Dignity of War Tactical [DIGT]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Justicia, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Arquin

    I have my NCs based on Anarchy & Rebellion

    I could have made CapitalistArquin, though.
  2. huller

    BlueHuller (so creative)
  3. ValorousBob

    Do it, I made mine CorporateBob.

    (SpaceAmericunBob is Ruvan trying to impersonate me)
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    Glad you've started Streaming Justicia you seem to be the ONLY Miller VS outfit that streams currently. That's a spot that needs to be filled so keep at it.

    This is definitely the outfit that intrigues me most with regards to Miller VS. Keep at it :)
  5. Justicia

    Thanks. I'm still a bit new to the streaming business, but I got a new mic, so have to set it up :).
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  6. Surt


    Well considering you just started Streaming there's no harm in keeping it casual, ie with your solo lib runs late at night & other shenanigans (Spider Mags) xD

    It's handy just for keeping track of highlights etc too. (streaming)
  8. Justicia

    Will keep it up :)
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    Yeah i worded that very wrong :D

    I guess it's because i play solo and i'm not familiar with squads/outfits and which ones are based on Miller. So If it doesn't say Miller in the title i would have no idea they're from our server.
  10. Justicia

    Been a while since the last bump, but we're still very much alive and kicking, running ops twice a week, running infantry and air trainings, working together with DIG and TVA, and of course having a blast on teamspeak.

    If you want to know more, check out our website or come join us on teamspeak and play with us at ts.dignityofwar.com:9988

    Our playtimes are mostly from late afternoon until late nights (after midnight) CET, with different groups (some play in open DIG platoons, some play in closed teamspeak squads, some play in private squads (for example, small infiltrator squads or air squads)). There's something for everyone in the DIG community!
  11. DasHenne

    I joined DIGT about two months ago after a long long... long time of lonewolfing and I can only recommend joining the outfit if you are interested in experiencing PS2 in an organised outfit instead of playing as a single player. OPS are Wednesday and Friday and there are always some people online to squad up with outside of OPS too.

    Check us out! ;)
  12. Sovereign533

    Saw you quite a lot during the last server v server scrim. Knew you were VS, didn't know you were DIGT ^_^.
    Was a nice fight though! =D
  13. Justicia

    Well yes, a leader actually :D Thanks, it was a great scrim, the air battle was epic indeed.
  14. Sovereign533

    Air did a phenomenal job. At one point we were suppressed by hostile air, and we pushed the enemies out of our base. And the exact moment that we pulled Sunderers to move out, air squad just swooped in and killed their liberators and Reavers. Giving us a free ticket to move to the next base. That was awesome! :D

    xD The only thing is is that I can't seem to get the hang of those bloody VS medic weapons ;)
  15. Justicia

    HV-45 is pretty easy to use, I love it.
  16. Bvenged

  17. YamiNoTenshi

  18. Bvenged

    My what? :p
  19. YamiNoTenshi

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  20. Justicia

    Itsame, Justicia!