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  1. JohnnyMaverik

    Yes I rage when 20% of my deaths in this game come from one weapon. You CAN nerf rocket pods, because at the moment they kill tanks too easily, ONE SHOT, ONE ***** SHOT, AND AN EASY SHOT AT THAT, also Libs should be killing tanks, not ESF's, ESF's should be killing Libs and Galaxies and maybe, maybe having a go at Tanks and Sundies with an armour piercing weapon, they should not be spamming everything in sight (that isn't in the air... which is the funniest part btw). You can still one shot infantry flak armour or not, you can one shot anything on the ground other than a Sundy (takes like what... 3? If it's being healed maybe 4 or 5 with some bonus Engi kills at the end of it), and if you can't one shot it (because somehow you managed to miss, but don't worry, the splash and rocket spread will have done 50% of the work so being incapable isn't punished), the second round will get it no problem.
  2. K-On

    Sorry I did not read your wall of text, but let's put this simple. I did read the first about kill tanks to easy, so let's see a default lighting is about 4500hp, which takes 3 rockets. Now if u make it 2 shots per infantry the damage would have to be about 500-600 if 3 shots it have to be 400 right ? so let's see a lighting would take 8-7 rockets and if 400 it take 10. So a sunderer is about 10000hp, it takes 6 rockets to kill, it take 20 rockets to kill a sunderer and a engi can repair it faster than u can do the damage. So in other words you just want the game to be more out of balance because u can't handle someone shooting a rocket at u ? I have noting more to say sorry gl with this thread.
  3. JohnnyMaverik

    I'm no expert on pods since I don't have them myself, just get destroyed by them a lot, but they shoot more than one rocket in a volley? Sure feels like it, more like 6 at a time, maybe even more. All i know is sometimes I'm rolling in my MBT, hear Hellfires, die about 2 seconds later, and there is no AA weapon I can have on the top that will make it anything approaching a level fight vs. an ESF with pods. Hell forget approaching a level fight, I doubt my gunner would manage to chip off 1/20th of it's health before we are both dead.
  4. JohnnyMaverik

  5. smokemaker

    "Air power is the obvious one, and literally everyone playing the game agrees that it's just crazy OP and ruining the game atm."
    Air has its issues and has been in a number of topics in the forums. But I think you can only speak for yourself. And the very fact these threats go for a bit means theres more then 1 side to this argument.

    "crazy OP and ruining the game atm."
    For you maybe, and those infantry unwilling to adapt. I am sure. Natural selection in action.

    "Infantry rocket launchers being used (extremely effectively) to snipe at other infantry - whilst not a game breaker like air power - is just plain silly."
    Rocket launchers have been shot at foot soldiers sense doom and modems. This is not going away and can be very rewarding. I want more body parts flying around when I get a hit.

    I like OP air, for me it follows along the lines of modern air power and how powerful it really is.
  6. T D B

    I've played a bit on every faction, nothing is op except for NC max's. And anti air is already overpowered, you're just mad you can't pilot an esf or lib.
  7. Asimplicity

    Yeah, 5000 people complain about air being op...20 people who fly say no it's not and what does SOE run with? hmm...

    Decisions like this is sad because I don't see anything that makes me think they will change their way of thinking in the future.

    I mean we haven't even seen a devs response...
  8. Koadster

    Some would rather cert other suit mods. Plus the default launchers do 1700 dmg, unless you got lvl5 flak youll still die to a direct hit.

    lol... :rolleyes:
  9. Tuco

  10. centurionvi

    Lower rocket regen from ammo packs dramatically, that'd be my idea. I don't think a handful of HA's should be able to spam every doorway and choke point indefinitely with Decimators for cheap kills.

