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  1. Justicia

    Two reasons why we're not likely to do a 12v12 on the PTS:
    - I don't think many of our members are interested in downloading the PTS.
    - We run in a multi-squad setup, combining mostly a 2-3 squad infantry group with a 1 squad air group.

    But I can see if anyone's interested.
  2. Notiz

    I already wrote to adennTM about that. there will be something DIGT vs FU but we will probably do smoething in a scale around 2-3 squads. we will see. first the trainings and forming up, then the action.
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  3. ValorousBob

    I played in two Alerts today, and [DIGT] played a crucial role in both. The first one started and ended with VS at 30%, we tied with TR. The second one started with VS at 30% population, but ended with VS controlling 6/9 Amp Stations and having 37% population (lolfourthfaction).

    TVA ****** **** up today, Join DIGT if you want a piece of the action.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, we would have won the first alert but NC ****** up and lost a base to TR at the last minute.
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  4. Notiz

    thanks for the props - we had a blast during our WOPS (wednesday Operation) which was our 10th time for this event to be held (WOPS is relativly new). It was one of the longest (from 20pm in a casual mode then from 21pm in serious OPS mode after the first alert was over - till 1am the next day (!) damn it was so good, afterwars our usual late-night-spandex-service was also active), biggest (1 full platoon TS only and nearly only DIGT members) and probably most successfull OPS so far.

    so many thanks for TVA (especialy MDK, UBAD, VC) for all the very nice coordination! (on amerisch, Esamir and Indar we did a nice Auraxis-wide strategical game on that night)

    this event marks a progression in our outfit form beeing higly focused but small - to now having the numbers and bulding up our tactics and playstyle.
  5. GearsOfWaR

    done the application
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  6. Notiz

    a nice little impression from the last attack of the evening (Zurvan AMP station) out of our pilots-squads perspective:

    (music added afterwards, video made by skybro)
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  7. Notiz

    and again some impressions of what our pilots did pretty bad *** in OPS:

    this time FNO on Amerish when we were trying to steal kwathee AMP from TR in the very late of the first alert we took part in this Friday-night (even though that VS lost - the second one we won big time together with DIG, VCBC and DWG (on TVA) ).

    in the meantime (or maybe later on) we had a very funny standoff at the A-point shields towards the gravaty lifts with just MAXes facing each other (together with at least EMLD there, we had nearly a full platoon, 3 squads on the ground) till they broke through in the end, but still nice effort from TVA again in an outpoped situation.
  8. Justicia

    We've been having a lot of success since the outfit restructure. Come join the action and be part of our new vision!
  9. Notiz

    especialy if you want to join our growing-together ground-forces who getting better and better with each OPS and training - we putting a lot of effort in making cehesive teams and we have a lot success in participating highly coordinated fights all over auraxis to fight for alerts (together with TVA-outfits). supported by our awsome air-force squads you will have a lot fun fighting on the ground, with scythes and liberators above you fightng for air-speriority (and you are not getting lol-poded...).

  10. Notiz

  11. Bvenged

  12. Notiz

    hehe always nice to see a friendly bump from the enemy :)

    good news everyone,

    DIGT has gone through some major restructure efforts and we have cleaned up our ranks and now are our stats according to our activity: 52 members and 98% activity (last 30 days, checked 11/15/13) which is for real 100% but we have a gaming community admin in our outfit who doesn't play the game (a former leader of DIG).

    so bright future ahead for us, if you are curious for more stats check this

    average Kill-Death-Ratio: 1.6

    average BattleRank: 72

    (checked 11/15/13)

    that is impressive, I hope new players who think about joining a tactical outfit and find us are not scared off, because of the high cert requirments and high average BR: if you are interested, first join our gaming community and you will be accepted regardles of certs or BR in DIG and you are very close to us (in day to day gameplay and events - as we tend to play alongside of DIG alot.

    the difference between DIG and DIGT you can find shortly discribed here in our PS2 Introduction.

    and regardless of that our Teamspeak Server is always open for guests!

    we also don't care about your KD - it's just nice to see it rising when it proves that our teamplay works (for example: medics reviving and no lone wolfs)
  13. huller

    So tactical
  14. Arquin

    wow so tactical
    much science
    many lashers
    such gal drop

  15. Notiz

  16. Arphelior

    :eek: Awesome! Shall I order the cake then (dont' you like the color :D)?
  17. Notiz

    perfect! a very tactical choice of yours. a very sweet thing we can eat and celebrate the old DIG, the veteran members since that time, the two Outfits like they are now and walk with dignity into the future ;-)
  18. Notiz

    numbers rising slowly but surely we got always some recruits especialy from DIG who thinking aout joining us - you should do the same - we got allot of trainings and Operation nights to join, learn, fight and have fun with us!
  19. DmitryRain

  20. Notiz

    don't you read any tells you get? this was a dogfighting training of our pilots and you disrupted it.