Digital Revolution [DREV]

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  1. Goiiath

    great outfit, very well organized (chat in squads are quite lively as necessary while platoon comms are disciplined for tactics which is great atleast under Mac1, havent been commanded by any others) Bump for this outfit, 101st reply and giving another recommendation to anyone looking for a strong, efficient organized and balanced disciplined'friendly outfit.

    P.S. Mac1 if you read this, its I3anish, and I'll be away for work til July 14th, I'll try my best to join the training sessions and tactics for MLG, when I get back. Sorry for this man haha. Good luck at training guys.
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  2. Bazaarr

    Awesome outfit. Extremely tight teamwork, and great leadership. If you're fairly serious with PS2 and can take orders, DREV might just be for you.
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  3. Blackweb

    DREV is a good outfit, I highly recommend them :D
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  4. Bazaarr

    This is true for lots of players!
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  5. MadmanMSU

  6. 0dineye

    MadmanMSU we have responded to you via the site. We want you to come back to us. You obviously have the heart we are looking for or you wouldn't have posted here. It was simply a clerical error.

    Tonight was a great time to stretch the legs of our new MLG team. We had a good warm up crushing the TR on Indar before the Biolab alert. Then our MLG locked the alert in. We showed up at every Biolab fight and broke the sieges, and that was with less than a squad of guys.

    We're not like other teams. It's not like we are running around in some field being shot at by a couple tanks saying "we're distracting the enemy with our tactics" or showing up at the last Biolab with the rest of the NC after doing nothing. No, we are showing up where it matters, when it matters, and winning.

    TiW and PxP did a really good job of moving quickly, but this last alert won't have been won without DRev and the DRev MLG team, that is for sure. If you are interested in joining either then visit
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  7. CrazyChaiGur

    id like to join can i get TS3 info in my inbox i dont use ingame comms
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  8. CrazyChaiGur

    i am GOOSE on Waterson
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  9. Wildcardgsx

    I would like to join, was in for all of 6 hours, I logged off went to sleep, went to work got home and logged back in. Now I am without an Outfit. What gives? No explanation, no reason or warrant.
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  10. ab5597

    Be sure to check out the DigiRev forums at to keep up with recent events. Everything is explained there.
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  11. N0FreeRides32

    Operation Reformation

    Has been activated by our Outfit leader MAC1 at approximately 7pm est on July 30th 2013. All members were kicked from the Outfit: DREV, (aka: DigiRev). Memebrs were then obligated to request a re-invite to resume playing with the Outfit. It was a fresh start for DREV, and the decision and operation were not taken lightly. Please if you had any reservations or concerns with our Outfit know now that we will be different, we will be the absolute "casual" force of NC Waterson. And I say casual only because we are still casual players but we will be playing at the same standards and status of professionals.

    Its a DREV2.0 if you will. Its a new start, now lets go fight the good fight everybody, and kick some TR *butt*!

    -N0FreeRides32, 32nd Airborne Commander, DigiRev
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  12. EmperorPenguin5

    DREV's airforce is looking for Many new and experienced "dedicated" pilots I primarily lead it. And yes my attitude has gotten a lot better. We currently have half a dozen to a dozen good pilots with around another four or so being nearly on the level of the other aces. What our airforce is trying to accomplish is provide a safe and inviting environment for pilots to work together and be able to at least evenly compete with the other enemy outfit's pilots. We do have training nights for our air and thanks to having Mythlord who did a great job instructing our last training we got all our non-dedicated pilots to learn the reverse thrust maneuver.

    We are also looking for good liberator pilots and gunners. If you fly with us, you will always have escorts to cover you while you bomb the enemy below.

    I want to see the skies filled with reavers and libs riding DREV tags. Even make reaver squadrons fly in formation on their way to their objectives. If you're a pilot please consider applying to join us.

    This is a great multi-gaming community.
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  13. Infamous5114

    I've found some outfits will bail when they run into trouble and only fight if theyre gonna win. I'm looking for one that will fight to the end win or lose, since after all thats what the NC is all about
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  14. Jachim

    I recall some epic defends DREV has lead or been a major part of :) Good outfit check out some of their youtube vids of us IR and NUC assaulting (and losing :( )
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  15. hot8rodz

    Quick Reference Check List:
    - Do you have a Microphone?
    - Are you a Team-Player?
    - Can you follow orders effectively?
    - Can you move at an ample pace?
    - Can you make useful suggestions when needed?
    - Will you be active on our forums and website?
    - Will you make our TS3 server your new home [active on Team Speak 3]?
    - Will you help out new players and/or struggling squad mates?
    - Are you a generally positive person with a descent personality?
    - Are you intelligent, wise, and employ common sense?
    - Are you courteous to others?

    To all of those questions yes, I would love to join.
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  16. N0FreeRides32

    Awesome group to play a casual or competitive game with. Definitely "a rad group of guys" check us out at have a mic and be a teamplayer and roll with DREV, best of the best of Waterson NC since Novemeber 2012!
  17. Lampenfieber

    Good people there and a good place for new players!
  18. Mikenuge

  19. ab5597

    Digirev Outfit Highlights- Week of Sept. 29- Oct. 5
  20. Total_Overkill

    That answers alot of questions ive kept in my head for awhile now... o_O