Did you know that Q is your button for spotting and it helps alot?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SemperFi, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. SemperFi

    I feel like only 15% of the population knows this or they do its just they dont want to share kills.
  2. Dubious

    If you cant see enemies
    Push "Q"
    Then they get a red triangle above their head and then you aim for that triangle

    Rinse and repeat

    Yes, I hate the Q function, but as long as its in the game it gives me easy kills..
  3. DarkNeuron

    Yeah just spam Q for dem ez kellz
  4. wolfva

    Yeah, I can't say enough about this! Just the other day I'm crouched on a hill top taking making headshots against enemies, when someone above me starts spotting! I was about to tell him to hush, when I noticed no friendly dot on my minimap. So, I used my scanner and WHOA! A red dot appeared just above my position! It was an enemy sniper! So, I quietly circled around, keeping below his LOS and tapped up in the ear with a .50 slug. If it hadn't been for spotting I would NEVER have gotten that kill! To be honest, enemies spotting has given me more kills then friendlies spotting. It's GREAT! I really love how people blatantly give out their location. And the sound? It carries so far to! So by all means, SPOT!

    Unless, of course, you're a friendly. Yesterday I found a perfect snipe spot, had gotten like 15 kills there when a factionmate showed up a little to my side. He's spotting. All the enemy immediately looked up and sprayed our position. He died, I relocated and got another bunch of kills but still.

    Moral of the story? Every positive has a negative. Positive+negative=balance.
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  5. Dubious

    spotting is the most OP feature in this whole game, 100 times worse than rocket pods before nerf
  6. powerz


    planetfield 2..................another feature invented by hackers getting implemented into core game development means lazy players.
  7. helloworldy

    Well, may mouse macro doesn't work anymore. I'm too lazy to hit Q all the time, especially when I'm flying.
  8. CyborgWalrus

    Remember that you shouldn't spam Q on every single enemy in every situation. I was playing infiltrator and I was alone inside an enemy base. I was cloaked sneaking behind an unsuspecting enemy and out of habit pressed Q. "SPOTTED AN ENEMY HEAVY!!". It didn't end well...
  9. ImGladUmad

    I dont Q.

    You know why?....Because idiots will either steal my kills or they will shoot the person and the person will flee.

    IS ******** to use Q.

    Only reason to use q is if their is so much people that you cant possibly kill each and every one of them.......So you will get spotter assist bonus.
  10. Rivenshield

    I'm sorry to LOL at you, but I just did. Reminds me of the times I've run up to a friendly MAX, knelt behind him, hit 3... and gave him a lead enema because I usually play CE, but not always.

    Force of habit. It is a curious thing, no?
  11. Karitori

    You can also press and hold Q on a friendly for extra actions e.g. mute/ignore annoying player.
  12. CoreDave

    Don't forget you get xp if someone else kills the spotted thing, I think this only works if you are the first to spot though. Still a very nice little award.
  13. I Keel You!

    infiltrators should be the only class that can spot
  14. CyborgWalrus

    IMO infiltrators need a cert option to be able to receive extra info about an enemy they have spotted, for example if they are a squad or outfit leader so you could determinate better who you should eliminate.
  15. BuzWeaverPS2

    If you can see it with the naked eye (line of sight) or scope you should be able to mark it, sadly either by rendering issues or other Spotting is spotty. When I'm in the Liberator or Galaxy the gunners can see targets but aren't able to spot them or the spot feature has limited distance and nothing appears on the mini-map. There have been plenty of times where I've attempted to spot and it simply doesn't work. While flying it would make life a lot easier for me to position the aircraft is the gunners were able to spot and the red dot appear on the mini-map so I can adjust the flight pattern accordingly.
  16. Ixal

    And even less people know that when you press Q the enemy can hear you too when you call out what you have seen.

    I am always amused by the Infiltrators who announce that they are now going to uncloak and attack in close combat that way.
  17. Jaloro

    IMO infiltrators should be removed from the game. Most used class by hackers and do nothing to help make progress. We all hate you.

    (j/k, well a bit)
  18. f0d

    dont encourage everyone

    3d spotting is a horrible mechanic to put in a game
  19. Kalocin

    Infiltrators are good but not for their namesake. What they do is create paranoia...Knowing somebody is out there ready to snipe you, forces you to go into hiding or run out into the open...In other words they disorganize groups.