    Either that or take away RLs from HA. I'm not sure anyone could logically explain to me why one class gets the best AI weapons, best AV weapons, and the most durability, all at the same time. It almost makes too much sense to give the RL to engineers and ammo pack to Heavy Assault. Or get rid of the MANA turret and give HA's a bipod for their LMGs, and the ammo pack to LA's.
  11. PoopMaster

    Make air a lot more expensive resource-wise.
  12. BalogDerStout

    I've actually been thinking, since infantry have to buy mines/c4/gernades, it would make sense if there were options to buy things with resources for vehicles as well.

    I'd suggest starting with rocket pods.
  13. TJTwisty

    I am quite tired of all the excessive bombing and podding of infantry as well. I have the solution if SOE will only implement it. In a recent patch they made it so that shooting your gun at base turrets like at amp/tech stations do no damage whatsoever. Well simply make rocket pods and the bombs from libs anti-vehicle only. Let them spam bombs and waste ammo all day trying to farm infantry then. Its such an easy fix and everyone is happy except the cert crazed k/d ratio people in aircraft.

    Oh may as well make tanks the same way, anti-vehicle only because if you don't, all the former air spammers will simply switch to tanks and continue, business as usual.
  14. hansgrosse

    I've actually been thinking, since infantry have to buy mines/c4/gernades, it would make sense if there were options to buy things with resources for vehicles as well.

    Not just ESF rocket pods though. Make ALL vehicles expend resources on secondary ammo (but not primary; that should still be free). It'd make for a great way to limit vehicle spam in general.

    And on the subject of ground-based counters to air, tank guns are your best friend. I've shot down far more aircraft with my Vanguard HEAT and Lightning AP guns than I have with any of the dedicated anti-air weapons. Practice hitting air targets with these, and I guarantee you'll surprise the hell out of ESF and Liberator crews alike. There's little in this game quite as satisfying as 1-shotting the attacking ESF that thought you were a defenseless target. :D
  15. Aerensiniac

    Quit talking ******** please. In your book Air should dominate over every form of AA cause well **** they are mounted on infantry and tanks mostly. I dont know what planet you are from but hope you can gather the IQ to figure out the issue with what you just said.
  16. Drayth

    So there are apparently a lot of whiny 14 year olds that can't even accomplish a simply task like leading a moving aircraft with a flak cannon and would rather cry about how this game should be more like COD than actually get decent at using a MAX. This generation of kids disgusts me.
  17. Metsuro

    rocket pods take 1+ pass of 12,14,16 rockets depending on the ESF to kill a tank. If you are lucky and connect all of them to rear. You might kill it the first pass.

    1 rocket? Your kidding me right?

    Dev repsonse was... "You think rocket pods are OP? Go buy them and tell me after that."

    So you want to make ESF have no resource cost to get, but move the cost to the missiles? Sounds fun, I'll just have to learn to farm with my nose gun more.
  18. Seph Kurai

    1 max can kill 1 mosquito/scythe/reaver, that's it. If there are 2 he's dead, if there is a liberator he's dead. People saying 1 max can shut down anything more are either full of it and talking from inexperience just flapping their lips like morons, or fought against horrible pilots/gunners
  19. MasterChief096

    I agree with you on the rocket launchers. People should be using the appropriate anti-infantry weapons (primary weapons, rifles, etc) to deal with infantry, not whipping out a rocket launcher.

    I think you are dead wrong on air though. Bursters and Skyguards are already effective at killing and deterring. As soon as my aircraft gets pinged by a single flak shell, I bolt, because if I don't, I'm dead in the next 3-5 seconds. I got gibbed with no warning earlier today by two dedicated Burster suits. AA is fine as it is.
  20. korpisoturi

    this is computer game so please dont pull that same old ancient "because you's an explosive" argument, if any weapon engourage to spam just for the sake of spam it will create more spam and spiral is ready, soon EVERYONE spams to counter spam.

    it would be enough to make AV missles require 2 hits to kill full healt infantry that would atleast make lamers think that should they pull lthe gun what is inteneded to kill infantry insted of tanks