Different factions, same server?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cynosure, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Cynosure

    Hey there,

    Is it possible to have two characters (from differing factions) on the same server? I remember there being talk of it and players mentioning that you get locked out of Faction A for X amount of hours when you log off Faction B.

    I'd like to try out a vehicle build on another faction. I'd like to stay on the same server, but if I'm going to be locked out constantly then I'll simply roll on a different server.

    I didn't want to create it myself to find out as I don't want to be locked out of my main later this evening!

    Many thanks,
  2. XRIST0

    Yes you can have multiple characters on the same server , there is no lock .
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  3. Tommyp2006

    Yes, you can make as many characters on the same server as you want, regardless of faction. You could even make them.all the same faction if you wanted to for some reason.
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  4. Cynosure

    I cannot make two characters of the same faction on the same server. When trying to do so, the server my first character is on does not show up on the server list.

    False alarm.. the server was just hidden.
  5. Nariquo

    yeah you can one of the most stupid things SOE did
  6. Pikachu

    Should never have been allowed. Shut up Briggs and Connery players.
  7. Dark82

    You can make different characters of different factions on the same server. I did it with all my characters, and have had no trouble (These have been on for a few months).
  8. AnuErebus

    Bu bu but... fine. :(

    But yeah, you can have a character on all three factions on a server. I have a TR, NC and VS on Connery and log into each one every day in rapid succession (Passive certs), I've never run into trouble. And personally I don't see any issue with it so long as you aren't the guy blowing up friendly sunderers. I also feel it's best to have all your characters on the same server simply due to the recognition factor. It's fun to kill someone and recognize their name as the engi who was feeding you ammo yesterday or the guy who helped you clear a room full of enemies.
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  9. Pikachu

    I have a vanu and a terran on Ceres while my main NC is on Cobalt. Unless the server transfer costs lots of money I'm going to send one of them to Woodman. Best would be to send NC to Ceres because NC seems to perform much better there, but I play with some friends on Cobalt.
  10. RottenGroinArea

    Allowing instant faction swap is incredibly stupid.

    If they put a 12 hour timer on faction swapping it would reduce a great deal of the
    cr-appy abuse the infantile idiots seem to enjoy so much.
  11. CaptainYamerica

    4th factioners arise! (douchenozzles)
  12. ViXeN

    Yes, you can but I personally don't do it so that I am not even tempted to switch characters to the winning side during alerts. I have a TR alt but its on Matherson.
  13. sauna

    Yes, you can and it's stupid as all hell.
    IF you're going to allow people playing multiple sides on the same server AT LEAST put a decent timer on it.

    SOE not caring about this is fundamentally flawed in every way, shape and form.
  14. Cynosure

    I don't think I'd abuse it in such a way.

    I've just wanted to try out some flying and am not a huge fan of the way the Scythe operates so I went in and played around a bit with the Mosquito.. but, I've also realized I don't want to lose the weapons I've worked so hard to unlock as a VS. Decisions, decisions! I may go for it anyways as starting off with beginner weapons again may help increase my skill as a player.

    I've also managed to make a few TR friends while playing VS. We've been up against each other quite a bit due to similar play times and it would be fun to join up with them every once and a while rather than having to constantly **** them. =P
  15. Excretus Maximus

    There should be.
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