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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Justicia, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. YamiNoTenshi

  2. Justicia

    The Dignity of War Community (Planetside 2 outfits [DIG] and [DIGT]) held an Easter event this past Sunday. I made a short recap video, mostly recorded without HUD:

  3. ValorousBob

    I just bumped the [VC] thread with this, but it applies to [DIGT] as well...

    There was recently a thread on r/planetside titled What are the "Legendary Outfits" of your server? DIGT got mentioned a lot

    And another one from one of the [WASP] leaders:

    Seb is the leader of NC's air outfit:
    Every (serious) Miller post I saw mentioned [VC] and [DIGT], which I would personally agree with. You should especially consider [DIGT] if you like to fly, or want to fly. I always have a good time when I join their air squads.
  4. Justicia

    Thanks for the post Bob, it's good to see the development in recognition since we created the outfit as an offshoot of DIG in July 2013.

    I think most people recognise DIGT for our dedicated air force consisting of many great Vanu pilots, but we have a good share of great infantry players as well. During ops, we usually run 2 ground squads (Paratroopers) and 1 air squad (Pilots), which seems to work out.

    Recently, we have started a combined effort with [252V] to create a competitive team, as we are both outfits who have players interested but no enough to field our own teams. The competitive team very regularly trains together.

    If you are interested in our outfit, please join us on teamspeak for a talk and to play with us. Our teamspeak is always open to anyone, and we welcome everyone to join us! ts.dignityofwar.com:9988
  5. Justicia

    Always looking for more players.
  6. EternalNightmare

    Been trying to use your site to register but it keeps trolling me = D
  7. Justicia

    Enjin makes stuff complicated sometimes.

    You need to create an Enjin account (should be able to do that in the topright), and after you create one (or if you already have one), then you need to 'register' to a website, also in the top right. After that, you are able to actually use the 'Join Us' tab for the community application.

    I'm sorry this is not straightforward, but this is the system Enjin uses.
  8. Justicia

    Bumping this to the top :)
  9. GearsOfWaR

    DIGT is da best <3
  10. Justicia

    Join us if you want to live!

  11. Justicia

    This past weekend we celebrated DIGT's one-year anniversary with a DIG Community event. Games were played, prizes were won, laughs were had:

  12. Justicia

    DIGT participated last week in a Server Smash on Hossin against Woodman. We will participate this weekend again in the Merger Smash, also against Woodman. We are looking forward to the merge to fight alongside our new allies and fight against our new enemies! But first, Smash!

  13. BR100

    Oh yea famous WASP, MCY air ganking squads. Hell yea that they are famous about that.
  14. nbuo2

    always give us a good fight, keep bringing it DIGT :) much love from OCB
  15. DrBash00

    Thanks for all the Work on/for the server smash, especially to justicia.
    Here a little video of the server smash air forces.

    See you next time. (On miller, in the air ;-))
  16. Justicia

    Just a bump on this dusty old thread.

    Here a video of DIGT outfit gameplay during an alert last week, to give an insight into how we play: