DirectX 9 in 2013

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ReactionDT, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. ReactionDT

    I was unaware software should be used from 2005 when the video cards that ran this aren't even a minimum requirement. Sure some that did are but for the most part lets get serious. DX11 has been out what? A year now? Then you have this client being 32 bit and requiring 4 GB of RAM....LOL 32bit = 3.33 GB free max. Change this mess to DX11, make a 64 bit platform and release it again 6 months later. For now. This game is an 18 wheeler on a 60 degree slope of ice. All these balance and BS patches before an actual hardware opt patch? You guys actually believe this patch in Jan is gonna do ANYTHING!? SoE is notorious for breaking more than fixing. Look at Tribes...

    With this said Im actually able to run this game at over 60fps constantly but thats due to my rig being wayyyy more than what one should ever need for a video game.

    Also, name one other game that when you change video settings from low to high your fps is the exact same?Frogger?
  2. NyaR

    What the hell is this dribble?

    What year did they start developing PS2? What technology was available at that time?

    You want them to rebuild the game? Get ready for Dx11 planetside in 2015, when DX13 is out.
  3. ReactionDT

    They started about the same time BF3 was started. Guess which DX it supports?

    Get TF out of here. How many times has WoW updated their DX support? You act like this takes decades.
  4. supahitecjetfyta

    but BF3 was shyte.
  5. have2laugh

    which has nothing to do with what version of DX it supported.
  6. Flappers

    Consider performance?
    What other modern game consists of giant persistent worlds, with relatively high textures, models, shaders and animations?

    If they forced this game to run DX11 only, then only a quarter of the players that are playing now would be able to play the game.
    Not to mention, 64 bit gaming is extremely unstable.

    Please tell me, how many modern games come in 64bit? And compare that ratio to the number of games in 32bit.
    Now compare the playerbase on the 64bit games and compare to 32bit.

    Sorry, but at the end of the day, SOE want more players playing this game... not just the select few who have 10,000 dollar computers.

    The game runs fine in it's current state on many different types of hardware, if we were limited to 64bit/ DX11 only, then the game would die quicker than any other game.
  7. Rago

    This Topic was discussed over 20 Times in the Forums, i would consider myself as a Planetside Fan but !
    If there is a Game that needs 64 bit, it would be Planetside 2 ! Right !
    Dx9 is something i can live with the Game looks nice for a mmofps

    I would love to see it less foggy more sharp.imo
  8. C0rnholio

    BF3 was ported to dx11 because the engine was already dx10. very small step between.

    i doubt very much planetside will ever go dx11, it'l rather go opengl because of mac and linux
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  9. Miuku

    I wasn't going to post anything to these forums any more but your post has so many things wrong it hurt my head and I couldn't stop myself.

    DirectX11 has higher performance than DirectX9 on supported hardware. 64-bit games have been shown to run at higher FPS than equivalent 32-bit binaries.

    Several MMOs out there right now have DirectX11 support, including the worlds most popular one - as well as lesser games like AoC.

    One does not exclude the other - they can support both DX9 and DX11 with few to no issues, other developers can - why can't SoE?

    No, no, no, NO NO JUST NO.

    Latest Steam survey ( ) says that out of all the gamers surveyed "32.06% are DX10, 53.14% are DX11" which means only 14,8% of gamers have only DirectX9 capable hardware.

    58.5% are running Windows 7 _64 bit_ and way more would be able to run it if they wanted.

    Every machine that is capable of running this game is 64 bit. Core Duo's etc. non-64 bit capable machines simply won't run the game, not now - not ever.

    Your post = complete and utter package of misinformation.
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  10. Flappers

    I love it when people "multiquote" like that... to try and make themselves look superior.

    Just put it this way... a number of your quotes, you didn't even answer.

    When I said compare 64bit to 32bit, you compared DX11 to DX10/9 - Try re-reading next time.
    Running Windows 64 bit =/= 64 bit gaming clients.

    Also 64bit gaming IS unstable. Even the UDK 3 does not recommend using 64bit.

    Your post = not answering a single one of the quotes...

    Just put it this way, you can argue as much as you want.
    You can make a massive showboat about how you believe you are more superior to others, or have more knowledge than others.
    You can multiquote as much as you want.
    Yo ucan try and talk down to people as much as you want.
    You can complain as much as you want.

