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  1. Justicia

    Dignity of War Tactical [DIGT]

    Teamspeak: ts.dignityofwar.com:9988
    Dignity of War Tactical [DIGT] is a sister outfit of Dignity of War [DIG] in the Dignity of War gaming community. We focus on tactical squad/platoon-based game-play.

    DIGT is an airborne outfit. This means that we are a quick reaction force organised in two groups, the ground force and the air force. The ground force consists of infantry players who are trained to use any class and can use specific squad set-ups and tactics to handle any obstacle in their way to secure a target. The air force consists of pilots that can react swiftly to any threat and strike in a coordinated fashion. As an airborne outfit, we move rapidly across the map to different bases as we see fit.

    DIGT is a member of TVA, the VS outfit alliance on Miller, and cooperates with other outfits in TVA regularly.


    As mentioned above, DIGT is organised in two groups coexisting and fighting in coordination on the battlefield. All DIGT members receive a set of core trainings to make them effective in squad play and communication. This is set out to provide a unified standard of tactics, equipment and leadership strategies in order to make sure that every player is on the same level as the soldier standing next to him and squad leaders can count on all players to understand and implement the tactics.

    The ground force is made up of what we call the Paratroopers. The Paratroopers are our main infantry forces. They have fulfilled certification requirements across all classes, which makes DIGT squads very flexible. When needed, they can also pull armor to deal with threats. The Specialists are Paratroopers who have fulfilled strict certification requirements and training into a certain class. They are the elite infantry forces who will be called upon to perform certain tasks. They are part of the Paratroopers, but have class preference in squad setups.

    The air force is made up of our Pilots. The Pilots are the birds in the sky. They have certed into both Scythes and Liberators and have received training to make effective use of these aircraft. During ops we can usually field a squad of dedicated pilots who dominate the skies and support our ground forces.

    As we pride ourselves on being an outfit composed of flexible members, we allow our members to specialise in both roles as Adaptive members. These members fulfil both Paratrooper and Pilot certification requirements and have invested a lot of time and effort to work for a higher standard of play.


    DIGT's leadership structure is divided into three ranks.

    Leaders decide on the outfit direction and oversee its progress. Current DIGT Leaders: Justicia and Maelstrome26.

    Lieutenants are active, respected and trusted members that fulfil a variety of roles. Examples include: regular squad/platoon leading, trainings, forum management, etc.

    Members fill the ranks of the outfit. They actively participate in outfit events and operations and are members of the Dignity of War gaming community.

    Membership Requirements:

    Dignity of War community members can apply to become Trial Member of DIGT. To join the community, fill out a simple application on our forum. The community Code of Conduct has to be accepted.

    Before submitting a Trial Membership application, applicants need to fulfil certain certification requirements. The Paratroopers and Pilots each have their own certification requirements, which some basic requirements shared between them. Obviously, Paratroopers go further in infantry certifications and Pilots go further in aircraft certifications. Applicants needs to choose to apply as either Paratrooper or Pilot. After becoming a full member as either Paratrooper or Pilot, members are free to also pursue the other side and become a flexible Adaptive member.

    Some other important requirements for membership:
    • The outfit rules have to be accepted.
    • Teamspeak attendance is mandatory.
    • Core trainings need to be successfully completed within two months of Trial Membership.

    DIGT runs regular events. The two main events each week are the WOPS, the Wednesday night ops, and the FNO, the Friday night ops. In each of these events we run strictly in our trained and organised outfit game-play.

    Trainings are held regularly, both to train new tactics to old and new members, and to refresh or maintain tactics already taught before.

    Teamspeak Only Squads are run pretty much every night until the early morning hours. We often welcome members from other friendly outfits on our Teamspeak server to join us for these fun squads. We also play in
    Open/Public DIG Platoons as we share the same teamspeak server and communication is open.

    What we offer:
    • A friendly environment.
    • Banter and fun on our teamspeak server.
    • Organised squad/platoon gameplay.
    • A large casual outfit (DIG) to back us and to take part in when we want.
    Who we’re looking for:

    We are recruiting fun-loving players who are looking for more organised team play. Membership requirements:
    • Teamspeak is mandatory. A mic is preferred but not necessary.
    • Website/community registration.
    • Members should be social and mature, know when to have fun and when to follow orders.
    • No cheaters/griefers obviously.
    • We are an international outfit, but we use English only.
    • We are looking for active members. Real life always takes priority and you will not be punished for missing events, but we like to see a certain degree of involvement.
    • Members must like the feeling of tight purple spandex.
    How to join:

    The best way to start would be to join us on teamspeak and have a talk, and play with us as well. We welcome anyone interested in joining, and our teamspeak server is open for everyone.
    If you meet the requirements and are interested in joining, you first have to sign up on our website and apply to the Dignity of War community. After acceptance you have to fill out a DIGT Trial Membership application.

    We hope to welcome you to our outfit soon!

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  2. FendleyFire

    It's good to see some organised competition on Auraxis. DIG always put up a good fight and we've been noticing DIGT being a hindrance to our plans, sign up today if you're a dirty Vanu looking for a good fight!

    Good luck with recruitment.
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  3. Luzario

    DIG was already a pain in the ***... DIGT makes everthing even worse! ... in a good way :D GL guys and lets get that MLG on!
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  4. SebDollar

    Justicia, start posting videos already!!
    (also bump)
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  5. Justicia

    Need more killshots of you ;)
  6. Pella

    Would recommend to any budding vs.
  7. Loopback0

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, but we are still lacking some dedicated infantry grunts. So if you are BR30+ and you like tactical gameplay and with a love for teamwork, don't hesitate to get in touch. ;)


  8. PeaSum

    - Members must like the feeling of tight purple spandex.

