Dignity of War Tactical [DIGT]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Justicia, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Dignity

    Pump action shotguns are the way to go as a Hunter. Quick in, blow em all up and out again.
  2. Emitz Devil

    Super Tactical Bump ;)
  3. Notiz

  4. Arquin

    Oh man, I hope all the old beards come back so we can get proper divisions going after summer again.
  5. Loopback0

  6. IronWarrior

  7. Dignity

    bumping this up for our bros
  8. Sekaszy

    We were so useless today, but that Lancer/Lasher Platoon was so funny >:D
    And our two great Nemezis GhostAvatar from TR and Sab from NC, they try to kill us all the time :D Once Sab even kill GhostAvatar xD
  9. Akaan

    You received the sweet love of my Galaxy. Aww yeah. I hope you're not too - crushed - that we had to part eventually :p

  10. Sekaszy

    And in the and Oduuch gets you by droppod :cool:
  11. Justicia

    Back to business. Prepare to see another solo lib in the sky tonight :)
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  12. SebDollar

    Was great fun :D Gotta admit I was pretty annoyed when you guys took out our tank zerg leaving us defenceless against the TR. But then i realized you were the perfect target practise for our Galaxies :D Always fun fighting you guys - and believe me, i take great joy in killing GhostAvatar as well.
  13. Luzario

  14. ValorousBob

    Bump for success, DIGT has been doin work lately. Here's some feedback from a TR on Miller.

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  15. Notiz

    nice to hear that.

    salute to ISK and our sister-outfit DIG :)
  16. Justicia

    Recruitment still ongoing. Extra operation night added, now we have operations on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  17. AdennTM

    Up for a 12 vs 12 on PTS next weekend?
  18. Notiz

    we are currently restructuring our outfit and this thread will be updated very soon.

    it's the AIRBORNE's turn.

    Pilots and happy-redeploying Infantry is very much welcome ;-)
  19. Justicia

    Outfit restructured, new opening post!

    New recruits welcome again :)
  20. AdennTM

    So we finally going to get that scrim? :p