    But what you fail to understand is... you won't convince them to change the architecture of the game... just because it suits you better.

    You might have a kagillion-dollar machine, most other people don't.
    And that was the point I was trying to get across, which you failed to answer to.

    So multiquote this post as much as you want, but if you do, remember to quote the part where I say this:
    If they did it your way, they would have to redesign the architecture of the game.
    They would effectively have to rebuild the entire game again, just for 64 bit (I don't know if you ever developed anything in your life, but it's not just a simple "port to x64" button)
    This would leave less development on the actual game itself.
    Not to mention, those with lower spec machines would see performance decrease after this upgrade that you want so badly.

    I can see you are very stubborn (like myself) that's why, as much as you multiquote me again, I won't bother responding.
    Because you will still fail to realize that what you want... won't ever happen.
  11. Dony Freaky

    Go get some fresh air. Everybody can be wrong (sometimes the original poster just isn't) so there is no need to point that out like so.

    It seems like the PS2-Team is lacking of suitable specialists. I'am sure they try to do as best as they can but thats not enough sometimes. We have to face it. If SOE keeps cutting cornors for PS2 it will fail sooner or later because there will be the day when people start losing patience.

    PS: I'am not hating on the game. I love PS2 and i have so much fun with my mates, just to set the records.
  12. TheEvilBlight

    Curious if the game can be done in OpenGL. Hmm...
  13. Miuku

    There's a difference between being wrong and just plain talking out of your butt with absolutely no concept of what you're even letting out.
  14. Nilbog

    For the idiot here is a list of 64-bit games
    Miuku is 100% right.
    Also you forgot to mention that another added benefit of using DX11 is all of the eye candy you can lay on it without losing much performance. Which is a HUGE deal IMO seeing how this is 2012 and I'm not playing on a console.
    This game would run much smoother being 64-bit. It would also justify recommending 8 GB of RAM (recommending that much RAM for a 32-bit application shows that game has a memory leak IMO).
  15. powerz

    DX9 is holding this game back........if you don't think it is i have a bridge to sell you.

    Multiple DX clients should of at-least been considered,many games are doing it today, in fact the only ones as of late using DX9 are multiplatform.....but i have to believe that would of just been way too time consuming to re-architect large areas of the engine so it was deemed as unreasonable.

    You will never have proper multicore and multithread utilization from a DX9 base......NEVER!

    thats this games biggest threat, poor performance on top of the line machines.......there's no "magic" patch that can ever really fix it.
  16. Rago

    I side with Miuki , flappers.
  17. Dony Freaky

    I'll just answer with a quote.

    Commentception ftw.
  18. Miuku

    It's called replying to specific arguments you posted, which were all FUD.

    Issues which Epic has developing their own engine to support 64bit has nothing to do with anyone else doing so - as I said, the worlds most popular online MMO has 64-bit support and it's rock solid.

    Your arguments against this are.. ?

    A 400 dollar machine has 64-bit capabilities and has had for the past few years - anything newer than Core2 are automatically 64-bit.

    Would you like to show me a machine that runs this game in any decent capability that does not support 64-bit features? I'd love to see one.

    They built the engine and the game from scratch during a time when 64-bit OS was already prevalent and 64-bit CPUs were mainstream. AMD has had 64-bit capable CPUs _FOR A DECADE_.

    You argument fails on every possible level imaginable.

    Because you're talking out of your butt. You have no factual evidence except things you're making up as you go.
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  19. Nilbog

    I just want to say that most game engines and editors support 64-bit therefore they should be able to compile a 64-bit game.

    Also most editors are made so simple that there probably is a check box to make a game 64-bit capable.
    UDK3 has a check box to convert from DX9 to DX11. Seriously. That simple.

    What i think that Miuku is basically saying is that it is SOEs fault for not doing these things when they are basically industry standards. They should have built these things into the engine, and they need to get started on it now. They could have at least gone with DX10
  20. ReactionDT

    Im glad there are people that play this which are intelligent and don't keep trying to cover for SOE. I mean wake the hell up! For a game in development as long as this one to be released with the setup it has is a laughing stock. Everything about this game DEMANDS it be 64 bit and at least DX10. Like I said in the OP. Games going no where fast until they address these two. A game on this scale will never run on a 32 bit machine. It hasn't yet and it will not ever.

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