Did You, SOE, totally lost control over Your game ? (hackers on Lithcorp)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by dr_Fell, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. dr_Fell

    The hacking is so common today, that it totally ruins game balance. Yesterday I exited game after fighting this guy: http://www.planetside-universe.com/character.php?stats=Lideo1984 He was speedhacking.
    Some of his stats:
    Time Played: 0d 2h 20m
    Kills: 803
    Experience per Minute: 1476.34

    He was reported multiple times. Was his account deleted ?

    Today I entered game, deployed to Zurvan and almost instantly guy named something like FlNDERBlNDER and then long number in his name ("I" in his name are small "L") started to destroy our gameplay hiding in walls and shooting from there. Later he managed to shoot me through walls with Sunderer. Soon after we lost Zurvan without chance to defend it, because every player trying to capture back control point became just another XP source for that piece of ****.

    ****, SOE - Your "double experience" days are even more pissing, because it is almost impossible to gain XP playing against army of hackers, loosing facilities without chance to defend them. Do something NOW, because this game is becoming unplayable.
  2. dr_Fell

    Please answer. Lideo1984 is still playing, is online now. Are You planning to do something with him or other cheaters ?
  3. SirJMD

    Almost impossible to gain XP? I think you're doing something wrong..
    I had this run a few hours ago:

  4. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    We are constantly working and taking measures to stop any players who hack or otherwise exploit PlanetSide 2. In the case you see a player who is supposedly doing so please be sure to, if you have not already, use the /report command or open a support ticket with us as not only does your report assist us with stopping that individual, it also assists us with updating the game client to prevent further exploitation.

    In the case that you need to open a ticket with us you can do so at the following link:

  5. dr_Fell

    Nice to hear
    Maybe the reson is, almost every cheater I see is from Your faction. Might be just coincidence. :) Talking about XP, things are a bit different now, when there are more players than some hours ago. At morningwe quickly lost 2 good facilities to cheating TR and really, there were no battles where NC could get good XP. Still, just few minutes ago we lost some terrain to DSADAD (speedhack, also TR, btw)

    Thanks for answer. I am glad to see, that You are working on it. But it can be really frustrating, to see some of them still in game, day after report. Hope You will finish Your work soon then. I have also a suggestion - some cheaters use difficult names, with random digits, using small "l" (L) amongst capital letters so it appears as "I" (i) and so on. Please consider making more comfortable tools for reporting, because rewriting those names, especially in ticket forms, can be hard.
  6. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    We are planning on fine tuning the /report function so you won't even have to type a perp's name, so keep an eye out for any announcements regarding the report function.
  7. dr_Fell

    Thank You. I will keep my eye on changes then.
    We are just loosing Crown thanks to significant help of the hackers, including this hard working player:

    Experience per Minute: 4764.41
    Certification Points: 1230
    Time Played: 0d 1h 1m
    Kills: 1863

    285 000 XP per hour
    1200 cert points per hour
    one kill every two seconds...

    He is a single man platoon...
  8. Bindlestiff

    I'll second this dsadad player. Every time he killed me (in the space of maybe 1-2 minutes) his battle rank had jumped up several times (12-19, 19-22).

    I love this game, and appreciate the hard work that everyone is putting into it, but I can't help feeling these statements are not being backed up by any *tangible* improvement. It seems there are more and more players abusing the game in the same way that have now been reported for weeks. On Lithcorp it hasn't been as bad as what is being reported on other servers (at least, the times I am on) but tonight has been a joke. If I used the word rampant, it wouldn't be an overstatement.

    Most people know the procedure, but if you saw the apathy in the chat log you'd understand people are now tired of using /report as it - seemingly at least - doesn't have the desired effect, or any effect at all. Cheaters are still in the game, accounts are not locked out, and honest players are getting sick of it.
  9. QRLegion

    I can't say for sure if these stats are correct or not, but I have seen cheaters who have killed me with BR 5 and then they kill me again a minute later and they are already BR8 or more.

    Surely it must be possible to flag up players with ridiculous stats and get an admin to take a look at these players.

    1st on the list of probable cheating w*****s would be the idiots with impossible stats, and 2nd the idiots with stupid names. Seems like it would be a logical starting point in reducing the ridiculous number of cheats in this game without having to resort to more technical methods.
  10. RusMan

    I just can not understand, did not see SOE cheaters on statistics? My child easily distinguish infantryman with K \ D 1 (2) or cheater with K \ D10