properly done it could help newbies to go find their ways around PS2 and players in general to find exactly what they like to do, so:

    1. Have some basic customisation options to "Join Combat" part of the player profile e.g.
    "Give me plenty" - send me to intense firefights
    "Air Combat" - send to me to hexes where air battles are predominant
    "Ground Hog" - send me to hexes where lots of ground vehicles are fighting
    "Milk run" - send me to a fight where my faction is clearly winning
    "Kamikaze" - the opposite of "Milk Run"
    "Newbie here, help me out" - send me to hexes where a newbie-friendly squad is operating and auto-join it
    "I am a Ghost" - send me to some Sunderer parked nearby an empty base
    "Just look at me" - send me to a battle where my class (HA, LA, Medic, ...) is requested
    ... and so on. The sky is the limit here

    2. Have "Join Combat" look at the profile sets by the player and act accordingly. It its not rocket science.

    3. Have a poll somewhere where players can add suggestions to make "Join Combat" better, listen to them and react accordingly

    4. Voila'. Let players use "Join Combat" and have fun with it on top. not bad right?

    Same goes for redeploy. Make it better instead of removing it...
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  5. Scatterblak

    Step #1 is to make certs worth something. Then we can leave redeploy in place, but make it cost something (a lot). And scale it based on how often a player is using it, how hot it is where he is, etc.
  6. DarkQuark

    I could see them being altered possibly to enhance travel or fight selection, but a huge NO to removing them.
  7. RabidIBM

    Defensive redeployside is cheesy, but I think offensive redeployside is a bigger problem. Being able to redeploy forward without earning the gained ground cuts out a lot of potential game play.
  8. Campagne

    Imagine getting stuck in a pit somewhere and not being able to escape because there was no redeploy option... :p
  9. DarkStarAnubis

    Just log out... :)
  10. Johannes Kaiser

    Or just make is so you can only redeploy (and therefore respawn) at bases within 1 km and the warpgate. And to go anywhere further you need to click an "Request Expanded Redeployment" button that gives you every single spawn option your faction has on this continent, but the button has a cooldown of, say, 10 minutes.
  11. Liewec123

    It's an interesting idea, and it'd look cool seeing troops being dropped by gals all the time (and gals actually having a purpose)

    But from a gameplay standpoint it would be a huge step in the wrong direction.
    Most people now-a-days just want to jump into the biggest fight on the map for fun,
    I think it's way too late in the games life cycle to start making huge changes to logistics.
  12. Exileant

    :( I am against it, due to it not stopping anything good as was already pointed out. When you want to redeploy it takes nothing to kill yourself or have someone else do it for you, all it will do is up the suicides if people want to jump from base to base. It would also decrease a bit of the randomness you can encounter troops. :confused: If you always know where enemies will be coming from, it would almost completely relegate victory to the largest side, making an uphill battle for an understaffed group to take a base, impossible. Not to mention, they have already added Re-spawn timers, thanks to whatever is going on to the Re-birthing Chamber... 5-15 seconds feels like forever to come back after redeploying. o_O Enough is enough in my book because Galaxies last all but 5 minutes in the air and the few that do manage to survive can never hang around long enough to steadily drop troops. They are just worthless to me. I say they should reactivate its ability to Deploy like a Sunderer. ;) To be fair, it is a plane, so reduce the speed of the Deployment re-configurations; however it needs to be able to hunker down so it can be defended, as they can rarely defend themselves....
  13. Campagne

    Enjoy the queues and rejoining squads and sacrificing alert rewards and then getting all the way back to the base where it happened. :p
  14. DarkStarAnubis

    I may easily be mistaken but I think they managed to fix the alert reward, you get something according to how much time did you play.and you no longer loose everything if you log out or switch faction.
  15. Campagne

    Oh? Hope so, that'd be nice. I was never brave even to test it when the NC were going to win.
  16. Blue_Lion

    correct use of redeploy can make or break the last half hour of an alert.removing it would just promote farm fights over attempting to win, because you would waste to much time responding to flanks and cut offs do to travel.

    It is allso a tool for when you first warp in on a map.
    I would be more for removing auto logging in sanctuary as it is wasting time.
  17. Botji

    I like logistics because it adds more layers to games but Im with Liewec123 on this, its just way too late to make big changes like removing redeploy now. I do think there are ways that it could be tweaked to still have the option of redeploying while also trying to negate the worst of "RedeploySide2" with platoons of people jumping around between bases.

    So what if lots of spawns in a short timeframe increased the respawn/deploy timer for all types of spawns?
    With spawns having a baseline on how many people spawning at it that it can support depending on the size/type of spawn. Beacons having a fairly tiny support of just 2-3 people at a time before it goes above the limit and the spawn timer starts to go up, Routers having bit higher limit, Logistics Specialist depends on vehicle but fairly similar to a Beacon, Sunderers a "large" limit but perhaps half or so of what a smaller base spawn has, small bases being able to support ~30-40 people spawning and large bases like techlabs doubling that.

    It wouldnt stop people from redeploying but having a few squads suddenly joining a fight would not be a unstoppable wave of people because perhaps with the defenders/attackers already there only 1/3rd of them can spawn right away before the spawn 'overheats' which then delays the spawning of more people by a few seconds and so on to some set limit so people dont end up waiting +60 seconds to spawn.

    It would promote having more spawn points for both attackers and defenders = its actually important to fight over the OUTSIDE as well, because if you let the attackers completely siege the base they can simply flood the base with people due to more spawns and the defenders would might need to try to break the siege to get rid of spawns to even out the fight or get their own spawns up to not pressure the base spawn so much... My hope is that defending factions would start attempting to bring in vehicles from other bases to do this, bringing some more life to the vehicle gameplay just sitting outside a base.

    Far from perfect but it would make it much harder and less effective for entire outfits to jump around to overwhelm fights, unless they bring their own spawns which is kinda the whole point of trying to slow down the RedeploySide2 gameplay the attackers/defenders would have some way of fighting it and would hopefully break up zergs a bit, why stay in the +++90 fight where the respawn is slow when you can go to some 24 or 48 fight instead?

    Would kinda be a soft cap/nerf on massive overpopping since small bases might not have enough good spots for Sunderers to really support painless respawns of a massive zerg attacking a base designed for 'small' fights which would hopefully push people to go to other places instead of having to either wait on respawns or run from a less used Sunderer far away from the action and hopefully the faction being zerged will respond if its a large facility being attacked, evening out the numbers of attackers/defenders.

    ...Should also be easy to tie in Cortium into the system, if a base/sunderer gets fueled by Cortium the spawn gets supercharged and can support more people spawning. Just another layer that both attackers/defenders can do to affect the fight in their favor.

    I know I would at least be a bit happy with seeing less bases taken entirely by Beacon/Router spawns pouring out a ungodly amount of people and perhaps transport Galaxies would get a bit more common to see since that would still allow for dumping a lot of people into a fight in one big wave but with the spawn change, not allow them to constantly swarm in once dropped unless they have enough spawns to support it. Making the Galaxy valuable for more/repeated waves instead of just discarding it when the squads have been brought to the base as is the case almost 100% of the time now, bring people to the fight and once there just endlessly spawn on the already placed Sunderers, bypassing the current overpop protection since you are already in the hex.