Digital Revolution [DREV]

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  1. Mac1

    Short, Simple, Sweet

    Teamwork, Dedication, Tactical Efficiency, Results, Friendships, & Fun
    If these are the things you are looking for, then look no further...

    The fight on Waterson proves to be one of the most difficult for the NC faction. With constant double-teaming from enemy factions the NC face a hard road ahead. However, it is time to light the beacons and unite the clans! We will now longer sit by and idly watch the NC unwillingly bend at the knee! If you are tired of getting left in the dark and mercilessly slayed by the TR and VS, its time to make a change...

    We are only looking for dedicated team-players to add to our ranks and build our community! When it's time to take care of business all the nonsense gets left at the warp-gate and only the strong move forward with us! No job is to big or to small for us to handle. When the call for help is heard, we will be there! Its time we give the NC a fighting chance!

    If you think we are the right fit for you learn more about us @ and join our ranks.
    We are currently averaging around 750 outfit members & sport 1 to 2 active platoons on the average night, and 3 to 4 platoons during event nights & weekends. We are always looking for strong squad leaders to learn the ropes from our commanders and grow their leadership skills.

    DigiRev - Outfit and Gaming Community is not for everyone!
    View the Check List below to see if you may qualify.

    Quick Reference Check List:
    - Do you have a Microphone?
    - Are you a Team-Player?
    - Can you follow orders effectively?
    - Can you move at an ample pace?
    - Can you make useful suggestions when needed?
    - Will you be active on our forums and website?
    - Will you make our TS3 server your new home [active on Team Speak 3]?
    - Will you help out new players and/or struggling squad mates?
    - Are you a generally positive person with a descent personality?
    - Are you intelligent, wise, and employ common sense?
    - Are you courteous to others?

    If you meet the above requirements then WE WANTS YOU!
    Fight for MAC! Fight for Glory! Fight For Freedom! Fight for the NC! We will not bow down to the Lizard King!

    #1 .: DigiRev :. - Gaming Community, Platoon, & Outfit
    Best Regards,
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  2. Mac1

    Slow and steady wins the race!
    The first to the party is not always the first to the punch-bowl!
  3. IAmJTS

    Join Digirev to play with a tight knit and efficient group, while having a blast doing it!
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  4. Grizzly-Konried

    MAC is a great guy who offers good leadership in command and I assume it is the same within his outfit. You can't go wrong with these guys.

    HoD salutes you.
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  5. PrivateScarra

    Great group of gentlemen, THIS is how the game is meant to be played!
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  6. IAmJTS

    Platoons every single night!
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  7. Ryntell

    I got lucky enough to be invited to join MAC's squad when I first started playing PS2 and I learned a lot. DigiRev is a great community and balances having fun with getting stuff done. Check us out at and see if our Community is right for you.
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  8. IAmJTS

    Newcomers and new players highly welcome! As long as you are a mature, team player, and can follow orders, DRev could be a great home for you! NO player is looked down upon, no matter the skill level. All players have room for improvement, and we encourage that! You will not be treated differently because you are a new player, rather you will have a full squad at your back willing to help you whenever you need it!
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  9. Subject32

    Definitely a great bunch of people to playing with.The teamwork shown in the platoon's and squad's is phenomenal, and the communication is the best! If your're a dedicated team-player and looking for a place to go, then look no further. Come check us out at and help us pull the NC forward to victory!
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  10. holm5073

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  11. Nahum

    Great group of guys who are very organized, and run platoons every night.
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  12. Barjaval

    The best, most organized, solid group of true gamers and good peeps. I love playing with DREV.

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  13. XdrakeX

    I've worked with mac and LtShietzah since I joined in on Planetside 2 and its just a great community that is social and serious when neccesary. They promote maturity and childishness for the fun of it. There are platoons almost every night and sometimes even two or more. I really believe that people joining into NC on Waterson should really check it out.
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  14. Mac1

    Holly ****! Thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback here! I'm glad everyone is having a good time and working together, and i'm glad other outfits even recognize that we are trying to get the ball rolling with outfit-to-outfit teamwork and organization throughout Waterson!

    Only good things to come! Watch Out VS & TR you can gang-up on us, but you won't be able to to take us out! We will be the thorn in your side, so you mind as well leave...
  15. kerano32

    DRev is honestly the best gaming community that I have had the pleasure of playing with. Members are thoughful, take initiative and communicate effectively, which is why this outfit is so effective on the battlefield. At this point, 90% of the reason I get on to play PS2 every night is just to play with these guys.
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  16. DeRikalus

    Solid group of guys here. Laid back when it's slow and serious when needed. I probably would've stopped playing PS2 a month ago if I didn't join this group, definitely enhances your experience. Members are willing to help newcomers like myself as long as you can follow orders and try your best to complete the objectives.
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  17. Buckeye07

    If you're on Waterson and not enjoying your outfit is the gaming community not only for SC2 but also a dozen other competitive strategic games. Mature group of people that are serious about quality competition. Very organized. They will feel like your second family in no time!! Glad to be in the DRev family!! GO NC!!
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  18. IAmJTS

    I was actually playing what I planned on being my last PS2 game, because I just couldn't get into it given that I SUCKED and was not understanding the game, and had nobody to explain it to me. Thankfully I learned how to spawn at a sundy, and sure enough it was the Digirev guys all around. I noticed how coordinated everyone was, not to mention one of their medics saved my *** numerous times because I had NO idea what I was doing. At that point I decided to ask for an invite. Played with them for a while and was immediately addicted to PS2, and learned the ins and outs SO fast with those guys. After a while I was accepted in and I still have an absolute blast with these guys every single time I go on!
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  19. Atenson

    Great outfit. Perfect balance of fun & goal achievement!
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  20. Vultraz

    Wonderful outfit, amazing amounts of teamwork, communication, and lots of fun!
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