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  1. entity009

    I have been working toward unlocking the directive weapons for the classes I enjoy most. So far I have done the carbines and the LMG. I am almost done with SMGs.

    I got to ask here WTF... Directive SMGs come with grip, comp extended ammo and HVA it seems. That is literally the opposite of what you would want on attachments for a smg. Silencer, laser, SPA and to continue the 2 attachments in the rail directive benefit extended mag would be what any sane SMG user would go for.

    HVA has the downside of further reducing the SMGs very close max dmg range of 6m to a tiny range of 4m (how the heck 2 is 5% of 6 idk). Having no laser effectively makes it a less effective hipfire weapon for an infil than any other choice. The loss of the laser is a real buttkick for cqc as well. No silencer is junk for infils.

    SMGs are close range guns with the best hipfire in the game. Why the heck would they make the directive reward for this so illogical?? These directive SMGs are worse than any other SMG you could pick because of these wonky attachment options.
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  2. LaughingDead

    where's iridar?

    Also SMGs in general are terrible and balanced around infils. A long range SMG should not come to be a surprise that it's also terrible.
  3. entity009

    Well smgs have fantastic hipfire and are good for very close range fighting. They are totally balanced around infil use. The question is why would they perk the directive reward smg in a way that makes it totally useless? The gun is not bad....its that they perked a gun which is entirely cqc out to be ranged. It makes the smg suck at cqc AND ranged.

    If it had logical attachments it would be just fine. Seriously? HVA and a grip on a smg?? No silencer option at all?
  4. LaughingDead

    Again, balanced around infil. It's a supposed psedocarbine no one would ever possibly ask for except infils....barely
  5. freeAmerish

    I don´t know why but a lot of Light Assaults are attracted to MKV Suppressed.
  6. LaughingDead

    I was in the same situation, basically doing SMG kills with my light assault.
  7. Zuprize

    I liked the shuriken, was a fast auraxium, it's a beast in close range, but the NS 7-PDW is an all rounder, best smg is the cyclone thou.
  8. entity009

    Keep in mind that directive SMGs were nerfed recently. The directive smgs have nothing "up close" that any other SMGs dont already have. What they do have is worse hipfire, shorter max damage range and no silencer.

    Infil already has a long range auto/carbine clone in the long range auto rifle. If you want to use a smg for range the PDW is a much better choice than any other due to its minimal horizontal shift.

    LA are most likely using the PDW to get the "800 kills with a SMG" directive for the LA directive. I did it recently, it sucked. Steep damage drop off and terrible jumping CoF make SMGs a downright terrible choice for LA. The ONE reason any class would take a SMG over their class weapon is its great hipfire. Without a laser this directive weapon lacks even this redeeming quality.

    Maxing SMGs should give u a nice SMG, not a failed carbine/SMG hybrid. Infil have PLENTY of options for midrange already that out preform a low damage, unsilenced and unstable SMG.
  9. Rydenan

    SMGs have high DPS, and I've run into players with over 80% HSR using an SMG (I was assured by these very forums that this was not, in fact, suspicious.)
    So if you can achieve that sort of accuracy, you'll basically be unbeatable in 1v1s.
  10. Rhello

    I said it before and after this patch, and I'll say it again, this change is more of a nerf than anything else. I wouldn't mind having a forward grip on my SMG, yet those SMGs are a disgrace. When you start losing damage even before your shots reach the end of a room, there's something wrong. Iridar may defend those smgs, yet with all the respect I have for him, I can only call ******** when their reload times were nerfed, along with their accuracy when ADS (back to the original .3 from .2), and some semi HVA (no muzzle vel. bonus) was included, reducing further more the max damage range, which is essential in CQC weapons. Having some SMGs good at range is something, making them mediocre(r) in close combat is another.
  11. freeAmerish

    Let´s look at TTK(only bodyhits@1000health)

    750rpm X 143damage = 0.48 seconds
    Cyclone = 0,46 seconds
    Armistice = 0.469 seconds
    Eridani = 0.48 seconds
    Blitz/Sirius = 0.497 seconds
    Hailstorm = 0.525 seconds
    MKV Suppressed = 0.539 seconds
    NS-7 PDW = 0.56 seconds

