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    Digital Legion Summary
    Empire: New Conglomerate
    Server: EU Miller (ex-Werner)
    Age: 18+
    Intended outfit size: Medium-Large
    Type: Base Capture / Special Ops / Holding the Line
    Primary units: Heavy Armour / Air Superiority / Airborne Infantry
    Attitude: Relaxed but competitive
    Rules: 'Gentleman' Rules
    Comms: Requirement if only to be able to listen
    Recruitment: Open

    Who are the Digital Legion?
    Back in Planetside 1 if you played on Werner you would have known us as 58th Marine Corp - The Wildcards. We were one of the largest outfits on Werner and one of the founding outfits of the NC Werner Alliance (NCWA) - an alliance between several outfits including Brutal Deluxe and Renegade Legion, to name a couple.

    We're primarily a European Outfit, with members mostly from the UK and Sweden however we do have members from all over Europe and a few from the USA too. We're a diverse community of like minded gamers with members from all walks of life.

    We often fought away from the zerg, taking part in base raids and setting up ambushes for an unsuspecting enemy. That doesn't mean we're afraid to fight on the front lines - far from it - we love to smash stuff up with Tanks and Air Cavalry - MAX Crashes were also a strength for us. We also had a very strong bomber wing, who specialised in thwarting Galaxy hotdrops and supressing tanks.

    Digital Legion will continue the fight for freedom alongside our NC Brothers and Sisters and are looking to reform the NC alliance we once were a part in. The 58th Marine Corp was known for being a dependable ally to our friends and we want Digital Legion to carry on that torch.

    After a 5 year tour of duty in Planetside many of our members looked for pastures greener and consequently moved on, however the announcement of Planetside 2 and the superb coverage over the past few weeks has gotten our entire outfit ready to get back into the fight!

    What are our strengths?
    We have at our core, a community of die-hard FPS players, the mass majority of which met up in Planetside 1, we've recruited a good number of players Battlefield series. Consequently we have players who specialise in vehicle warfare, air superiority and air transport. We have several members who were expert Galaxy pilots and Liberator bombers and are all ready to get back at it!

    Code of Conduct
    Digital Legion has a few core values, that apply to all our members and are expect of all recruits:

    Simple really; don't be a d*ck. It doesn't matter if they have an abhorrent addiction to wearing purple, or use guns that fire a million foam darts per minute - everyone deserves respect.

    Baseless criticism and the "law of because I say so" do not apply in Digital Legion. We hate those who make basless accusations against others and deal with those who do, quickly.

    Maintain the Reputation of DL*:
    When members play games wearing the dl* tags they are representing the Digital Legion community as a whole. Being established in PS1 we realise how important an outfits reputation is in Planetside, more the most other games and so we take a zero tolerance stance against spammers, greifers and cheap tactics. We play to win, but not by ruining the experience for everyone else.

    Put simply, if a DL* member is being a d*ck, they should be prepared for the consequences - our officers don't screw around and if someone is causing a problem and won't listen to reason then they can expect to be kicked quickly.

    Sounds like something I'd like to be a part in - where do I sign up?
    Head on over to our website:

    Please register in the forums and post your application as per the template in the applications forum! An officer will approve your post and wait for the welcomes to roll in! Members from other outfits are also welcome to join in the discussion on our website!

    Finally a shout out to the lost!
    This is a shout out to those former members of the 58th Marine Corp - we want you back!

    If you read this please sign back up at!

    - ManglerSWE
    - Deadn00b
    - Roger123
    - Harris
    - BobbyDigital
    - Leight
    - ZickorAte
    - Phathogen
    - Overmars
    - Price
    - FrozenPanda
    - Riggs
    - R33s
    - Erazor01
    - And anyone else we may have missed!
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    Nice one guys!
  4. Obliter8

    lol, 'Facbook'
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    Friday Night's Christmas Fun Event was an a huge success with mass stupidity with all NC modes of transport culminating in a wacky race accross a cont through an enemy zerg, highlight for me though was the mass skyguard defence witnessing that much tracer fire and vs and tr craft going pop the second they appeared was ace.
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    Nah, Engi line moving in true Legion fashion :)
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    Merry Christmas From Digital Legion
  8. HudsLv426

    Happy New Year fellow Planetsiders.

    Lets make 2013 the year of the NC!
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    Wow! Loads of new members over the last few days, where is everyone coming from?
  10. Beany

    Maybe they have read this thread?

    I'd recommend people come check us out!
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    Don't ask what your outfit can do for your KDR but what your KDR can do to pink bunnies.
  13. HudsLv426

    dl's Flying Heavies in action wiping 2 sundies in quick succession then capping the outpost :)

  14. HudsLv426

    Outstanding Event night guys, the combined arms of air, infantry and tank squads was amazing.
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    11th January DL OPs, will try to record all the ops we do and post them here ;). With Mumble chat included mind! :p

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    Nerf NC Jesus!
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    More like nerf dl* :p

    Get locked and loaded for a couple of big events this weekend.
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    Always freaks me out to hear my own voice.

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    One of them is Kira performing striptease ontop of her own flying Gal! Few passenger seats in spectator Gals still available for 500 Auraxiums. Call 800-VVB!

    Sorry, gunner seats sold out.