Did Memory leak fix improve your Fps

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. LordMondando

    Just trying to collect data, as just logged on for first time today and finding for the first time since release and tweaking the game in late November, i'm getting GPU limited all the time.

    Prehaps its just placebo effect and the patch was only 9mb.

    But I appear to be noticing a sigificant FPS game, yet.. its slightly more jittery (as it was when I had 4 gig of ram).

    I still need to play around, but its GPU limited in several instances with large amounts of players for the first time in over a month. Surprising in itself. Was the memory leak issue to blame for more than just 10- fps after an hour/hour and a half prehaps?

    -Have razer game booster on.
    -Core's unparked.
    -this ini


    -Cpu: Phenom II X4 965 be oced to 3.6
    GPU: EVGA 650 OCed to 1.2 1 gig
    Mobo: ASUS M5A78L-M LX v2 AM3+ board
    RAM: Corsair 8gig 1333 (downclocked due to procssor)

    Anyone else getting this?
  2. LordMondando

    After fair bit of playtesting, I pretty confident i've overall gained 2-3 minimum fps (hasunt dropped below 25 for more than a milisecond) and its in the 30-40 range a lot more than was before. So overall i'd describe it as more consistent FPS.

    Other people in my outfit are reporting far better gains, people with i5 systems are reporting 50fps in large battles for the first time.

    Also memory leak kicking in hour / hour and a half is gone. Which is nice.

    Anyone else?
  3. Zakuak

    I'm not home yet but I'm going to peee all over if the mem leak fix is indeed a fix for the degradation in FPS over time. =) I'll cross my fingures!
  4. LordMondando

    Unfortunately I still wouldn't expect it to keep your FPS out of the teens when a massive tank zerg rolls along.
  5. Urnefar

  6. Zakuak

    Aaah the reddit link...Urnefar that thread alone leaves you wondering. I mean you read a few guys who say it upped FPS for them then a few who say it did nothing and a couple others who said it made it worse.

    I'm all for squeezing what we can out of the game but I do wish SOE would step in on some of these threads and give us a " waste of time" or "yeah good find" comment.

    As I under stand it PhysX is disabled within the game so adding that line to your useroptions.ini seems redundant eh?
  7. Hydragarium

  8. TeknoBug

    Set ParticleLOD to 2 and ParticleDistanceScale to 0.150000 or so and GpuPhysics to 0.

    I'm on a Phenom II X6 1090T and I got some jittering when having most of the settings to 4 and changing those got rid of it for me.
  9. Var

    Settings GPUPhysics to 0 will currently not net you a performance boost as hardware physx is currently disabled.
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  10. NeonDrache

    It didn't do much on my end, my CPU dips to 0% when loading a part of the map and/or players for a few seconds. I know it's not overheating, load temps are about 50c. Before, my CPU would hover around 70% in med battles and 80-90% in big battles, but there weren't any FPS drops or stuttering. Now it's unplayable.
  11. hostilechild

    No fps change outside the fact it doesn't go to half the starting fps after 2hrs of game play. It does however now grey screen/stop rendering stuff randomly, typically after about 30min -1hr of play. Sometimes clears up other times have to restart.

    So don't lose fps, but still have to restart :mad:
  12. Hydragarium

    The argument seems to be that it DOES make a difference even though GPU PhysX is off.
  13. XRIST0

    No change here , i dont know if its just my eyes but i also feel like i lose roughly 5-10 fps after an hour or two .

    And today i got the rendering glitch twice , drops to 1fps and then everything go's white .
  14. Acceleratio

    My fps dropped.... significant :(

    The update before ws nice and brough me steady 60fps

    Now i get 15 at battles...damn
  15. Hatamoto

    It improved the fps in the way fps didnt degrade over time ... but not otherwise, still enjoying choppy 45 fps in zergs
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  16. LeanV

    Hoooooooly **** did this hotfix f*ck up this time. I play on a lower end laptop that is just within the minimum specs to play PS2, and I've grown accustomed to 14-20 frames per second. It's low, but I've adapted.

    After this update? I'm quite literally getting 1 frame per 3 seconds when I'm flying... or if there's more than 5 people on screen at once. Fun game, but for obvious reasons this is completely non playable (for me) at the moment.
  17. srockstar

    It seems to significantly cause problems with 'twitch' players who fly very close to the ground, like I do. I used to have a solid 60fps whatever the situation but this seems all over the place now, game sadly much less fun.
  18. LordMondando

    Ok actually appering to get it still kicking in after 3 hoursish (so problem MUCH improved).

    Gaining 10-20 fps from relogging and coming back to a major battle.

    High teens - early 20'ies fps' to a solid 30.
  19. dr_Fell

    Actually, my FPS seems to be worse than before last 2 patches.
  20. JDC052

    The problem hasn't been fixed from the recent 3 hr research i've been conducting in any official way, all speculation and shiz. The fact is that it has NOT been fixed though may have improved (I haven't noticed any change) by some recent minor patches. If anyone can post a link to a page of the fixes for PS2 jan 30th update features (not just new guns but bug fixes) please let me know so i can confirm its being fixed or not. Also your cpu or gpu is not to blame, its simply the amount of ram you have and a thoery i have.
    I run the bare minimum of reqs with a 32-bit and 2 GB of ram i still last 2 hrs (thought with 15-22 fps on lowest settings), the only thing im not sure of is the reason a PC with more ram would crash faster than mine would. The only theory i can conclude is that your cpus are working so well you actually generate useless (useless meaning info already accumulated but not dumped after it is no longer being registered) information FASTER and that causes the crash. No technical support to claim this theory is right though, i simply want to play the game and speculate. Your fps would decrease as your page finder took into account this new information even though its never used (another theory or perhaps another backround program?). Still looking for reports but have yet to see an actual program fix for this problem, hopefully jan 30th will address it.