Did I miss something? 3 shot BASR?

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  1. dudethe82

    I have played the game recently again, I play in spurts where I get frustrated and leave for a few months then come back. A few days ago while using the Rams .50 I landed 2 body shots in quick succession and the engineer didn't die? Then I noticed in the same battle it took 3 body shots at distance to put down one infantry. Easily 250m+ and moving. I played when it was certain OHK for a headshot, to see it being nerfed to needing a followup shot with nanoweave, and now...the BASR has even less power? Did I miss something?

    1 headshot + follow-up = kill,
    2 bodyshots used to = kill...
    now 3 bodyshots = kill?
  2. iller

    Sounds almost like a ghost shot. That or they're really really fast at using a med-kit.... though I'm not sure about that one either unless there's some wonky range falloff happening. I know everytime I'm hit by a body shot from a BASR, it takes all of my shield and 20% of my HP's. If we have .... what, 500 shield, and 400 HP as infs?...that's 500 dmg for a body shot right? You must of hit them in the legs then where it's reduced a little. Stats claim it deals 700 DMG so I dunno what's going on there except ghost-hits (false positive). Once someone's shielding is down, a BASR shot should always, always finish them off. All graph data claims the Falloff doesn't drop below 500 until 401m's so there's no way those were torso shots. Even so... I just 2 shotted an HA today where only his legs were sticking into view (railjacked, I'm not sure 50 extra damage is going to explain this discrepency).

    And If they were on a Turret *(you said it was an engineer, right?), then you obviously hit the turret instead.
  3. iller

    post 30minute timer EDIT: typo meant 301
  4. Erendil

    There are two possible factors that would explain the OP's experience:
    1. The target was wearing Nanoweave. Nanoweave does protect against body shots
    2. He shot his target in the leg. Leg shots do only 90% of normal damage.
    From the PU02 updateon Dec 17th:

    • NC EM4 Longshot, TR RAMS .50M, and VS Parallax
      • Long reload improved from 6.0 to 5.575 seconds
      • Short reload improved 5.0 to 4.72 seconds
      • Max damage changed from 800 to 700
      • Min damage changed to from 550 at 100 meters to 400 at 400 meters
      • 1-shot headshot until 300 meters
    ***** WARNING: BORING MATH STUFF BELOW. READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL. Read just the text in GREEN BOLD TEXT for the juicy bits. *****

    The now-updated google weapons doc, which the above patch notes support, states that the RAMS does 700 pts damage @10m, and 400pts @400m. This tells us that damage drops by 300 pts/390m, or ~.77pts/m.

    Requiring 3 body shots to get the kill @250m that the OP mentions sounds plausible because @250m, each body shot would do:
    • 700 - (250 * .77) = 507.5 damage against an unprotected target
    • (700 - (250 * .77)) * .9 = 456.75 damage if you shot them in the leg
    • (700 - (250 * .77)) * .8 = 406 damage if they're wearing Nano5
    So @250m, if even one of his shots hit the leg, or if the target was wearing Nano, it would take 3 shots to get a kill.


    As for 2-body shots not killing an Engie, we can use the below to determine at what range a body shot will do <500 damage, thus requiring a 3rd shot:

    • 700 - .77x = 500 against unarmoured targets. The answer is x = ~259.7m
    • (700 - .77x) * .9 = 500 if hit in the leg. The answer is x = ~187.5m
    • (700 - .77x) * .8 = 500 against Nano5. The answer is x = ~97.4m
    So if the Engie was wearing Nano and was >97.4m away, or if he was shot in the leg and was >192m away, a third shot would be needed to get the kill.

    What's weird though is that if the above calculation are correct, the RAMS should only OHK on a headshot out to 259.7m, not 300m like we've been told.... o_O:confused:
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  5. Mathgeekjoe

    Great explanation. I liked the math. I think I posted something like this on one the suggestions for ESSR, I didn't include leg shots.
  6. iller

    It's highly plausible and has been the main reason I've been saying that the Railjack's only niche is 260m+ while most infantry rendering stops at 299m (and after 330 it's not even good against AV turret engies as the bullet drop is only "simulated" and isn't correct, nor viable). So that's a really useless niche IMHO, and I'm buying an EM4 instead.

    The bigger downside is that there's still a noticeable amount of scope sway at those extreme ranges even when holding one's breath. And I've also missed shots b/c I ran out of "breath" in the last 100ms before the bullet leaves the barrel (soooo frustrating). And I think once the "range finder" implant is available, no one should ever an excuse again for failing to OHK due purely to range...
  7. Rift23

    Hitbox got smaller too btw.
  8. Hoki

  9. dudethe82

    Anybody remember one of the developdurrs saying "we didnt want to give 360 degree OHK ability to the infiltrator as it would be OP?" And then you can watch a tank turn its turret 360 degrees while being completely invulnerable to any small arms and do exactly what they said would be OP?