    And we have weapons with 800/845 X 143 or 632 X 167 with Soft Point Ammunition for Medic and Engie or Light Assault.
  12. Eternaloptimist

    As an LA used to fighting in CQC (but who has only used SMG on other classes) I would guess something like one or more of these reasons:
    • suppressor with none of the downside of an attachment suppressor;
    • even better hipfire, recoil and CoF than many carbines;
    • similar size mag to most carbines;
    • slightly better effective range than an ES SMG;
    • going for the SMG kill directive.
    But I personally would still not choose an SMG over a carbine.
  13. Zuprize

    I know they got changed, I didn't try shuriken after the change since I auraxed it a couple of months ago, I don't play SMG's all together for some time now, just Vandal/Tsar but I don't think they are bad to use, well shuriken case anyway. The time I did play with it thou I didn't find it lackluster and I doubt the nerf made it terrible, I might try it sometime to see a difference if any.
  14. Iridar51

    Then use any other SMG with attachments you want. There is no Compensator, by the way.

    "2 attachments in the rail" is not "the directive benefit". The only weapon class that got away with it is Carbines, which would be incredibly OP if UB shotgun wasn't so hit or miss, so to speak.

    Directive weapon is a shiny thing you get for free. Nobody promised it would be more powerful than any other existing gun. In fact, it would be incredibly bad, as it would force everyone to grind 4-5 auraxiums to get it. Case in point - Betelgeuse fiasco, where whole alts were created for the sole purpose of playing with it.

    5% isn't 2m. HVA reduces maximum damage range on all weapons by 2m, at the benefit of increasing minimum damage range by 20m and velocity by 5% - though directive SMGs don't get the velocity bonus.

    Suppressor is an optional attachment even for infiltrators. Believe it.
    SMGs already get incredibly accurate hip fire. Laser sight is still a powerful option to hip fire for headshots, but generally it isn't mandatory and isn't in the spirit of the idea behind current directive SMGs.

    I'll say again: if you want a generic SMG to hipfire in CQC - use any other SMG with whatever attachments you like.

    Actually, NS-7 with Suppressor makes a better weapon than MKV. Weird, I know. SMG kills for LA directives is the only real reason to ever use an SMG as an LA, especially after flying CoF buffs for carbines.

    And you'll be wrong every time you say it. Directive SMGs were directly inferior in any practical sense. Now they are directly superior at something and actually unique. If you truly believe this is a nerf - you're delusional. If you want an Armistice - use an Armistice. Self imagined problems.

    I only normally check LA forums.
    I can agree with the sentiment that all SMGs are bleh and hence directive SMGs are also bleh, but they're not bleh in comparison to other SMGs. Perfectly viable, now more so than ever. What happened in the patch was a buff and a great thing, I don't get how people can argue against it just because directive SMGs didn't become close range free win machines.
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  15. entity009

    I maintain that NS7 still would be a much more effective pseudocarbine than the directive SMGs. Its stability making midrange shots easily outshines the shifty cqc cabines even with grips installed. You can't pro away horizontal shift, its entirely random.

    This is like having the godsaw be a version of the saw outfitted for cqc. It would be terrible because thats not its role. SMGs shine in cqc only.....why outfit them for range which they suck at?
  16. Okaydan

    Kinda discouraging to read I'm farming for a bad gun lol
    Oh well, already completed LMG, carbine and shotty, nearly done with AR's. Not like I have much better to farm.

    What does this SMG deliver (in VS case) that an Orion / SV88 / H-V45 / Terminus / VX6-7 / Serpent wouldn't?
    What does this SMG have unique that's worth having?
  17. Iridar51

    Feel free to educate yourself:
  18. entity009

    You can get a good idea of the directive gun by using your empires base SMG with a grip and no silencer. The cyclone has good dmg but it has too much shift to outclass the NS-7 as a pseudocarbine.
  19. Moz

    Yup only benefit of the MKV is the SLIGHTLY higher bullet velocity.... MKV was so depressing to Aurax! :(
  20. Iridar51

    There's also SLIGHTLY higher RoF ;)

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