Devs, please fix the Infiltrator!

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by ThElement078, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. ThElement078

    Please fix the infiltrator. Cloak is bad, even other snipers can see me, too easy to kill, I take like 3 bullets from PISTOLS then I die, Horrible at Close ranges, Scout rifles REALLY need a buff like, add more bullets or something or at least bring back shotguns to the infil. As of now, the infiltrator doesn't live up to it's name.
  2. Incarnadine


    Sniping is fun and all, but infiltrator gets demolished CQC with cloak being plain as day, and the scout rifle getting regularly demolished by any half way decent player. More ammo, more damage or more rof, one of those 3 please. AND FIX CLOAK or give us something different.
  3. SpruceMoose

    scout rifles really suck right now (I have both of them), I have no interest in sniping mainly because of how easy it is
    so I'm left with 2 derpy guns or a pistol

    I've also found that just getting some good camo works better than cloak
    which is simply ********

    I like hacking even though its mostly pointless and the proxy grenades are great but I'd like to have a primary weapon worth using
  4. Arbitrator

    I'm not seeing the problem. Unless I've been right up in their faces people have barely noticed me. I've got plenty of kills waiting for them to pass and unloading a magazine from my handgun into their backs. Failing all else, I can get a knife off before they turn around.

    Scout Rifles work better in a marksman role, moving up with your team at a decent medium range. Use the Bolt Rifles for your long range engagements.
  5. CaptHayden

    Okay, I need to chime in here. In the original planetside, the Infiltrator was NOT just another cookie cutter Sniper-class. He was a spy/assassin. He could remain cloaked indefinately, he could fire while cloaked, and he could make a real mess of things for the enmies without actually firing a single shot.

    Let me explain: One of the things I really enjoyed in the past was the challenge of penetrating an enemy base's defenses. Mines, motion sensors, turrets and of course the patrols of enemies who were at that base. I could hack turrets and make them shoot at their own people. I could lob a plasma grenade into a crowd of wounded running back to their base for safety. I could sneak into the reactor room, plant a "boomer" (Claymore equivalent I suppose) and divert enemies from the front lines to deal with the nuisance that was plaguing their base, and I was quite good at it.

    In this system, the infiltrator cannot fire while cloaked, cannot remain cloaked indefinately and he cannot even hack half of the things which made him a valuable asset in the first game. He's been reduced to nothing more than just anothet sniper... and a lousey one at that. Bring back the computer terminal functionality, bring back the days of fun hacking and bring back a good melee weapon that allows me to decapitate enemies I manage to get the drop on.

    I love the graphics, I love the new base layouts and I love the improvements that were made overall. But I hate that they eliminated the old inventory system, I hate that you don't start off with enough cert points to make your character competitive in at least one field. Planetside 1, gave you enough exp points to become useful in something before starting. And lastly, I hate that they nerfed the infiltrator into complete uselessness and made him just another throw away class.
  6. Wolfrayne

    Agreed, I like the whole open world combat and what not but unless your far away from the fight Inf dies way too fast and just isnt rewarded for getting the drop on people. It just feels very... Clunky. I think at least being able to shoot while stealthed would be nice, getting caught in cloak and dying because it takes you a second to decloak and fire really sucks.
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  7. Sphinx

    we need the old infiltrator back.

    Get that stalker cloak back ! Screw sniping
  8. Incarnadine

    It's dissapointing getting the jump on people, unloading your scout rifle into their upper back/head area and they can turn around and drop you before you can drop them. The gun simply isn't cutting it, honestly for the most part I've been trying to use the Rebel (nc 2nd pistol) instead and found it actually works better specially if you can get that first opener shot lined up as a head shot. Head + 2 body will do the trick usually. Without a knife even
  9. ThElement078

    I just got the shadow scout rifle, It's actually a good buy, It's like a freaking LAZER, sniper-rifle-par-damage with 1x IRNV or 2x reflex, It's awesome, but It still leaves you with no chance in a firefight through,you can only get a kill through ambushes, enemies can still see you while cloaked and it has WAY TOO SLOW A FIRERATE!!!!! It Feels just like a pump-action, Devs please fix this, and maybe add two rounds or an extended mags cert. It really needs a buff to fill It's role as a "closer range" infil weapon, anyone else agree?
  10. Roidster

    learn to cloak and take cover,and get the semi automatic sniper rifle and some camo
  11. Warhawke

    It disappoints me that SOE created classes in Planetside. But we have them so we adapt.

    The problem is that they turned an infiltrator into a sniper. Gone are the days equipping a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher, and a REX and heal gun going out and creating havoc and taking down BFRs with a sniper rifle.

    Now we have the infiltrator class that cannot take a hit (even with nanoweave certs) nor hack like they use to do (as stated above). It's basically a hybrid between a cloaker and sniper, and not really outstanding on either mark.

    As a sniper in PS1, I could do so many things, like a swiss army knife.
    As a cloaker I could do,,, well the same as the guy mentioned, so so very much.

    Now you basically dumb down the two classes and merge them, you get... Infiltrator.. which really is not at all impressive. Don't get me wrong, 1 out of 5 sniper rifles is good.. the others not so much. And at range they can be annoying as hell. But up close... what is the point of them? If anyone sees you cloaked or suspects it, they fire full auto and 2 hits you are down (ish). So ninja hacks of terminals are out.. and of course hacking.. wait, there is nothing else.

    And bring back hacking vehicles... That will teach those AMS drivers to leave their stuff unattended.