Dignity of War [DIG] finally recruiting through the forums

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Dignity, Dec 22, 2012.

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    always fun to see these
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    Fish doesn't have any dignity, they're always wet and naked.
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    There is a lot of dignity in that.
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    Mhm wet and naked...
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    Yup yup
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  9. Dignity

    Still recruiting
  10. DentalRednasty

    I was looking to join. But the website seems to be down?
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  14. Dignity

    Bump once again
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    If you keep stroking your thread like this it will eventually catch fire.
  16. Dignity

    Maybe that's a good thing?
  17. Dignity

    Catch fire already
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    We separated the Outfit into two Sections to reflect our new organization and play style. We still feature the already known [DIG] Outfit for all the casual players and with very little to almost no rules for each member.
    Additionally we created the Dignity of War Tactical Outfit, identified via the [DIGT] Tag. The Tactical outfit has tight rules and regulations an will consist only of players which value tactical teamwork within our Divisions.


  19. Dignity

    Did a huge overhaul on the first post.

    [DIG] is back baby.
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