Directive Weapons Discussion

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  1. tgipier

    Is not really that hard to grind kill. I can do around 500ish if I try hard in one day. I run with NW5 and HA shield, pretty easy to get at least 60-70 kill per hour.
  2. Revanmug

    If everyone can do a specific thing, it's not an achievement.
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  3. Iridar51

    I'm actually happy directive weapons are hard to get. I worked hard on auraxiuming all TR carbines, even before directive weapons were announced as rewards, and I enjoy owning something exclusive.
  4. Noktaj

    It depends on how much time you can invest in the game and how much time you are inclined to waste invest in crappy weapons.

    Honestly, I've auraxiumed weapons in 2 days (almost 20ish hours in-game playtime, my record is on NS15M, god I love the weapon). So it isn't really hard. It just required dedication and it's just time consuming.
  5. Xasapis

    I think it took me one and a half year to auraxium Eidolon. I was picking and dropping that weapon on a constant basis. Anybody remembers the original implementation of battle rifles? ;)
  6. vsae

    Oh a casual complaining he cant get all the rewards in a week of play, 2hrs a day. What a shame this game is too hard.
    Seriously. Are you obliged to get the directive reward? Just because its there it doesnt require you to complete it. Same as if there is lamborghini aventador, you arent obliged to get one.
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  7. lilleAllan

    I have quite a few auraxium medals and i'd be fine with them lowering the requirements by a few hundred kills.
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  8. Xasapis

    I'm kind of glad they didn't go ahead and introduced extra medals beyond auraxium.
  9. vsae

    Why is that? How would this be a bad feature?
  10. Xasapis

    Well, the game has been out for ... 2,5 years now? I've auraxiumed about 37 weapons so far with the current amount of required kills. I still have plenty of weapons to go through. Imagine how long it would take if they introduced a medal that required 10.000 kills.

    Besides, that wouldn't make sense from a business perspective, since it would lock achievers into a specific weapon for a much longer time, instead of going for as many possible as the current system allows.
  11. TheScavenger101

    Not saying that anyone in this thread is one of these guys. But before directives a big bunch of the community was complaining that there were nothing to do when they reached BR100. SOE gave us (them) something to do, and now the complaint is that it's to hard ?

    If they'd made it easier this thread would be called "OK got BR100 and all what....leaving the game".
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  12. vsae

    M16A3 Simulator BF3 didnt have set amount of kills for end medal. You kept getting same medal if you used the gun after you gained first one. Still people played with all guns just for variety. Although people who used m16a3 'till the death part us' had some recognition.
  13. Lazaruz

    I'm doing decent on the weapon directives, since I always switch my gun after I auraxium it.
    What I'm having trouble with, are the class specific things, that's where my "jack of all trades" play style has really backfired on me.

    But for me, the directives are just another "stat" to check after a play session.
  14. vsae

    Class directives, especially Heavy assault and Engi requires you to do things you would not put time into otherwise.
    The best class directive is LA so far. It doesnt make you do anything you normally wouldnt do.
  15. Xasapis

    Same with medic. It is my first infantry directive completed.
  16. AmitGr

    They are hard to get, because they are end-game achievements.

    First, you want to level up, and try to get to BR100.
    Next, you hunt auraxium medals. But after ~30 of those, you start losing interest.

    The new directives give end-game players new goal, and they are hard to get, and will take us time to get them, which is good - otherwise we'd be bored of them too soon.

    However, I do believe they should add some rewards for lower tier directives, so the less hardcore players will also have what to look for.
  17. NinjaTurtle

    To hard to unlock?

    No. I have the Tempest already and have a total of 17 auraxiums.

    If they were any easier they may as well give them away
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  18. TheBlindFreak

    I don't think that it's too hard. I don't consider myself to be a hardcore player, but I've already gotten a nice pile of Auraxi medals.

    GD7F, Gauss Compact S (auraxi'd after the UBGL nerf), AC-X11, GD-66 Claw, EM4-Longshot, M30 Mustang AH, Commissioner, Vandal, C4, and the Mag-Cutter knife.

    Working on the AF-19 Mercenary at the moment and then the Razor GD-23 to complete the carbine directive. I'm also working on the Railjack and Force Recon on the side when agressive Light Assault play isn't effective or lucrative.