Dignity of War Tactical [DIGT]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Justicia, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. ValorousBob

    Dude you almost got them with that Carbine, keep up the good fight!

    "If at first you fail, try and try again."

    (or something like that)
  2. YamiNoTenshi

    "If at first you fail, shoot your teammates, they don't shoot back."
  3. Justicia

    "If at first you fail, take another shot; sooner or later, someone is getting a Dalton round in the face."

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  4. Notiz

    we are currently starting up our competitive team and seek for active players who enjoy tactical teamplay within squads, good coordination between squads and simply enjoy the game in both worlds: on live servers and in the competitive style.

    when we can we always join the PS2.Pickups - a very much recommanded way to get into competitive gamplay in a friendly atmosphere.

    hope to see you on the battlefield and give Justicia, Maelstrome or me a /tell if you are interested or check out or website for more infos.
  5. Notiz

    yep Air is OP ;-)

    here is another video of a skilled pilot of our outfit (together with a airsquad of DIGT)

  6. Surt

    Bump for our Friends. Yesterday was really Fun with you Guys. :)

  7. Notiz

    thanks surt, the picture above is the whole might of combined IVRI and DIGT ground troopes - that and we had a dedicated air squad running. this seams to become our regular sunday night strength. thanks IVRI for the great lead once again.
  8. Justicia

    After our scrim against JNJ, we are developing our competitive team. Scrims against RUSL and FU are on the board, and there are more to come.

    Regular outfit operations are run every week, with Wednesdays and Fridays being standard op nights for us. TVA focussed operations will be run regularly from now on as well.

    Come join the fun, come join DIGT!
  9. Bvenged

    Woo TVA!
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  10. Calmdown

    Hi There DIGT!

    I've just posted an application over on your forums. Looking forward to some feedback and/or a chat with someone. I'm available most of the weekend.

  11. Justicia

    Great Calmdown, I'll check it out :)
  12. ValorousBob

    Hey Calmdown, your name is really familiar. Did you ever play EVE Online?
  13. Reagerrr

    Great fight against INI.
    You can check in the video's comments the timings so that you skip the waiting moments and jump straight in the fights.

  14. huller

    DIGT is almost as tactical as the gif in my signiature.

  15. ValorousBob

    So when is PurpleHuller going to join the elite ranks of UBAD?
  16. huller

    pfft, I'm making my own outfit, with blackjack pump action shotguns and Vanu hookers: IMLG
  17. Justicia

  18. huller

    I was looking for an NC alt name
  19. Justicia

    Huldurr / Hullderp
  20. huller

    better MLG than NC [BMTN]