Digital Revolution [DREV]

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Mac1, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Mikenuge

    Well we're not all Canadian if that's what you was thinking, Buddy.
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  2. N0FreeRides32

    DREV Glory to all those who bleed blue and gold!

    Better dead than Red.
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  3. Mikenuge

    Objective event night - Search and destroy high ranking outfit leaders/officers
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  4. 0dineye

    We took and held Dahaka Amp tonight. At one point our two squads were fighting three different platoons. If my memory serves me well it was ZAPS, VDRS, VHOT. We enjoyed seeing you guys last night.

    We are always excited to have other players join us. We are a multi-gaming community and Planetside 2 hasn't had as much focus as it has had but DREV sent a clear message tonight that we are back and as strong as ever.
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  5. Mikenuge

    go drev
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  6. Squibo

    Yay Digirev
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  7. Genesisrise

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  8. Nehlis

    I've been looking for a fun NC outfit on Waterson. Mind if I join up?
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  9. Corezer

    These guys are the only ones I trust outside of my own outfit to not be a bunch of red/blue colorblind, mouth breathing, droopy eyed armless idiots and take about 80% of my health before realizing that the beeping noise is a bad thing, which I see often enough to be relevant to that statement. (BDM and DVS are pretty good about actually being a benefactor in the fights I partake in too, but I see maybe one every week)

    Highly recommended.
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  10. JibbaJabba

    Still recruiting!
    Training nights are back in full swing!

    Join a platoon, run with us and decide if you like how we run things. In-game invites are given.

    What to expect:
    During Alerts we coordinate with NC Command.
    Outside of Alerts we seek out the fight that is fun for our troops.

    Just to stress though:
    We ask you sign up and participate in forums. We ask that you join our TeamSpeak 3 Server. If an in-game invite is given, check the Outfit message of the day for server details on both.

    Also, mentioning because I've seen this when running with PUB or non-Drev platoons: We do not tolerate team killing. Accidents happen of course but you should be able to share the edge of cover with someone in a coordinated fashion. I'm personally BR86 and never once weapon locked. If someone *deliberately* teamkills a Drev member we do not retaliate. We report. That's how we roll.

    As a final word to those reading: If you are not in an Outfit, Get in one! We would love to have you in Drev but you'll enjoy the game so much more in an outfit so if it's not us, make sure it is somebody.

    CYA on Auraxis.
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  11. JibbaJabba

    We appreciate that Corezer, thanks! :)
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  12. Snake00223nc

    With a total of 72+ days on the waterson server I have seen outfits come and go but throughout DREV has been there fighting for the nc, DREV are the ONLY nc outfit on waterson I enjoy working with, they lead a tight nit group and always have your back. I remember on multiple occasions EXP0 and DREV defeating 48+ TR on our own all in 2 different platoons numbering at most >48, one call on cmd chat I dropped B securing it DREV get a sunderer in behind it, i then flank the tower with 2 squads as DREV make sure it is 100% secure then once again once EXP0 gets to C a DREV sunderer arrives 9 mins later and holding against multiple max crashes to both points EXP0 and DREV secure the base outnumbered!
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  13. Atenson

    We are always recruiting but even if you are not looking for an outfit, join up w/ us when we have opened platoons & see how we roll. We don't proclaim to be the "BEST OUTFIT EVER" but we run squads daily & have regular members that are easy to get along with. Our primary focus is teamwork. We run a mix of casual & directive driven squads.

    See you on the battle field~!
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  14. Gravelstein

    Hey, is Mac and Buckeye still in cahoots with ya'll? My kids and I ran with DREV last year and had a good time. After a hiatus we've come back and I was just curious if ya'll still rolled on Auraxis or warpgated away.. ;)
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  15. ab5597

    @Gravelstein Yep! Mac, Buckeye, and the rest of the crew are still around, albeit less frequently than the good ol' days. DREV's PS2 community is not as massive as it used to be, but on the occasional weekend, you'll find a platoon of us doing what we do best. :)

    Be sure to visit for community updates and announcements. We play tons of other games in addition to PS2, and our Teamspeak is a welcoming place for anyone interested in joining the Digirev family.
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  16. Peahats

    Hey! It's Peahats from Voodoo shipping Co.! You (MAC1) asked about joint-ops with VCO, and I've just spoken with the "suits" and they all like the idea. I'd like to talk to you on the subject further, when is a good time to be online?
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  17. Mac1

    Hello All!

    It has been a long time since i have visited this board! Just want to inform you all, and those lost souls who have moved on from PS2. We have been back in full gear and ramping up our efforts. Please come join us (re-join us). We have been conducting operations As of January 1st and after 2-3 months of hard work we are now back on regular platoon rotations and even 2 platoons running on weekend ops.

    Special shout out to all my fellow squad/platoon leads, thanks for sticking through the tough times! Looking forward to new members, reunions with old members, and coordination with other outfits (Such as out new buddies VCO)

    650 Strong & Still tearing it up.
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  18. Willardnigma

    Digirev, such a mized community. The night shift crew are very welcoming, and awesome. Helpful towards newcomers, with a go getter attitude. But playing during the day, you're going to find squad and platoon leads that constantly argue and curse everyone out over which base to go to. So if you're a nightime player, JOIN UP, but before 9pm NYT, I'd stick with a different outfit.
  19. Mac1

    Please come join our Planetside 2 Events Group on Steam - Joining this group will notify you when we are conducting Ops Nights and group reunions. There is one scheduled tonight. Please join the discord. Hope to see you. Thank you.
  20. 0dineye

    Holy Necro!

    I was there. It was fun.

    45k points from holding a door for an hour, and it was the quiet side :)