  9. Loopback0

    To honor that we have created Spandex Airlines. ;)

  10. Notiz

    I know it's summer but if ya can stand against the heat and wanno do some division-dedicated and tactical gameplay join us.

    and like loopback said we need more ground-troops. and tank drivers.

    we have a lot of trainings going on ( so don't be shy we try to teach everything), events and place for a lot fun doing what we do.

    teamwork is our goal not just a tool.
  11. YamiNoTenshi

    All hail the mighty leader of DIGT!

  12. Loopback0

  13. allelujah

    Wait so DIG might be a force to fear on the battlefield! Taken your time lads and lasses. :p

    Good group of people, alway put up a good fight. Hope DIGT turns out well for all the players.
  14. Dignity

    Bump for our bros from DIGT
  15. VSMars

    So I joined up your public platoon yesterday (Sunday) evening. Somehow ended up in Alpha despite the UI claiming I'll go into Delta, which led to a bit of confusion at the start and me taking the wrong Gal. Oh well, **** happens. Overall a very enjoyable and tightly led operation, good job there.

    A few notes though:

    * I wish we'd have clear class guidelines. At one point I switched from Engy (my default class) to Infiltrator, seeing as our only other Infiltrator in the squad didn't bother with hacking terminals for some reason, only to discover we had no Engies anymore. Needless to say, I switched back at the earliest possible occasion.
    * I clearly don't get how Squad Deploy works. Half of the time it sends me to some base I don't want to be, or just the warpgate. ;)
    * Please teach every Infiltrator joining to hack every terminal, especially vehicle terminal, ASAP. I have a nice stealthed Scout Radar Flash which I'd love to pull out at every base if possible, ideally while we're still trying to take it.
    * I only suicide-mined one Sundy (NC one at Mekala). That makes me as a professional suicide miner sad. That said, how do you call their position out to the squad/platoon mates efficiently without being able to paint on the map?
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  16. Justicia

    Thanks for joining us and the compliment. We also appreciate clear constructive criticism like you posted here. Let me answer/explain your points.

    - Class guidelines. Yes, this is something we should improve. With public platoons you mostly get low BR players who enjoy a certain playstyle and/or have only certed into a single class, so we usually let them play to their (perceived) strengths. However, if we see that we need a certain class or have an overabundance of a certain class we will ask people to change. If you see this situation and your squad/platoon leader has not remedied it, you can also call it out. In fact, we had another one of these situations yesterday where we dropped a squad on a destroyed generator, but nobody was engineer to repair it, facepalm moment right there :D.
    - Squad deploy (bottom left on your map/deployment screen) drops you on the squad leader's position in a droppod. Deploy near your squad leader (the insert option) deploys you to the friendly spawn room nearest to your squad leader.
    - Yes, I personally have called this out multiple times last night, it is naturally a very important thing for new players to learn. Similarly, it is important for them to learn not to destroy enemy terminals but to let someone hack them.
    - The best way to communicate is through the use of a microphone in squad/platoon chat, or by joining us on our teamspeak server (which is more chatty than the ingame voice chat and is open to everyone). The ts server address is regularly posted in platoon chat, and you can find it here in the OP as well (ts.dignityofwar.com:9988). If you don't have a microphone, the only real way to communicate is through chat. If it isn't picked up quickly, try whispering to the squad/platoon lead, this gives them a sound notification as well. Position is best called through compass direction and landmarks (for instance, NC sundy north-east of the base just north of the ammo tower).

    I hope you join our platoon again and have a good time. If you have any other criticism or questions, never hesitate to contact the squad/platoon leader. If I am in the platoon, you can always contact me, I try to be as helpful to platoon members as I can.
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  17. VSMars

    The point (which I rather unclearly explained, I guess) is how to identify this position, in chat or voice. Sometimes it's easy ("half a klick north of "[C]"), sometimes you don't need much precision ("Striker nest at AuraxiCom Network Hub"), but in this case it would be something like "behind that easternmost building in south-west corner of L8 grid" (and yes, the silly buggers put it that close to the tech plant spawn room), which is awkward and hard to parse.

    I wish SOE would make the grid lines proper and with decimal subdivisions at closer zoom levels. "Grid 121088" is such an easy and quick position to parse. Though we could use "L8-18", I guess ...

    I just wonder if you guys found any standard convention which works well for almost all cases.
  18. Justicia

    Well in DIGT we use the numpad to give more exact locations, dividing grids in 9 subsections with a reference to the layout of the numpad on your keyboard. For example, L8 key 7 would be the northwest part of grid L8. For even more precise locations, we use this method twice, such as L8 key 7 key 6, the east part of the northwest part of grid L8.
  19. Sekaszy

    Well, one word: HUNTERS.

    In few words: Special unit to f**k up important enemy stuff,(Sundys, AA, etc) and support "normal" infantry.

    In fun words:"Oh you think C4 is your ally. But you merely adopted the C4; We were born in it, moulded by it. We didint see the fire fight until we were a BR50, by then it was nothing to us but BORING!"
  20. VSMars

    While I salute the dedication of my fellow players to blow sh*t up, then toss in some more explosives for good measure, I neither like to play LA nor can get used to how shotguns work. ;)